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3 June 2015

Smoothies at Heart Space Wholefoods, Dundee

heart space dundee smotthie

A fortnight ago, I brought you the news about the best box of noodles I had ever had (they're in Dr Noodles, Dundee). For this Wednesday's food post I'm heading back in the Dundee direction to review....a smoothie. 

(Someone take me to an actual restaurant).  

This smoothie is actually from Heart Space Whole Foods, a health store which opened up in Dundee a year ago. I did ooh and ahh about reviewing the shop at the time but decided against it because there's only so much you can say about a small health food shop (but I did add it to my map!). I did review the long-standing Health Food Store two years ago but I was truthfully going through a blogging dry-spell where the ideas were just not coming to me. 

But back to Heart Space. It's located on Exchange Street, which is the small street off the bottom of Commercial Street and is lined with independent shops and cafés (it's worth a wonder). Heart Space originally started off as yoga classes (which still exist!) before the owners decided to branch out into retail. And they've created a lovely wee store. If you've ever been in a health food store, you'll know they have a habit of being a bit...lack-lustre. Heart Space brought in the branding experts, the visual merchandisers, the friendly well-trained staff, which just gives it a more polished and welcoming image. Product wise, it doesn't contain anything that you're average health shop doesn't stock...there's vegan options, gluten-free options and support for local independent companies. But it's prettier. 

And they've put in a smoothie bar! Unfortunately, as much as I want to love this smoothie like I love the rest of the shop, it was too thick and resembled chocolate mouse more than anything else (and my apologies, I cannot remember what was in in - I recall almond butter, avocado and cocoa powder). When I'd finished, it I felt like I'd eaten a small meal and had less room for my dinner (which was this stir-fry recipe!). I really really really wanted to like this smoothie and wish I had positive words but...I don't. 

So Heart Space: good health store for buying some vegan cheese, not so good for smoothie purchasing. 

Have you ever been to Heart Space in Dundee? Does your local health store have any little extras?

P.S. The two health food stores are so close to each other in Dundee, if you don't find what you want one, you can nip along to the other. 

P.S.S If you live in Dundee other businesses I've reviewed and recommend include Maggie's Farm and Jushi the sushi bar

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  1. That's a shame! It was probably the avocado that made it so filling. There's a smoothie bar in Livingston that do one with raspberries and I love it because it's so sour but refreshing at the same time.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams


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