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Alan's Stir-Fry (and my budget version)

When I was last in Dundee my friend Alan cooked me a tasty vegan stir-fry using ingredients from the local Chinese Supermarket. I mentioned it in my first ever Vegan Food Diaries and gave it a cheeky Instagram and I can confirm it was as lovely as it looked. I also created my own simpler budget friendly version with foods from Tesco for us common people (Instagram here).

But anyway here's Alan recipe.

Stir Fry (serves two)

Ingredients (including brands used)
Olive Oil
Clearspring toasted sesame oil
3 diced cloves of garlic
diced ginger (to taste)
6 sliced button mushrooms
6 sliced shiitake mushrooms
1 diced bell pepper (or 3 halves of 3 colours, we personally used one whole green pepper)
1 large diced chilli pepper (again, we used green)
16 fried bean curd
King's light soy sauce
Packed of pre-cooked Udon noodles
Small packed of bean sprouts

(However, if like myself, shiitake mushrooms and fried bean curd aren't regulars on your weekly shopping list then there's an alternative ingredients list at the end).

1. add olive oil to wok, dash of some toasted sesame oil to taste
2. add 3 diced cloves of garlic and diced ginger to taste
3. heat until it starts to cook
4. add 6 sliced button mushrooms, 6 sliced shiitake mushrooms, 1 diced bell pepper (or 3 halfs of 3 colours etc), 1 large diced chilli pepper, 16 fried bean curd
5. add soy sauce and fry until veg is cooked
6. add two portions of udon noodles and a small packet of bean sprouts
7. add soy sauce to flavour and stir until cooked
8. serve
9. nom
10. do dishes

As mentioned above I have created my own student/graduate income friendly version, but Alan's is definitely still nicer. However if like me you are on the 'early twenties and renting' budget rather than the 'early thirties and own a house' budget or don't have a Chinese supermarket near you, here is my adjusted version:

Tesco toasted sesame oil
3 diced cloves garlic
Two spring onions, sliced (Alan's recipe didn't contain onions, I just like onions)
ginger granules/powder to taste
10 sliced generic mushrooms
Two handful peppers from a bag of frozen peppers
Teaspoon of chilli flakes
Amoy soy sauce
Two bundles of Blue Dragon wholewheat noodles
Handful of sliced green beans from a frozen packet

Though bean curds are gorgeous and something I could genuinely eat bowls of, they do go off quickly so if you do buy them use the whole packet quickly.

You can also check out Alan's blog where he sometimes blogs about food but mainly geek stuff and lefty politics. He also contributes to a really geeky blog called Joy Stuck In The Past about retro games, and to The Rusty Hip Collective which promotes Dundee's local music scene.

Morag (and Alan) x
morag | mo adore
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