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Armpits4August re-cap

Apologies for the grainy phone pic, my DLSR charger has went walkies...

You may have not realised but I decided to grown out my armpit hair for this past month. And you probably didn't realise because I forgot to tell anyone. Oops.  

Mainly because I honestly believed I would reach for the razor before the 31 days were up and I work in a corporate marketing role where I need to be kept in some kind of 'presentable' check. (You might have noticed I dropped my surname from social media two months ago, that was for professional reasons). 

But alas I haven't reached for a razor and now I am sharing the photo. 

And what I've learnt.

I was no smellier or cleaner during this month
My findings from this month is that the myth of BO levels increasing is completely false and needs to be thrown out the window. I smell the same now writing this as I did one month ago. 

I still believe I shave because I want to 
Whilst the discrimination towards women who choose not to shave is wrong I believe I shave because I really genuinely want to. I shave regardless of season, what I am wearing and who I am (or not) dating. 

I was embarrassed to show them off
I couldn't put my armpits on display at work but outside of work I still generally hid my underarms. Which generally isn't the idea behind Armpits4August. 

I didn't suddenly stop looking like a 12 year old girl
Throughout my shaving life I have always been mistaken as older and I haven't resembled a prepubescent girl since I was a prepubescent girl. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing sexual or romantic partners, we just need to realise these are preferences and shouldn't enforce them on everyone we meet, and no one is a pedophile just because they like an adult with little body hair. 

I'm not going to lie that I will be happy on Monday morning when I take a razor to my underarms again, but this last month has been an eye-opener and I do hope that Armpits4August reaches Movember heights, and that any women who choose not to shave or have a medical condition that increases hair growth can soon live in a society which doesn't discriminate against it. 

And because I didn't actually believe I would do this the whole month I forgot to set up a JustGiving page but you can donate generally to the charity here.  

Mo x 
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The Linkables

She takes on the world is the most fabulous and uplifting career site for females I've come across in ages.

I don't like excessive tagging on blog posts because I think it looks messy but I just found out that it is also bad for your SEO.

I thought this was quite interesting when I came across it but I disagree with my results (which were either a mouse or sloth - I don't have anxiety issues and I am the opposite of lazy!!)

I thought this New York versus London piece was hilarious (and hive five to the author for knowing the difference between the UK and England).

Alternate brand slogans.

Mugshots from 1920's Australia seem so artistic.

A comic about bras.

The Onion takes on street harrassment!

Basil wrapped stuffed mushrooms

A really cool baking trick I had never thought of.

This gets shared alone just for describing Robin Thicke as "the creepy uncle who comes to family dinners, despite nobody inviting him and inappropriately asks about the details of your love life": Feminism ain't twerking this. (btw, I don't agree with everything said as my opinion on that performance is extremely mixed).

Everything you thought you knew about the clitoris is probably wrong. Because talking about a female sex organ should be the way to end all blog posts. 
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In This Week

1. Burger King veggie wrap. 2. Montrose. 3. Parents' vegetable patch. 4. Stealing my parents' tablet. 5. McDonald's for a business meeting. 6. Stir-fry. 7. Aberdeenshire countryside. 8. More Aberdeenshire countryside. 9. Reading Vampire Diaries on the train.

You might have guessed by my tweets and instagrams that I was up in Aberdeenshire visiting my parents for most of this week. Whilst I departed a wet Glasgow I was surprised to find a very sunny Aberdeen train station. This however didn't last particularly long. 

However, despite this being my week off I was really busy visiting other members of my family, filming and editing several YouTube videos (I still have more to upload), visiting the dentist, hosting an Arbonne party at my mum's and meeting a potential consultant in McDonald's (of all places) and actually blogging on this place (you might have noticed it was a bit sporadic over the last few weeks). And oh yeah, I finally picked up a micro-sim for my new phone - my Sony Experia Z is now in full swing and I love it so far!!

I also spent this time off getting through some books - I managed to finish the first Vampire Diaries book. Despite having been warned they were different I was extremely surprised to find out just how much they changed for the TV show. People have different surnames, characters belong to different families, one of the adults in the TV series is portrayed as a teenager in the books, Mystic Falls isn't called Mystic Falls and one of the major characters in the TV show appears to be non-existent. So bizarre! I own the second book but I reckon after I finish that up I'll move onto another book. Any recommendations? 

And now I am watching The Wedding Singer and going to make my packed lunch for my first day back tomorrow. Boo!

How was your week?

morag | mo adore
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The Linkables

I find generation behaviour fascinating and loved this on how Gen X can fix America.

33 Unusual tips to be a better writer.

The weather forecast in Doric

A band I have been loving this week has been Hot Chip.

I've also been loving the Of Monsters and Men album (but we knew they existed anyway?!?)

How to hail a cab in New York City.

A new vegan recipe blog I found: Veggieful.

I never knew just how young some of the USA founding fathers were.

A tumblr dedicated to selfies taken with bookshelves.

Halloween pins are starting to crop up on my feed and my IRL friend Dee has a great board if you need early ideas.

I loved Sarah's post on having a country vacation (I'm visiting my parents in the Aberdeenshire countryside right now)

How to paint plastic furniture.

10 things to never say to a formula feeding mum

Breath into the Bag is a great blog I discovered this week about anxiety problems.

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Things I Love Thursdays: Being Aberdonain

A photo I used in a similar blog post last year
(I might tomorrow take proper photos!)

Moving around a lot does mean that the word 'home' can become a bit of an oxymoron. When people ask where I'm from the situation in which it is asked determines my answer more than anything - I have used home to describe Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee on separate occasions. But alas I am a born and bred Aberdonian and being home this past week has reminded of why whilst living away I still considered myself a proud sheep-s******. 

The football team (yes, really)
It usually appears to be a little known fact to anyone born during the 90's onwards that Aberdeen F.C. are historically one of Scotland's most successful teams and I still consider myself a supporter despite the lack of trophies since I was three years old. 

Aberdeenshire is beautiful
I'm a city girl through and through but if I do need some country relaxation Aberdeenshire has loads to offer. In fact, one of my favourite non-city places in Scotland is Balmedie and if I ever did 'retire' to Aberdeen then it would be my town of choice. 

We're getting more and more renewables
Keeping on the topic of Balmedie (ahem) I'm glad the North Sea is getting a windfarm and as a local to that area I don't think they'll spoil the view from a crertain golf course!

Storybook Glen
When other Scottish people realise I'm from Aberdeen they'll usually share a story about visiting Storybook Glen a as child and truthfully, that place was my childhood nirvana. It is a very important part of any Aberdonian's childhood. 

My education
I am a proud former pupil of my former secondary school. It was a state school with no uniform that didn't act like good grades were the be all-and-end-all (we only did seven Standard Grades) with pupils that came from a wide range of backgrounds and the school lacked an official religion. To this day it has been a big influencer in what I think a good education means for future generations. (Disclaimer: they do now have a uniform since a change in headteacher happened). 

Aside from windmills and education, politically Aberdeen sits well with me. The second civil ceremony in Scotland was held in Aberdeen between two city councillors. Abortion was also more accessible in Aberdeen than Glasgow when the right to choose became legalised in the UK (this fact is from my dad, I have no online sources). We're also the most secular city in Scotland and football teams don't go beating each other up (okay, we only have one team), I never seen an Orange March until I moved away and my high school education was religion-free (albeit my primary education was not). 

Annie Lennox and Emeli Sandé
And, uh, Calvin from the S Club Juniors. 

So despite our nasty accents (that one Aberdonian character in River City has a lot to answer for) and the weather and the fact that its so expensive because one suburb just happens to be the richest in Scotland, I 'd still not hand in my Aberdonian title and pretend I'm a weegie (or a Dundonian). 

morag | mo adore
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Tesco Pro-Formula Anti-Dandruff Citrus Shampoo

A certain product that can cause a few problems when living the cruelty-free lifestyle is shampoo. Very few cruelty-free brands are shelved in Superdrug and Boots and whilst there are some really good cruelty-free brands that you can order online, this does mean organisation is required. 

I am really guilty of running out of shampoo and having to grab a bottle of Pantene when coming home from work. However a few weeks ago, to my surprise, I noticed a bottle of some Tesco own brand shampoo in my local Extra store on my way home from work. Finally breathing a sigh of relief I was no longer required to set aside my morals for clean hair I grabbed it. 

I've been using this as my main shampoo for a while now and I feel it is a very average shampoo. I was expecting it to be a bit rubbish to be honest and possibly make my hair oilier than normal but I was surprised. Admittedly it isn't my number one shampoo (that is still The Scottish Fine Soaps Company) but whilst it doesn't add anything extra to my hair (shine, volume, protecting colour) it removes the build-up of oil and grease, which is essentially what a shampoo is meant to do anyway.

I would still rate many other cruelty-free shampoos more highly but if you are needing to buy a non-animal tested shampoo quickly or you are on a budget then hands down I would recommend this. 

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What's on my bedside table?

It seems to be quite a nosey blogger thing to want to know what someone considers important enough to be on their bedside table but this tag has been one of my all-time favourites to read on other people's blogs. I have been putting it off because a few things that sit on my bedside table wouldn't if I had already gotten around to purchasing extra furniture (which I haven't, lazy person) but I decided it was time to do this anyway as it doesn't look as though I'll be getting a dresser any time soon.

Whilst I do generally keep my bedroom electronics free (no tv, and my PC is in a separate study/spare room) two things I feel I need on my beside table are my phone (which acts as a alarm) and my iPod dock (which I have considered putting in the living room) with both their chargers plugged into the wall behind. I also keep my ear phones there for no reason other than whenever I have tucked them away I seem to always forget where they are, so keeping them right beside my iPod means that when I am going on a train or bus trip (which is almost every second weekend for me) I can quickly grab them as I pick up my iPod.

Like most people I consider my current book to be an important part of my bed area, however what this photo doesn't show is that a lot of the time my current book may be on the floor or just somewhere else on my bed (I've had a double bed since I was 19 but I still seem to use the other side as a storage facility because I tend to end-up sleeping diagonally otherwise). At the time of the current photo I was nearing the end of The Sunflower Forest and was about to begin The Perks of Being a Wallflower but both have now been finished and I am currently making my way through The Vampire Dairies series. 

And, finally, the slightly more unconventional part of my bedside table is probably my stones. I got these along with a magazine when I was a teenager (it was Bliss magazine, well and truly my fav!) and whilst I don't actually believe in these practices I, well, like the idea of it and have held a strong interest in occult and witches since I was a teenager. Hey, it's my bedside table. 

You might have also spotted that I keep some beauty stuff on my bedside table. I haven't shown a close-up of these products mainly because I don't have a dresser and when I do finally get around to buying one I will probably move my moisturisers onto it and only keep my night cream and my sleep balm (review here*) beside my bed (and also stop using my windowsill as my make-up station!). 

What do you keep on your bedside table?

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In This Week

I'm probably going to make this one a quicky as I'm taking a breather from my packing to watch some of Hitch and take part in the #lbloggers chat. I took next week off work and I'm heading back up to my parents house in Aberdeen for some family time. I don't know what's quite come over me recently but I've been missing Aberdeen a little bit recently, which I think has been brought on a bit by a lot of my friends leaving Dundee and becoming so much more spread out across Scotland plus this has been the first summer I didn't spend at my parents house.  

I also finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower this week which I so so recommend. Worth the hype.

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The Linkables

As someone who has an unusual name, I agree with everything this post says.

On that note, need to know how to pronounce a unusual name? Here is your guide.

12 sneaky pies pretending to be milkshakes

I do love a bit of Edinburgh and the lovely Lynne has put together a small eating out guide

A Brooklyn based vegan clothing line (that ships internationally).

101 everyday ways for men to be allies to women.

Male sexual entitlement hurts everyone.

Start-up toolkit (a list of everything you need to get started in a business)

Fill in the blanks blog titles.

Homemade chai latte.

If Disney Princesses had Instagram.

Tomato basil pizza dip

Grilled polenta with avocado relish.

Make yourself some fancy toast.

I've been loving Tegan and Sara recently - especially the song My Number.

P.S. The electricity in my flat has been acting up, hence my lack of blogging. It's back now and next week I'm off work. :D
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The Linkables

Google asks questions about Scotland.

Rosie has a giveaway going on for some vodka!

The comments were getting quite heated on this article: should brands pay for blog mentions?

A Scottish wedding blog: Braw Brides (I found this because one of Scotland's earliest Arbonne Consultants was featured)

If you love to tweet using Chrome but really hate tv spoilers, then this Chrome app is up your street. 

A slideshow of mac and cheese recipes.

The end of many different roads on Google Maps (sidenote: I've been to number three!)

I consider myself an introvert and absolutely loved this post.


Cheese boards shaped as different areas of the world (I love that the UK has a little Northern Ireland board to go with it).

I'm supporting Armpits4August and I think it's brilliant a page 3 model is taking part.

Porn sex vs real sex as explained with food. (this is actually hilarious, but nsfw!)

I was quoted in a blog post by Eve who is now making the switch to cruelty-free make-up.

A crochet pattern for a chicken in an egg (I can't crochet by the way, so I don't know if this is good but it is cute!)

Pantone cases.

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In This Week

I have to admit, this week has been very boring. The most exciting part is that the plugs in our flat went so on Friday night my only form of entertainment was to sit down and actually get through my to-read goal for 2013. And it was good as I managed to finish my current book, The Sunflower Child by Torey Hayden, which despite its really slow beginnings turned out to be  a good book in a dark, but in a bittersweet way.

Torey Hayden is actually one of my favourite authors, who I first discovered whilst I was a teenager when I read her books about being a teacher of kids with psychological problems (I was a fun teenager). The Sunflower Forrest is one of her few fictional books but you can still tell she knows a lot about human psychology and paints characters that feel very very real and react to terrible circumstances in the way that most people would, flaws and all.

Aside from that I've been practicing French nouns, made a website at work and bought a jumper from Primark.

Lot of psychological book love!

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Veggie Mexican tortillas

One of my favourite cuisines of all time is Mexican. Unfortunately central American food doesn't have a wide range of vegetarian dishes meaning I'll rarely pick out a Mexican restaurant is heading out for dinner.

So this puts me back in my kitchen, which to be fair is my natural habitat. Cooking up my own veggie friendly tortilla recipe which I do very often as it's a quick recipe and I regularly end up putting the mixture in a box and taking a packet of tortilla wraps to work.


one clove garlic, chopped
one onion, chopped
half a pepper, sliced (you can use more but I'm not a pepper person)
5 or 6 mushrooms sliced
one can red kidney beans
one small can sweetcorn
one tablespoon tomato puree
one teaspoon each of cayenne chilli pepper, ground turmeric and flaked chillis
some spinach
tortilla wraps

1. Fry the onions and garlic with some oil until soft
2. Add the peppers and mushrooms and fry for 3 or so minutes
3. Add the sweetcorn and kidney beans, mix, then...
4. Add the chopped tomatoes, stock cube, puree and spices, bring to the boil
5. Take off the heat and divide between tortillas (or put in a lunch box)
6. Decorate with spinach (if eating straight away)
7. Wrap up and munch!

Lots of tortilla love!

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The Linkables

The first form of privilege I was ever aware of:  English language privilege

I don't think any non-Gen Y people read my blog but if you are older and you're a recruiter I agree with everything here: how to recruit Gen Y staff.

This is the single best article I have ever read of a man sticking up for feminism: Deeds not Words? - Achievements, not abuse.

One of my most used social media accounts is LinkedIn, but I really do agree with this: an open letter to LinkedIn.

Something that brought tears to my eyes: Kirsty's RIP Uncle Don, which includes links to those dealing with suicidal thoughts. <3

When Directioners go crazy.

Homemade chocolate syrup

If you're in to nail art, my wee IRL pal Melissa of Nail Artisan is running a giveaway on her nail shop.

Name and shame: people who say #nofilter but really did use a filter

Another habits of the successful people article, but I really did like this one.

A round-up of some recently launched (or re-launched) blogs with beautiful designs.

Make your trash can pretty!

Creamy jalapeno ranch dip 

40 things you don't have to throw away 

An illustration of what is in Prince's fridge

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