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GIVEAWAY: Glasgow Hobbycraft Show and Tilly & the Buttons Sewing Pattern

It's been an entire year since I posted about my first successful sewing project - then I just fell silent on the craft front. The only major sewing project I've completed since then (that did turn out well) was my Pokestop Halloween costume...and I never blogged about it. Also, I have a ton of hobbies and sewing just kept falling behind everything else from work related projects, to film watching, to book reading and swimming.

And, oh yeah, sewing your own clothes is expensive. 

So to help any other budding or experienced sewers out, I've got a little bit of a giveaway for you. The Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts Show will be in Glasgow on the 26th - 29th of October and the PR company looking after it have very kindly passed me two tickets to give away (along with tickets for myself).

On top of that I've also thrown in a few goodies from myself. Firstly, there is the Fifi Sewing Pattern from Tilly & the Buttons, which is the same sewing pattern I used in the sewing project I mentioned above (but is a brand new packet so you can cut to your own size). I've also thrown in two metres of a navy and white polka-dot material. One mistake I made when I first tried the pattern was ignoring the instructions to purchase light-weight flowy material that pyjamas are typically made from, so I've been sure to pick out something on the thin side. Finally, you'll also receive one roll of dark blue thread that is a near-enough match for the material.

(The only other things you'll need for the pattern are a sewing machine, material for the straps and a band of elastic for the shorts).

Terms and Conditions

  • This giveaway is open to UK entrants only and because part of the prize is tickets to a Glasgow based event I would kindly request that any entries are from people who could realistically make-it along. 
  • One winner will be chosen at random via the Gleam widget
  • Entry is via the Gleam widget below and the winner will receive one box containing the products mentioned and pictured above
  • Entrants under 18 must seek parental permission before entering
  • No purchase necessary
  • I currently have all the products in my possession and it will be my responsibility to organise its posting 
  • I will post it second class signed for on delivery. 
  • Once drawn, the winner will be contacted via the email provided and have 14 days to respond
  • All entries will be moderated and duplicate, false or incomplete entries will be deleted
  • The giveaway will run until the 30th of September 2017. 

Sewing Bundle Giveaway

Good luck!

morag | mo adore
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Formartine's, Aberdeenshire

Recently I blogged about Aberdeen finally opening its first ever 100% vegan café. If it took the city itself until 2017 to offer consumers this options, can you imagine what the surrounding countryside must be like - given that cities tend to be better than tiny villages for vegan choices.

Weirdly, it's not that bad. I've blogged before about the Chinese restaurant/take-away Tiger Lily in Oldmeldrum (where I went for my 24th birthday meal) and on my most recent trip home I found another gem: Formartine's, a restaurant and health food store in a seemingly random location (aka, a country road).

Situated on the the junction of the B999 and B9170, and one mile from its nearest town (Tarves), this isn't exactly where you would normally expect to find a food store that specialises in natural and organic food. When my mum first suggested going there to meet a family friend for lunch, I was especially sceptical - but she reassured me that she had been there before and everything would be fine.

Technically there isn't a vegan option on the menu, but my mum (being a lot more brazen than me) asked if there was anything that could be made vegan - turns out they do regularly prepare a Mediterranean platter board for vegans (I wasn't the only vegan there that day, clearly word has spread about this unofficial menu option). Now, I know what experienced vegans must be thinking: a Mediterranean platter with bread, olives and sun-dried tomatoes - isn't this the kind of option we're sick to death of? Well, kind of. But please take my word for it that this is an exceptionally high quality platter with an assortment of doughy breads, rich olive oil for dipping and tasty nuts perfect for sprinkling on top (which left me feeling satisfied and full).

Aside from the restaurant, there is an attached food store that sells plenty of goodies marked as vegan, from both well-known retailers and local producers. The products on the shelves range from tea, to local craft alcohol, to vegan chocolate. There also a pet section and a deli counter.

Just like Bonobo Café I wouldn't say Formartine's is reason enough for all the vegans of Scotland to rush up to the North-East. I would personally much rather support a café that embraces modern-day diets and lifestyles with official menu choices rather than somewhere that forces me to be that awkward vegan. Maybe if Formartine's added the platter to their menu permanently and added another wee option I'd be more inclined to recommend it for a day trip.

For me, the shop was the highlight of my visit and I definitely see myself making a visit when I'm back up the road again to give it a little bit of support (my mum sometimes even pops by for some local brands instead of heading into the city).

Countryside living isn't always the easiest for someone with dietary requirements of any kind, so it's really positive to see Formartine's setting up shop on what is literally a country road with no surrounding businesses or houses. If you live in the Tarves/Oldmeldrum/Methlick area of Aberdeenshire I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Have you been to Formartine's yet? What did you think of it? 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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The Linkables

Erm, hello - remember me? I know I didn't exactly drop off the face of the earth, but August was the month where I made a return to blogging after a three month dry spell (that had been foreshadowed by a patchy blogging schedule across the last 12 months). Like everyone and their Instagram-perfect pug I became a little bit disenfranchised and disillusioned with the online world and needed some time to think about what direction I wanted to take my blog in, and how it fitted into my overall life (I mean, mo'adore has existed for six years and a shift was inevitable after that amount of time).

I'm not going to turn this into a post about how things have changed (blah, blah) as there are enough of those going around at the moment - and I'll leave it at saying that I've managed to map things out in a way that I am comfortable and confident with. One thing that hasn't changed is my Linkables series. Spending time reading random things on the internet is still a Top Five hobby and I love sharing everything I've come across in one big place (and I've been told some of you actively wait for my Linkables posts *blushes*). So here we go....

Sports Fans: Flyod Mayweather is a horrible human being. (TW: rape and IPV)

I wasn't a goth as a teenager, but I definitely fell somewhere in the MySpace-esque crowd, and it upsets me that youngsters who dress differently still get picked on.

A more lighthearted take on emo-adolescence: 18 scene kids who ruined family photos.

I know some sex-positive feminists I'd like to forward this to: Yes, you can still be feminist but prefer vanilla sex.

I know this is probably stereotypical Thought Catalog barf but Women who stay single a long time usually end up the happiest.

More Thought Catalog barf that I agree with: Getting over someone you didn't date.

Co-signed: there's a big difference between a vegan diet and a planet-based diet.

Goals: An unhealthy nerdy relationship vs a healthy nerdy relationship.

Creepy but fascinating: how/why do women fall in love with serial killers?

I loved this personal essay from journalist Joe Stone and his quest to meet his childhood heroes the Spice Girls.

It's a bit woe-is-me so I keep it to myself, but I don't really like my name. It conjures up an image of a 90 year old traditional woman who probably live in the Hebrideas and hand knits those woolly jumpers you see in Scottish gift shops, or my high school history teacher who wore frumpy clothes (and remains the only other Morag I have ever personally known). As this article explains, unusual names are more likely to hint at a certain demographic background while really common names allow someone to work from a clean slate.  

Veronica Mars is a show that does not receive the appreciation it deserves, if you haven't seen it maybe her craziest disguises will tempt you.

There's probably more important things I should be pondering in life but I've always wondered where famous Glaswegians went to school.

The apology we owe each Myerrs-Brigg type, I got a small lump in my throat at how true mine was:

I’m sorry for taking advantage of your willingness to work without recognition. I’m sorry for not appreciating how much effort you put into literally everything you do.

5 creepy fairytales Disney would never touch (lol).

Texting guys on Tinder with only Carrie Bradshaw quotes. (also lol)

Next time you head to the park, bring frozen peas for the ducks (bread actually isn't that good for them).

Vampires are everywhere in literature but there's a lot of guff to sift through, so here is a list of 15 good vampire books to get you standard. 

Why Jaffa Cakes excite philosophers.

I think Sex and the City is one of the best TV shows ever, and this article perfectly captures its brilliance while still commenting on it's flaws.

BRB, lifehacking my Spotify.

I've been telling myself this for years and maybe one day I'll absorb it properly: you'd be a better communicator if you stopped caring about embarrassing yourself.

My newest favourite Twitter account is AstroPoets.

I've not yet seen To The Bone, but here's a critical analysis from one of the internet's best-known body politics writers, Melissa A. Fabello.

21 times Game of Thrones summed up life in Scotland.

morag | mo adore
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My favourite ASMRtists

For those of us who enjoy relaxing with some ASMR, we all know how unique our triggers are. I can't stand whispering and much prefer someone who has a soft but realistic voice (and if anyone starts tapping anything, I'm clicking the X button).

But after two years of digging through YouTube in the later hours, I've discovered something that is far more important: the ASMRtist themselves. I can watch three videos (by different creators) with roughly the same premise but only one can bring on the tingles. However, I can watch several videos by the same ASMRtist and get tingles from every single one, no matter how different the subject matter.

These days, when I light my candles and snuggle into bed with my laptop (newbies: ASMR is not sexual, unless you want it to be) I have a few default YouTubers that I turn to first and only start searching elsewhere if they haven't uploaded anything new. Because triggers and tingles can be so personal, you may find that these ASMRtist won't have the same effect on you - but I'd definitely give them a try if you're looking for some new videos.


Not only is Amal one of my favourite ASMRtists, her Victoria Secrets bra fitting role play is my all-time top video. She does a good mix of roleplays, haul videos and sound videos (chewing etc) - plus she does some videos with an American accent and some videos with an Arabic accent. If you end up loving her videos as much as I do, remember to check out her Patreon for extra content


My favourite accent is generic English, so I'm always on the look out for ASMRtists from below the border. Chloe was one of the first YouTubers I came across and 200,000+ people agree that she is worth following. She has a wide range of role plays but personally it's her Sleep Clinic videos that really do it for me (there are three of them: here, here and here). Admittedly, I can find her a little bit hit or miss as I find it distracting when she films in what is very obviously a student halls bedroom but that might just me.

Be Calm with Becca

Another English beauty is Becca, who films everything from gum-chewing to knitting demonstrations to a Healing Fairy Reiki role play and even videos filmed in Hindi. She has been around for two years, and it was her Ultimate Binaural Salon Haircut Role Play that initially caught my attention and she's been one of my favourites ever since. She has such as a soothing voice and I'd happily watch her all day, even if it was mundane everyday chores.


Looking for something geeky and a bit gothy? You'll find it here with ASMR game plays and role plays involving some pop culture favourites (such as Milisandre and Maleficent). Personally, it's her inaudible and No Talking videos that I gravitate towards - especially this Silent Scalp Massage which was the first ever video I found of hers. 

VisualSounds1 ASMR

While some ASMRtists splash out on speakers and green screens to create professional level videos, others are just so relaxing they don't need anything other than themselves. Jen of VisualSounds is one of the latter: I wouldn't say her videos are well-made by any stretch of the imagination but her voice is so soothing she doesn't require a special microphone (her 94,000+ subscribers seem to agree). She specialises in the geeky, and it was her Cosplay Shop Role Play that first caught my attention.

Other ASMR fans, who are your favourite ASMRtists? 

morag | mo adore
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Fellow nerds, we're not always going to like the same thing

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that Game of Thrones is back for its seventh season. Maybe you've seen it or maybe you haven't. Maybe you're a Grade A fan who has read all the books or maybe you're like me and enjoy it, but it wouldn't make your Top 10.

I think every single answer or preference is perfectly fine and no one should be getting into fights about it. But given the comments/arguments that have broken out on the internet in the last few weeks I seem to be alone in my opinion of letting people get on with their lives and devour pop culture that is to their own liking.

Not long after Game of Thrones started again, the comments began piling up - but one in particular caught my eye. It was a guy who I used to work with who still hangs about my Facebook friends list. It was on some article or meme, and it was slagging off people who "thought they were too good to watch Game of Thrones" and "they don't know good television" and were "rotting their brains with Love Island".

I have four things to say about this:
1) Chill.
2) People don't necessarily avoid Game of Thrones because they think they're too good for it. They might not watch a lot of television. They might not like the fantasy genre in general. Maybe they don't want to watch a show with rape and incest.
3) Just because someone watches Love Island doesn't mean they aren't intelligent beings
4) Chill some more.

But because I'm me, I didn't take my own advice and chill. It's a bug-bearer of mine when people don't just let other people live, and my mind began to wonder off and I thought of all the times a nerd got their proverbial pants in a twist because someone didn't like their favourite Pokemon or Ghostbusters got rebooted with an all female cast.

And something dawned on me: every single person I know who behaves like a dude. 

Admittedly this is personal experience, so please share with me if your experience has been different. All the girl geeks in my life seem to understand that I can like my thing and they can like theirs. There are enough fandoms in this world for everyone.

The thing about these dudes and their bunched-up boxers is, they're not even your stereotypical basement nerds hitting away on 9chan and talking ethics in game journalism. Some of them are actually otherwise pretty woke (just not when you dare to not like their favourite film).

Need more examples? 

Back in April I decided it was high time I watched Star Wars. I hadn't ever got round to it because the genre that it exists in doesn't do much for me, and I had made the assumption it wouldn't be for me. I watched all seven episodes (it was seven at the time) and my assumption was correct. After deciding this, I just got on with my life. I didn't publicly slam the films, and berate anyone who did like them.

But my Star Wars journey had been documented on Twitter and Snapchat - and a guy I've known a long time (who I already knew was of the Usually Woke But Not When You Don't Like My Favourite Film persuasion) felt like he had to pipe up and exclaim "I can't believe you didn't like it". Same guy who - about a year earlier - went white in the face when he realised I hadn't seen them. Same guy who also got confused when someone who was born in 1994 hadn't seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which first aired in 1997. I digress.

Then there was my first boyfriend, in my teenage years, who actually turned off my music (in my room!) because he didn't like boybands.

Outside of my dating life, there has been the 30-something man who sits and clenches his fists at the thought of Nickelback. I know a lot of people who don't like Nickelback but imagine clenching your fists with hatred at a band? Loose two adulting points.

Then there's this other dude who - after Kesha's ordeal last year - actually said publicly on Facebook "Should I mock Kesha's music because it was made under questionable circumstances or because it's not very good?" Who even asks this?

Also, a random guy at a party asked me who my favourite band of all time were. I replied Feeder (truth) and got it mansplained to me that it totally couldn't be and was told to pick again.

And finally, I know a different 30-something who slags off pretty much anything that isn't 'real music' on Facebook (if anything comes from this post, it's that I clearly need a Facebook friends clear out). He has a music sound production degree that he hasn't been able to make a living from. Diddums.

Maybe it's because female and women orientated hobbies and films and music and jobs are incessantly mocked and branded frothy. Perhaps that's why we don't expect the whole fucking world to agree with our music tastes. Because we're told all the time that pop culture that is marketed towards us is sub-standard.

And that's why guys are more likely to get their genitals wrapped around their leg in anger because someone dared to enjoy Legally Blonde more than they enjoyed Iglorius Bastards (and I'm speaking as someone who has what might be considered a "male taste" in films).

I'm a geek and I know that we get invested in the characters and storylines and build fan theories. But that is still no excuse for not putting on your big person pants and understanding that people can like different things from you. Me not liking Star Wars doesn't change the fact that it is one of best selling film franchises of all time. Me liking boybands doesn't mean I also don't know how to enjoy something of a more high-brow nature (but even if I didn't like high-brow stuff, that would be a-okay). Me preferring DC doesn't mean I'm allowed to go around slagging off Marvel fans, because I'm a grown up and grown ups don't do that. Last time I got angry because someone didn't like the same thing as me, I was probably 15 and it was probably Green Day and it was probably my mum who didn't like them.

I'm not arguing that analysis and critique of pop culture aren't necessary

I had to scroll back through my timeline to find this Twitter thread - but it is that muthafuckin' golden, so I did.

A year ago Nelly came to Glasgow and I had to get a ticket. I'm a massive Nelly fan, which usually surprises people as hip hop usually isn't my jam. I like his songs and his break-up melody Just a Dream holds a special place in my heart because it came out right after I went through my own painful break-up. I listened to it on repeat and I credit it with helping me through a difficult time.

And Nickelback? They have two songs that I correlate with two different memories.

If you've been reading this and thinking "Morag, we've seen you critique films/books/tv shows/comics and you've sometimes been less than kind" you're missing the difference between critique (especially critique through a feminist lens) and pissing on something you don't personally enjoy. We, as a society and as film nerds, do have to question what the fuck makes a controlling man like Christian Grey seem desirable. Or Edward Cullen, who thinks nothing of jumping into the bedroom of a girl he fancies and watching her sleep. Or why Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter did well in terms of female representation but fell really short when it came to racial diversity.

I know that boybands have problematic lyrics. N*SYNC sang "I will never stop, Until you're mine, I can wait forever, till the end of time" (dude, move on) and One Direction decided to keep this little gem of a lyric hidden on an album track: "“I know you want, know you wanna take it slow/Think about all the places we could go/If you give in tonight /Just let me set you free" (eurgh). Humans are multi-faceted and complex, and are more than capable of seeing the good and bad in everything, whether it's people or art.

And do I really need to tell you that Game of Thrones is problematic af? 

Pop culture is my one great love and my passion. From the first ever CD my dad bought me (it was B*Witched, C'est La Vie) and my early years devouring The Babysitters Club, right through to the modern day superhero films and my forever love of 90s boybands. And nobody likes it when someone pisses on their love, either metaphorically or literally (just to clarify: both are wrong and weird).

So if you're someone (dude, or otherwise) who gets indignant and breathes fire when someone likes something you don't like, or doesn't like something you like....

...grow up and get angry at something that actually matters.

morag | mo adore
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My Berlin Vegan Food Diary

It feels like everyone and their dog has been to Berlin in the past few years. There's no doubting that the German city is definitely in vogue. Fascinating history, great architecture and hip locals, it's easy to see why so many people are flocking there for a city break - but personally, my reason for my trip back in May with my mum was to sample the the insane amount of vegan food (though I did end up falling in love with the city and liked it a lot more than I thought I would). 

Berlin is widely considered the vegan capital of Europe, and that was pretty much my whole reason for wanting to go there. And last May, me and my mum made the trip across. While we definitely still made time to explore the different tourist spots (I wrote this architectural guide for work last year and just had to see it all for myself) my nose was glued to my phone's Yelp app looking for great places to sample some plant-based goodness. Here's the places that made my shortlist. 

Curry by the Wall

You can't go to Berlin and not try a currywurst, or avoid Checkpoint Charlie - and this place combines together two quintessential Berlin must-dos. It's hard to miss this place as it's right beside where some of the original wall still stands (and is bright red). I had the veggie version while my mum had the meat version. It was the first time either of us had sampled currywurst and while it wasn't horrible, it's one of these national foods that gets blown out of proportion (it's like tourists coming to Scotland and getting really excited about trying Haggis...even though Scottish people tend to only eat it on Burns night or St Andrew's Day). 


Not far from the Brandenburg Gate, this seems to be a popular spot for vegans visiting Berlin if my Instagram comments were anything to go by. It's not something a lot of people know, but I studied Buddhism as a teenager (what do you mean you spend your youth drinking and sneaking out?) and I recognised the word Samādhi (it's a type of consciousness level that is above day-to-day living) and knew I was probably in the right place for a conscious lunch. 

The menu was large here and comes with a picture book so you can get a good idea of portion sizes. While I should maybe have tried branching away from my norm while on holiday, I immediately began eyeing up the dishes with tofu in them because I'm a basic vegan bitch. But I'm glad I did because this was potentially the best tofu I have ever eaten (emphasis on the ever, guys). 

Mariona Berlin

This wasn't somewhere I had been planning to go; me and my mum were heading to the Oberbaum Bridge, passed it on the way there and noticed the vegan sign outside. Honestly, the idea of an Italian didn't thrill me as I have sat and silently ate way more arrabiata pasta that I would like to, just to be polite and not make a fuss. But we didn't have any food plans that day so I thought I'd thought I'd give it a try. 

It was nice, nothing to rave about but nice. The vegan menu was obviously a new touch as it was handwritten, and it was in German so I picked out the gnocchi (because it was a word I recognised*). It was cooked in a herby sauce of some kind and while it was tasty, it isn't something I haven't already eaten and felt a little stereotypically vegan.


Also on the way to the Oberbaum Bridge me and my mum passed by this cute little ice-cream parlour that also offered vegan flavours. The place is very unassuming but the guy behind the till was lovely and gently laughed as he translated all the flavours into English. Quality wise it was your standard ice-cream and this place is a little out the way, but it's always nice when your mum buys you an ice-cream cone (even when you're 26). 


Now we're onto the good stuff! Found not far from the Fernsehturm, I had heard about SOY before I left for Berlin and was determined to find out if its 5 star ratings were well-earned. Turns out they were, and this was the best lunch I had while there - both in terms of food quality and restaurant atmosphere. 

It was an impressive menu and being the stereotypical vegan I am I was still drawn to the tofu (it's a Vietnamese restaurant) but this time it came with a twist: it was STUFFED? Mate I've eaten a lot of tofu, in a lot of restaurants, and not come across stuffed tofu before! Truthfully it was tofu cubes sliced through the middle and filled like a sandwich but we can overlook that. And it was delicious, which is all that matters at the end of the day. 

Aside from the food, the atmosphere was spot on. SOY had a trendy atmosphere that successfully stayed away from deep hipster territory, and I'd say it was similar to that of 13th Note in Glasgow.


Not exactly a restaurant - but what vegan visits Berlin and doesn't stop by the vegan supermarket? Me and my mum were staying in your simple hotel room but walking round the isles here I wish I had opted for a self-catering apartment, AirBnB or hostel, as most of the food needed a fridge or cooked in someway. The supermarket has its own self-branded food items - such as the 'make your own Seiten' packet of wheat gluten I bought (that I still haven't used/worked out how to use) - while there are some brands that you'll recognise from the UK.

Little Green Rabbit

Me and my mum booked a late afternoon flight home and we didn't want anything too heavy for our final meal. Little Green Rabbit wasn't far from where we were staying and we had passed it a few times while wandering around the Check Point Charlie area, and it looked like it would fit the bill. It's a canteen sort of style place where you pick your base and add vegetables of your own choice. Despite being a hot day I opted for the Yellow Thai Curry, which was lovely but perfectly light at the same time. They also sell a range of smoothies and it's the kind of place where you know you're getting plenty of vitamins and your food is healthy as well as kind.

Are you a vegan who has been to Berlin? Where did you choose to eat?

Morag x

* I'd recommended learning German before going to Berlin. While the locals can speak English and will do when they realise you only know English, they will speak in German to you automatically and a lot of menus are German. 

morag | mo adore
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Bonobo Café, Aberdeen

I read somewhere once that trends finally reach Aberdeen about 10 years after they first hit the rest of the UK. I don't know if this is due to its northern location, or that its main (or even, only) industry is the drab and corporate oil sector, or because independent businesses never last very long, but I agree that Aberdeen is potentially one of the least trendy cities in the UK and seems to stand still in time. 

One example? A couple of months ago Aberdeen finally got its own 100% vegan café, Bonobo Café. It was previously a pop-up in the wellness centre behind Marks and Spencer's and after saving up all their earnings, they finally bought their own place on Skene Street, round the corner from Union Terrace. 

I was up visiting my parents last week and obviously I had to stop in by and show some support. The girl at the counter was super friendly and didn't mind going through the menu (my mum isn't vegan and some of the food options aren't second nature to her, but the girl was lovely and patient). 

We were there in the afternoon so got to choose from a range of wraps, soups and salads. I went for the BBQ tofu wrap and my mum chose the satay tofu wrap. I also noticed a chickpea 'tuna' sandwich on the menu that I oh-so-almost went for, but it will have to wait for another time. 

The hot drinks menu was probably the part that I found most impressive. I chose a Chai Latte and my mum a hazelnut latte, but I did almost choose the exotic sounding turmeric latte. You can also choose your own dairy-free milk from soya, oat and almond. 

The serving and counter area is downstairs with the eating bit upstairs (if you are disabled or have a pushchair this isn't ideal). It was a nice day so me and mum decided to sit outside in their garden patio. You can't see it from the street, and your view is the tall granite buildings that sit next door, but it is a lovely touch that makes you feel like you're somewhere more tropical. 

Overall? Great service, tasty (albeit snacky) food, top-notch drinks menu, and a peaceful garden patio. Bonobo Café should be getting top marks....but it isn't different to any other vegan café I've been to. I fully accept that this could just be because I'm spoilt by the vegan options available to me living in the Central Belt, and I really need to try and review this through the eyes of an Aberdonian who is jumping for joy at having somewhere they can pop for lunch without worrying about what is in their food. 

If I still lived in Aberdeen I would regularly be popping in to support it and give it the money it needs to thrive. But if another vegan café (or even vegan restaurant) opened up I've got a fear Bonobo could get left behind and within time they'll need to expend their menu to remain competitive. Independent businesses have a habit of not lasting in Aberdeen (I still weep when I walk past the place where One Up Records once resided) and I really don't want its first vegan café to go south too. 

Have you been to Bonobo Café yet? What were your thoughts? 

Morag x

P.S. While enjoying my lunch, there was a woman with a London/South-East English accent talking about how Aberdeen was a different "kettle of fish" and how she was "used to Edinburgh and Glasgow" and that she might go to Manchester early for something to do. She also said she wasn't vegan but enjoyed having somewhere cute to eat for lunch that wasn't a chain. There's a second review on Bonobo and Aberdeen for you. 
morag | mo adore
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H&M Conscious picks for a safari

I've always been a bit on/off with ethical clothes shopping. On one hand it's a great thing to do but on the other hand it is one of the trickiest forms of ethical shopping out there (at least that's how I've personally found it). And while I've been on a bit of a roll since mid-2016, there's a few situations where I've found it particularity challenging, one of those being when I'm looking for something very specific.

One recent example is when my work invited me on an educational training holiday to Kenya and in the space of a month I had to pull together a wardrobe that would take me from beach, to safari, to luxury resort, to chilly night and warm days, and would also respect local customs. Okay then, challenge accepted.

Thankfully I actually found refuge on the high street. Usually when I'm needing something short notice I hop over to H&M because - even though it's still high street and not *perfect* - it's better than most (I liken it to buying a lipstick from a cruelty-free company that has a testing parent company). For extra brownie points they launched their H&M Conscious range a while back that boasts seven commitments ranging from using natural resourced efficiently to choosing responsible partners.

This is where I get lucky though. The range was bursting with khakis, browns and whites - just what I was in the market for. It's pricier than the usual range and I'm not exactly going to get much use of safari themed clothes on a day-to-day basis here in Scotland, so I have reign myself in a small bit - but here's a guide to what I did buy and what else I almost did.

The first thing I picked up was this Lyocell shirt dress for £34.99. It's available in both khaki and beige, of which I opted for the former. The dress comes down to my knees as well which did mean it wasn't super flattering but meant that even when I was climbing in and out of jeeps I didn't accidentally flash my pants to everyone.

Second up on my shopping receipts, is these pull-on trousers retailing at £14.99. Out of everything I brought with me to Kenya, these were the bomb and I'd recommend something similar to anyone else going on safari. They were baggy and light enough that they weren't uncomfortable during mid-day heat (the hot season is January/February mind you) but meant that my legs were covered as the temperature dropped at night. Plus the helped keep the bugs off my legs! Heck if I was going again I'd purchase these in beige as well.

The third (and final) thing I purchased specifically for my trip was this long-sleeved jersey top. My previous trips to Africa (Cape Town, Zambia and Botswana) plus a jaunt to Peru almost 10 years ago, taught me that hot countries aren't always hot at night and you'll need to wrap up a bit. However, this wasn't quite the best purchase as when you are on a holiday of the adventurous persuasion you won't always have time to change between activities so it's much better to bring layers that you can take on and off. I'd skip this for next time and purchase a few floaty t-shirts and hoodies instead.

Something I did see but didn't purchase was this Lyocell top in khaki - but I wish I had. Now having been on safari I see how perfect this would have been and would have chosen it over the long-sleeved top. And something that I never seen in my local H&M and only found online when I sat down to write this post is these Lyocell shorts in 'Light Mole' that would be perfect if you're heading over in the super-hot season.

Kenya also has some amazing beaches that look out onto the Indian Ocean, so remember to pack a swimsuit. The H&M Conscious range doesn't have any swimwear but it does have these lovely white denim shorts that would be perfect for covering yourself up with as you travel between beach and resort.

Finally, I hate the idea of wearing jeans in a warm climate but many people in my safari group lived in them. If you're someone with a good heat tolerance, pick up these Super Skinny Low Jeans. I might check them out now that I'm home for wearing in this country.

Have you been on safari? What would be your must pack items? 

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Vegan Tuck Box

My relationship with surprise subscription boxes has been a bit on-off. I was subscribed to Petit Vour and Glossybox waaayyy back in the day, and I'll admit now I was only doing it cause I was a new blogger and I thought it would help me blend in with the cool kids. 

I did enjoy receiving them but I ultimately unsubscribed because there was always something in the box that I had no interest in (I actually still have a few products floating around my bathroom cabinet that originated from the 2011 boxes). Yes, these boxes might be great value overall in terms of price but I'd much rather spend money on something I'd definitely use, even if it was a higher purchase price. 

And then I went cruelty-free in in 2012 so even if I wanted to subscribe to a beauty or food box I'd have very few options. One option I do have is Vegan Tuck Box, a UK based subscription box that specialises in vegan snacks to keep you going throughout the day. 

They offer two different boxes: the Vegan Variety Box (with 5-8 snacks) and the Vegan Ultimate Box (10-13 snacks) the second of which they recently sent me to review. Will this leave me sold on the idea of subscription boxes? Let's have a look. 

The first thing that struck me as soon as I opened the box was how much food there was in it. Like, I was aware that there would be a double-digit amount of snacks but the box was almost stuffed to the brim (and getting a neat picture of it all wan't easier). 

On second glance the next thing to please me was the variety of snacks. I usually get weird looks when I share this but *drum roll* I don't like chocolate. I'm a savoury girl through and through, who will take a pastry/crisps/decent sandwich any day over chocolate or even cake (every year I ask for a birthday burrito and no one buys me one?). In my particular box there was chocolate but I also found Bombay crisps, coconut pecks, morning tea and even some vegan Parmesan (is this a snack? I don't really care because vegan Parmesan). That's definitely enough to keep my savoury tooth happy. 

As some of you may know I very recently returned from a work trip to Kenya. When I was first asked if I wanted to go I squeamishly said yes because the question I was thinking was exactly the same question I typed into Google later that day: "can you be vegan in Kenya?". Turns out the answer I got wasn't what I wanted, so in the suitcase the snacks went. 

Turns out Kenya was not quite as bad as I assumed....vegetarian and vegan food is a bit repetitive and the V symbol isn't used, but you can do it. Saying that I was still glad to have a few badboys in my bag. My favourite was definitely the Hoots Smoked Bacon - salty and savoury at the same time which is totally my kind of snack. Next up I really liked the Inspiral Salted Caramel Coconut Pecks, which I was a bit surprised to find I liked and I think they would be really nice sprinkled on top of a cupcake rather than eaten by themselves. I also really liked the Ten Acre Bombay Spicy Crisps and I am fully aware that curry flavoured crisps are not to everyone's liking but they're totally to mine so there. 

And I loved the vegan Parmesan, but obviously I didn't take that to Kenya because that would be weird...

Has Vegan Tuck Box ignited a passion in me for subscription boxes? Well, no - but thankfully they have worked people like me (who want good snacks but don't necessarily want to subscribe to a surprise box every month and risk having a cupboard overflown with stuff they don't want) into their business plan in the form of single issue boxes. There's seven styles of single issue boxes (one of them is a savoury themed box too!) that range in price from £5 to £18.50. While I doubt I'd sign up for a box every month, if I find myself travelling again (especially in a country that's a little more difficult to explore with my dietary requirements) I will definitely pop in an order. 

What's your take on subscription boxes? 

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Cruelty-Free Careers: Melanie of White Rabbit Skincare

White Rabbit Skincare has taken the vegan beauty community by storm and requires little introduction. But how much do you know about its amazing founder, Melanie, and how she made her small skincare business her full-time job? First up in my new Cruelty-Free Careers series is the lady herself talking all things business and her journey to accidental entrepreneur. 

Hi Melanie, for those of us not familiar with yourself and White Rabbit Skincare could you give us a bit of a background?
White Rabbit Skincare is a luxury, cruelty free skincare brand which has been created to address the need for high performance, but naturally based skincare products. Our products are 100% naturally derived, cruelty-free, vegan and always carefully made by hand to ensure the highest quality. They are certified cruelty free/vegan by PETA and endorsed by Naturewatch. 

Where did you the idea or motivation for White Rabbit Skincare come from?
I was diagnosed with the skin condition psoriasis as a teenager, and didn’t want to use the steroid creams prescribed by doctors. Not only are these packed full of chemicals (and remember: 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream!), they are often tested on animals, and as a huge animal lover, this was a no-go for me. So initially I started using things like coconut oil and shea butter on my skin, then started making my own ‘proper’ skincare products. Interest started to pick up from friends/family and beyond, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Was running your own business a lifelong dream or did the idea come later in life?
I often think of myself as an ‘inadvertent’ or ‘accidental’ entrepreneur – I’m no Alan Sugar type who has been doing it my whole life; I just think the opportunity as it were happened to me at the right time, and I’ve been incredibly lucky that it has developed from a hobby into my full time job!

What did you want to be while you were growing up?
Anything animal-related: I remember for years wanting to be a horse riding instructor, then in my latter teenage years a marine biologist – I was obsessed with Orcas (killer whales). I ended up (pre White Rabbit Skincare) going to university to do an Honours degree in history! 

What was your career like prior to starting White Rabbit Skincare? 
Mostly admin/office based. My first job was a Technical Records Officer in an aircraft maintenance company, then as an office assistant in a food company, then a receptionist at a welfare-to-work organisation and finally before White Rabbit Skincare, a sales and social media assistant at an events company! Such roles have taught me how to be organised, work well with other people – and be patient! 

Were there any new skills you had to learn to start your business?
Too many to list! When you have your own business, you are literally a Jack-of-all-Trades, and it is incredibly different to working for someone else. It is without a doubt the biggest challenge I have ever faced – and probably ever will be – but I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else now!  

Did you have anyone helping you in the background – such as friends or family with a particular skill set?
White Rabbit wouldn’t be where it is now without the help of family, friends and organisations such as The Princes Trust or Entrepreneurial Spark. My family and friends are amazing at helping out at events or working into the wee small hours when we’ve got a big order due out – such as the recent inclusion of our comfort cleansing balm in the You Beauty Box. I’ve also very fortunate that our accountant is one of my friends from university, and my Mum is product labeller extraordinaire! 

If you are thinking about starting your own business, I would highly recommend contacting the aforementioned above organisations. We’re still with E-Spark now – which is a business accelerator – and they have helped push me out my comfort zone and get my business to where it is now, and where it’s going! 

What has been one of the biggest challenges?
Other than practical issues, such as finance – which all new businesses face – one of my personal biggest challenges has been confidence, and believing in myself. But I’m now at the stage where I take EVERY opportunity given to me – you never know where it will lead – even if it terrifies me, and work to make myself and my family proud! 

We first met when you took part in the @CfBloggerschat – has social media and blogger outreach been a massive part of your growth?
Definitely. It’s now one of the first places people refer to for reviews, advice and so on – plus it’s an excellent means of us interacting with our customers. 

What other marketing channels do you use to promote your business?
Social media such as Instagram and Facebook is really helpful/important to us, and also things like our blog and YouTube (although admittedly this needs work!). We also like collaborating with bloggers/youtubers/influencers, and regularly attend events/exhibitions – we love meeting our customers (established and new) in person. 

Do you have any plans for White Rabbit Skincare in the future?
World domination (in a eco-friendly, ethical, earth-loving manner of course)! But seriously I would love for WRS to become a global brand; one that people automatically associate natural, vegan skincare with. Our vision is to be ‘the most influential natural and vegan skincare brand in the world’! 

Thank you for your time Melanie, does anyone else have anything else they would like to ask Melanie?

Morag x

P.S. I already have a few of these interviews lined up, but would love some more. I'm not specifically looking for entrepreneurs either - of you're an accountant/receptionist/PR person for an animal charity/cruelty-free beauty company/vegan food brand, I'd love to hear from you! 
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New to my Beauty Stash #1

For a blog that is primarily recognised as a cruelty-free beauty blog, my beauty tag has been a bit quiet this past year. In fact, when I have blogged about beauty it has been a press sample. Eh, oops? There has however been a straightforward reason for this: I was trying to use up everything I already owned. At some point last year I was finding it difficult to close the lid of my beauty box and some of my natural products were, well, not looking that fresh anymore because I had too many of them to finish using before the sell by date. Plus, I still had animal tested products and non-vegan items floating about my cupboard. 

Thankfully the time has come to say that my beauty box once again closes and that I finally have a fully vegan perfume collection (remember this Anna Sui gift set blog from 2012? I finally shifted the last of it a month ago). So what does one do when they have achieved this task? Buy a whole lot of new beauty products. But this time I am restraining myself and trying hard to avoid any buyer's remorse. Here's just a collection of what I've been buying this month.

Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Wand for Dark Circles. I have been a fan of green concealer for years and would recommend it to anyone who isn't blessed with a naturally even skin-tone. But despite suffering from prominent dark circles, this is my first foray into a peachy concealer to balance out purple tones. At first glance the colour looks a little too close to a regular concealer, but time will tell whether it becomes a staple in my beauty stash like green concealer has. 

Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer. I'm cheating a little bit by including this as I've been loyal to it this product for a year now. I like it and you should buy it.

Barry M Brow Wow Pencil & Brush (Medium - Dark). For years I have been using the HD Brows pallet, but my e-mail regarding animal testing never got replied to so I know when it finishes I'll need a replacement. I picked this up as possible substitute and have already given it a whirl. Turns out it is strong and dark when applied making it great for my evening look but not for a day in the office. It will definitely get used from time to time but I don't see it becoming a daily staple. 

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Storm. I'm not exactly new to Barry M Nail Paint and already have a full bag of polishes under my dresser. But I've been finding myself drawn to muted colours as of late and my collection was definitely low on neutral shades. So I was glad to let this grey-brown into my life. 

Barry M Flawless Original Primer.  This is the last product from Barry M, I swear. When I got to the till in Superdrug I found out it was 2 for 3 across beauty so picked something else in a hurry (for any smart asses: I bought the eyebrow pencil and concealer on a separate shopping trip). I've been of the opinion that only high-end primers are worth the purchase - but with a special deal on it was time to give a drugstore primer one last try. We'll see if this changes my opinion.

Lush Caca Rouge Henna Hair Dye. I'm cheating again by including this as everyone knows this has been keeping my hair fiery since 2012. 

Superdrug Solait 50 SPF Moisturising Sun Lotion. While sun-protection is not exactly the most exciting purchase I've ever made, my upcoming trip to Kenya definitely is! Obviously sun screen is very important for such a trip, and will be the first time I'll be putting vegan sun-protection to the test. 

Gosh Rebel Eyes Mascara. One type of beauty product that I definitely became low on was mascara, and I opted for this one from one of my favourite beauty companies. While I feel I'm in the minority here, I love a small rubber brush and this is just that. Fingers crossed this is good. 

Superdrug Hair Therapy Cleansing Conditioner. I've posted no physical evidence of this online yet, but my hair now only falls to just past my shoulders. As a result I'm no longer in the market for heavy but super-moisturising hair masks, but something that adds moisture but doesn't weigh the hair down. This hair treatment is described as light weight and ideal for keeping coloured hair vibrant - fits the bill!

Superdrug Active Haircare Shampoo for Normal Hair. Keeping on the topic of haircare, I decided it was time I got a shampoo specifically for my swimming bag. Aside from chlorine, it also claims to protect against UV rays and sea salt, so it might just make its way into my Kenya suitcase. 

Original Source Green Banana & Bamboo Milk Moisturisering Shower Milk. I'm not new to Original Source Shower Gels and already rate them highly - but this probably the best smelling one so far. 

Superdrug BB Cream in Light. Something I'm very much in the market for right now is a great day foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB Cream/CC Cream that covers the 'worst of it' but is natural looking at the same time. While I've already found my holy grail of evening make-up foundation, I've not found my daytime equivalent and I picked this up in hope it would fill that beauty shaped hole in my life. I've used this once already and while it does make my skin look brighter, it doesn't do much in terms of hiding imperfections (maybe if you have dull skin but even skin-tone you might like this?).  

What have you been purchasing recently? 

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5 realistic weekday vegan breakfasts

If you flick through Pinterest or Instagram you'd think vegans luxuriously lie around in the morning sipping herbal tea while digging our fork into a tofu scramble. But in the real world we're probably stuffing our faces with toast as we run out the door. 

I mean, who has time in morning? I live 15 minutes from my office and my alarm goes off when some of my colleagues are probably leaving their house. As much as I love food, I'd rather get some extra sleep. Plus, who can control work rage when you've only had avocado on toast? Not me. 

Look, I'm definitely not opposed to crafting the perfect vegan fry-up or taking time for prep French Toast at the weekend, but when I'm heading out to work I want something tasty, filling and convenient. Even if it would look a bit shit on Instagram. And because this post is about keeping it real, all photos are genuine phone snaps from half eight in the morning. You're welcome. 

Baked Beans and Toast

This fail-safe has been with me 2012 and it's not going anywhere. I like my toast with spread and Tesco-brand Marmite (sticking it to the big man at Unilever, y'all).

Overnight oats

Sounds a bit fancier than it is. The evening before I grab a mason jar because I'm a recovering hipster, and fill it with almond milk, soya yogurt, chia seeds, oats, maple syrup (sometimes golden syrup because it's cheaper) and vanilla essence. Sometimes I add banana and coco nibs when I'm feeling fancy/happen to have them in the cupboard. I work using the measurement suggested in these recipes


One vitamin that can be limited in a vegan diet is B12 and one of the few sources is fortified cereals. So I usually have a cereal box popping about my cupboard. I can't say I'm particularly brand-loyal when it comes to cereal and I usually buy what is on special offer (pro vegan tip though: ASDA own brand coco pops are vegan). Splash with almond milk and drizzle with some maple syrup and tada! 

I usually have a bad of frozen fruit in the freezer so sometimes I'll make one up at night ready for me in the morning. Smoothies made with frozen fruit are also typically better if left to defrost a little. My favourite recipe is still this one I shared four years ago. 

Soya yoghurts

I don't have these for breakfast very often because I haven't got enough willpower to buy a packet of yoghurt and keep them for particular times of day. But if there's one there at 8:30am I'll take it. 

No, fruit is not filling and I would never have it as a stand-alone breakfast treat. So I have it as a 'dessert' after devouring one of the above. 

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My hopes for Batgirl's first film

I love my superheroes but when it comes to picking a personal favourite, it's Batgirl. Hands down. The first time I ever flicked through a Batgirl comic I was immediately taken by her balance between feisty and calm. Brainy but also good in a fight. Her redheaded-ness. And her vigilante backstory that is less I'm-a-rich-orphan-playboy-who's-parents-were-murdered and more I'm-going-to-fight-for-the-better-good-because-its-the-right-thing. (Internet nerds: I know Barbara Gordon isn't the only Batgirl, but she was the first one I became familiar with so pipe it down). 

Obviously I am overjoyed at the news that Batgirl is getting her own film, with Joss Whedon at the helm (did I mention that I'm also a Buffy fan? Oh, I did...very recently). The announcement did take me by surprise because - despite personally being a big fan - I didn't think she was lucrative enough. I had high hopes of her showing up in another DCU film as a sidekick (I'm still not over that Jenna Malone 'surprise character') or even her own television show, but never thought someone would consider her for her own title film.

Which is why the nerves are kicking in a little. Will it be given the budget to compete with Avengers or Wonder Woman? Is she mainstream enough already or would it have been smarter for her to have a cameo elsewhere first? As with all film adaptions of our favourite comics and books: will they do it justice? 

We'll have to wait and see, but in the mean time here are my hopes for the film. Are you listening Whedeon?

1. Joss Whedon employs female crew members
While Joss is very talented and I appreciate how many strong female characters he has created for the big and small screens, it's not enough. It doesn't fix the underlying problem of why there's a lack of strong female characters (answer: film execs are still mostly men). If Joss really is as much of an alley as he claims he'll be using his clout in the industry (and give up his own privilege) to discover and mentor talented young female directors/runners/script writers/special effects wizards/costume designers. 

2. Gail Simone
On that note - wouldn't it be amazing to have the super talented Batgirl writer Gail Simone involved? 

3. Feminist metaphors and undertones
One of the reasons why it's important Joss hires women to work with is to call him out and prevent any faux-pas (which all alleys do from time to time). Batgirl has always been a firm feminist favourite thanks to her intelligence and practical costume choices, so to not have a girl-power undertone would be out of place. 

4. Stephanie Brown and Oracle
I know this will never happen as Barbara Gordon is the version of Batgirl most people are familiar with, but I love Stephanie pulling on the mask while Barbara is the brains behind the missions. While shooting Barbara in her back (while naked! as a plot device to hurt her dad!) was an absolutely ridiculous decision, the writers did what they could with the situation and created something amazing from something so shitty. Barbara Gordon/Oracle became one of the best representations of a wheelchair user in comics (and pop culture in general). It would be great to see this replicated for the big screen (or a TV show). 

5. Black Canary 
I think we can safely say that Birds of Prey isn't on the table (boo!) but Black Canary regularly pops up in Batgirl comics and she's one of my favourite non-central characters. She's currently on the TV show Arrow so has received some mainstream attention - maybe it's time for some more? 

6. Dick Grayson
While the writers need to ensure that they don't make Barbara nothing more than a man's love interest, she and Dick Grayson are one of my favourite comic love stories. While their romance is on/off, whenever they share comic scenes I just feel it. I ship them like a teenager (so does Tumblr).

7. Alysia Yeoh
As Barbara Gordon's best friend in the New 52 incarnation, it would be difficult to not include her. As the first trans-gendered character in a mainstream comic, her inclusion would break new grounds and would be a great opportunity for a trans actress. 

8. A Gotham City Sirens cameo
If there's an upcoming film where a Batgirl teaser cameo would make's the Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwomen mash-up. It would introduce her to a wider audience and we'd get a first glimpse of her, without it feeling forced. 

9. Emma Stone
With some dubious casting choices recently made in the DCU, it's time fans were listened to. Emma Stone has been a top choice long before Batgirl was announced and I can picture her in the role. Though there are already rumours Lindsey Morgan will play her

10. Suitable for teens (and maybe children)
The DCU has been a bit dark so far, and maybe its time to lighten it up a bit. If Whedon goes down a Batgirl of Burnside route then it could open the universe up to a younger audience. Even if he goes for a different incarnation of the character, she is a younger member of the Bat-family so a teenage-aimed film could totally work. It would be nice to have a superhero film that parents can actually take their kids along to without being traumatised. 

11. That it's actually good
As a massive fan of Batgirl, I have a vested interest in this film doing well. But that's not the only reason. Female superheros aren't taken nearly as seriously and many internet nerds dismiss female superhero films - even before they're released. While female superheroes shouldn't have to prove themselves, they do - and it's not cool. 

Plus I'm a DC girl at my very core and I think I speak for all fans when I say the DCU needs a film that can recapture the awesomeness of The Dark Knight. Not another Zack Snyder shitstorm. 

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March Linkables

Eh, so remember me and my much-loved Linkables series? This post has been sitting in my drafts since January and was - shockingly enough - originally titled January Linkables. Alas, life got in the way and my poor link list fell to the bottom of my priority list. I have instead been keeping myself busy by working in an industry that has its peaks in January, attending the Scottish Greens Spring Conference, and watching every Marvel and DC film ever made (I'm now working my way through the Arrowverse).

Anyway, enough of my film chat - links!  And I've made it a bumper issue, given that it took my three months to publish it.

Politics, Feminism and Everything in Between

With everything going on in the world it's really important to make sure you're feminism is intersectional. If you're looking to get involved in issues that aren't just middle-class white lady issues, here are 50 groups to get you started.

Are you based in the USA and work for a company with a wellness program? They're a load of discriminative shite.

As much as I wish this wasn't true, it is: Fear of losing white privilege led to Trump’s election

Co-signed: Yes, you can be sex-positive and still prefer vanilla sex.

Being Your Best Self

One of my New Years Resolutions was to hold my ground more so I was interested in learning how successful people stick up for themselves while remaining likeable

What do people who've remained happily married for decades feel the secret is? This guy did a survey

My quiet nature has landed me in many sticky situations...and I agree that my silence is sometimes my failure

This made me feel weirdly emotional: The Apology we Owe each Myers-Briggs personality type

"ISTJ: I’m sorry for taking advantage of your willingness to work without recognition. I’m sorry for not appreciating how much effort you put into literally everything you do."

Print out and keep in your networking handbag: 15 body language secrets of successful people.

I've joked for years that I inherited the personality of my childhood dog, rather than my parents (my parents are both outgoing non-geeks while my dog was quiet and like to bask in the sun). According to science there's a chance this is true.

Despite being in my 20s I still struggle to not gush about my current crush/squeeze even though I know it's boring the fuck out of everyone. Here's why we do it.

Veganism and yummy things

Vegan tofu hollumi. I repeat: vegan tofu hollumi.

Other tofu wizardry: tofu omelette.

Baileys Goes Vegan....for real this time.

Loathe salad but wish you didn't? Maybe you're making one of these 8 common salad mistakes.

Geek and Pop Culture

Today in articles that are probably trash but I'm reading them anyway: what does Jonathon Cheban actually do? 

Why don't we just let Madonna age the way she wants to?

I've always found name-dropping super cringey, and I'm not the only one.

Replying to guy on Tinder using only Carrie Bradshaw quotes (True story: my Tinder profile used to say "I like to think I'm a Samantha, but I'm probably a Miranda" and the guy who's opening line was a SATC chat-up line went on to become my first Tinder date). 

And the internet's favourite question: why do cats love boxes so much?


I never blogged about my holiday to Disneyland® Paris because it was technically a work trip...but I finally got round to blogging about it on my employer's blog

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