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Brand Focus: DECIEM aka The Abnormal Beauty Company

One of the reason I love working about brands is the opportunity to discover new ones. One of these brands is DECIEM - an umbrella company for some exciting new products hailing from the stunning Canada. 

Marketing itself as 'The Abnormal Beauty Company' this is a not a company who do things by half measures. Already they have launched 10 stand alone brands but also have another three on the way. And not just content with beauty, these brands are also players in the health and fitness markets. Not bad for a company that only started in 2013. 

As quite a lot of the blogosphere will already know, the lovely PR team from DECIEM UK were in Glasgow recently meeting up with bloggers to give them chance to hand try the products before deciding what products in particular they would like to review. 

I've never actually had a brand sit down with me before and run over everything, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to find out more. Their big flagship brand is Hylamide, and it's no surprise that four products from this range were carted out to Glasgow. An extensive skin-care range that splits its products into three categories: Core, Booster and Finisher. The core range focuses on everyday skincare and covers anti-ageing as well as normal skin categories. The Booster is a range of serums designed for when you skin needs an extra, well, boost. Then finally there is the finisher range which includes primers and their Photography Foundation.

One of their other flagship brands is Hand Chemistry. As the name implies this is the hand cream section of their company - but they also produce body creams. More excitingly this brand is also award-winning and available on the UK high street. 

And we can't talk about beauty without mentioning hair. Hair is Fabric is their dedicated hair care range, who's tagline asks the important question: you wouldn't put couture clothing in the washer, so why is your hair any less important?

Their range has a whopping 15 products (this is probably the largest collection) covering all hair concerns. Need something to brighten up blonde locks? Yup. Black, red, silver or brunette hair? Got a top up for that too. Looking for some anti-ageing hair care? Sorted. Need an intensive detox? Yep, yep, yep.

Finally, there was a nutritional product from their Fountain range. There are 11 liquid supplements to choose from, each with their own unique purpose. Deciem call them molecules, and they range from supplements designed to improve your hair, through to supplements designed to give you more energy.

The products I've been trying 

After our first meeting, Laura kindly agreed to send me three of their products to try: Hand Chemistry Anti-Ageing Hand Cream, Hylamide HA Blur and Hylamide Low-Molecular HA. After finding out so much about the brand I was very excited to try the products for mysel.

I'm going to kick off with my favourite product: the Hylamide Low-Molecular HA. Weirdly, this was the product I was most unsure of when I opened it. It's a skincare product that comes with a 'dropper' and is designed to hydrate the skincare. Packaging choices aside, what I love about this product was its ability to add moisture to my skin without overdoing it. Other owners of oily/combination skin will know how fickle face creams can be and the struggle of buying one that is just right. Thankfully this isn't a cream (its almost an oil, but not quite either - I can't explain it) and it hits just the correct balance. I've been using this daily and will consider a re-purchase.

Also in the Hylamide range is the HA Blur, a primer with moisturising properties. As the previous paragraph suggests it's not moisture I look for in a primer. Therefore this primer was probably not the correct choice - and I'm probably not the best person to review it. On one plus note however I can report that it was a velvety soft formula. There is a matte primer aimed at oily skin which I will definitely consider trying at a later date.

Finally, I was lucky enough to try a product from Hand Chemistry. this is an award-winning product that can be found in Boots. I'll be honest, I find hand creams difficult to review as I've never been disappointed by a hand cream to date (how difficult is it to get hand cream right?). I also have naturally soft skin on my body so this may also be a factor.

Vegan Products

Obviously I'm not going to meet up with a brand rep without asking about animal testing and veganism. I've been assured that Deciem is cruelty-free and only one of their products is non-vegan (it's the FOUNTAIN's Phyto-Collagen Molecule). Everything else is bunny friendly!

What I might try next

I have my eye on a few more of the products in the range, which might just make it into my shopping basket in the near future. As mentioned I'm keen on trying the Finisher Matte 12, but I'm also looking at the Booster Pore Control, several products from the Hair is Fabric range, and the Photography Foundation.

Have you tried anything from the DECIEM range? 

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