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BRB Africa

And by "brb" I mean I actually touched down in Cape Town on Wednesday and I am due to leave for Zambia tomorrow and will return to UK shores in less than ten days. So oopsies for leaving it this long. Wifi isn't really all the rage in Africa so will say that no blogging will take place whilst I'm away but I will return with stories already including opinions on Terminal 5, vegetarianism in Cape Town, one of the natural wonders of the world and viewing a Great White through a steel cage.

Lots and lots of love!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Naomi for nominating me for another blogger award :)

 Very Inspiring Blog Award
One Lovely Blog Award

The rules for the two awards are as follows:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.
My Seven Things:
  1. I'm an only child who would, still at age 21, love a sibling.  I also don't believe there is a such a thing as "only child syndrome" and hate having to defend myself as spoilt, though people do assume I'm non-competitive which gets me off the hook ocassionally ;)
  2. I have three tattoo designs in my head but I am yet to draw them out. Each mean something to me with two connected to my childhood and the other to my star sign. I currently have no tattoos.
  3. I abstain from caffeine because 1) I believe it to be unhealthy and 2) if I have one can of Red Bull I'll go on to have six so it's best I don't start the chain.
  4. I'm usually seen drinking wine, and 90% of the time it is pinot grigio. I can't stand other wines unless they're really good quality - I can take the cheapest pinot grigio in the shop but only the best sauvignon blanc will get my attention.
  5. My longest running account/profile on the internet is my Neopets page. Which I still use.
  6. I only ever wear trousers if I'm doing sport or if it is knee-deep snow outside. I don't just wear dresses just for outfit posts ;)
  7. I'll listen to most types of music, though at heart I am an indie kid.
Another fact about me is that I am tired and my lower back is aching right now so I need a bath and an early night. So I am opening this award up to anyone that wants it. Sorry for the lack of inspiration but right now my back is taking more importance than blogging. Understand, please? Also I'm cranky so not living up to the lovely name of the blog award ;)

Much love
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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In this Week

1. Memory board for my honours year. 2. Nachos with dad 3. Risotto at restaurant 4. Coconut and quorn curry. 5. Egg fried rice. 6. Vegan mac and cheese 7. Principle's Award 8. Researching cruelty-free products 9. Collected enough Lush pots to get my free face mask 10. This is what happens when you live out a suitcase 11. These came in handy for moving my life 12. Packing my glitter

This week saw me leave Dundee (which is all I seemed to have talked about recently). I left yesterday with my dad and moved pretty much all my clothes, toileteries and baking equipment up to my parents in Aberdeenshire. That's why so many of my photos are of boxes. Being back here is weird as it's so different from the life I set up for myself in Dundee and I had a whole flat to myself before and now here I am sharing space again, which includes a kitchen. Last night I ended up on my fall back of Sweet & Sour Quorn because what my parents eat isn't what I eat. Though I am using this as initiative to get myself a job somewhere more cosmopolitan!

Me and my dad stopped by a restaurant on the way up. It's called a BeafEater which naturally doesn't make it my kind of place though there were some things on the menu. As big headed as it might sound the more and more I cook for myself and experiment in my own kitchen the more I find myself not enjoying eating out as my own food is good enough and was probabaly better than the resturant me and my dad popped into.

Also I am trying harder and harder to buy cruelty-free and research it all more thoroughly, and with my pocked Little Book of Cruelty Free and Android app should be made much easier. Also did anyone hear the news about Urban Decay no longer being cruelty-free because they are expanding into China? I didn't have any of their products anyway (drugstore ftw!) but I heard they were a good alternative to the MAC brushes (which the last time I read used real animal hair). Plus, incase you missed it throughout the week I was tweeting about cruelty-free condoms and lubricants! Which I can say my research found that most big brands of intimate products are cruelty-free but not vegan. Though if you are looking for vegan goods you have Condomi and YesYesYes. Though don't expect a review as despite being a non-private person, that is one area of my life I am private about! 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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Things I Love Thursdays: Final Week in Dundee

From this Saturday things are going to change in my life. I'll be driving up the road with my dad for second last time with about a quarter of the stuff I've collected whilst at university & will return in July for graduation. It's been some four years but now it will all officially be over. I'm not really sure how to feel; on one hand it's sad and emotional but on the other I love an adventure and a challenge so my blood is also thriving for it.

So what gets you through all this emotional up and downs?

It's less than a fortnight until I hit the African continent. An adventure of a lifetime that I am so so so grateful for! I should experience more in two weeks than most people will in a lifetime: shark diving, safari, a natural wonder of the world, a city thriving with vegetarian only restaurants, whilst visiting three of the many African countries (possibly four if my mum feels generous at the Victorian falls borders). Words cannot describe how excited I am and how much I have to pinch myself. ♥

In a week I'll be meeting my Canadian family! For the first time, like ever. They did visit the UK circa 1995 when my parents decided a trip to Sweden was on the cards. But even then at age 4, my memory would have been sketchy. My mum's cousin will be over and he's one of the few natural red-heads left in the family.  My natural hair colour had a auburn tinge and I dye it to bring it to it's full form, but I am so so so excited to see this lovely family trait in the flesh. Also we're having a family BBQ where I'm in charge of salads haha. Standard.

I have some amazing friends. Not going to lie there's been some drama lately (which I am not going to detail on my blog) but throughout it I have learnt that some people really do care about me and that there's always people I can turn to. And yet again one of my biggest life-lessons was re-learned: if you're a calm reasonable person, people will believe your story without doubt and will excuse the odd occassion where you do cry at 2am, in a club, because you got shouted at in the toilets. Reputation can make and break it all. 

Some mini-mentions: 
Being told I'm "shit-hot" / almost perfecting a pancake / being creative in the kitchen with the few ingredients I have left / having an amazing "morning after" / a wonderful summer wardrobe / my tough-as-rocks nails! / a blog friend feeling like a real friend / throwing away memories of a memory you shouldn't have held onto in the first place / realising that a person came into your life for a reason and you did take something good away from it / amazing indie tunes annnnnd that certain boy I've just met ♥

That's enough to keep a smile on my face!

Lots and lots of love
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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Review: Anna Sui Perfume Set

I got this little gem of gift set back at Christmas time (yes it really has taken me that long to blog about it!) and these days I wear one of these perfumes on the daily. My mum typically always buys me perfume for Christmas and this time I had already picked out what I wanted because I'm really fussy when it comes to these things. Also at just over £30 it was a bargain to get these 6M bottles at the slow rate I tend to go through perfume. Also I love that they're all shaped like their full-sized counterparts - meaning they look a lot prettier on my dresser than the samples you get in Glossybox etc. My next perfume my eye has set out on is Marc Jacobs Daisy if you need any more convincing that the prettiness of a bottle is a big pull for me.

Secret Wish is probably the ones I wear most (if the level the liquid is sitting at isn't a hint). It's one of the softer scents in the box with a hint of citrus coming though - which is perfect for wearing through a summer day. I don't have much to say about this perfume other than it is lovely!

Flight of Fancy is my other 'day' perfume along with Secret Wish. I used to wear this the most when I first got the scent purely because of the packaging being the most eyecatching. It's the softest scent in the box with a floral undertone but no obvious top notes - if you like really simple scents (like me) this would be a really good addition. 

The light blue Rock Me perfume is the one I reached for least. From having a good old sniff it has quite a musky base to it which is not me at all. In reality it's not that musky and still has floral tones but for me even the slight hint of muskiness makes me put it down. Another downside to this perfume is also because I'm not sure whether it is a day or night perfume - too strong for daytime but doesn't have enough wowza for a night out.

And now we move into the two perfumes that I consider my night time perfumes. And truthfully I don't prefer one over the other - it really depends on the mood I'm in. The second Rock Me has a slitely musky scent like it counterpart but it is ever so light and you really have to be analysing the smell (like I am right now) to pick it up. It's has enough flowery top-notes that it can't be registered on a quick sniff.

Finally we have my other night perfume. I originally thought the name Forbidden Affair and the design of the bottle indicated that this would be a mature but sexy scent. But truthfully it reminds me of a fruity rose wine. I would also say it is the stronger night-time version of  Flight of Fance - if you like one you'll most likely like the other. 

Do you have these scents? Any of them sound like you'd something you'd wear?

Morag x

P.S. This was written prior to my cruelty-free days and I wouldn't buy it now. 
morag | mo adore
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In This Week

1. Flash fail in nightclub toilet. 2. Just before going out. 3. Wanted to wear this out but arms would have freezed.


1. Perfume choice one night 2.  Maintaining my pure pale skin.

Home Cooking

1. Vegan carbonara. 2. Pan fried Tofu. 3. Scrambled tofu. 4. Mango and Noodle Salad. 5. Rosemary and feta risotto 6. Honey and Mushroom Pie

Other foods

1. Alaskan Pancake 2. Wine choice 3. Gifts for last day of work

Tried a new way of setting out my In This Week photos as everyone has the same thing going on and some photos can get lost if you have twenty photos in one post. Also I'm a mixed-niche blogger ;)

I bought a new packet of Tofu this week  - this time a different brand with packaging that said "firm and silken" so thought it might not crumble too much. It still however made a better scrambled tofu than pan fried tofu, the first of which is actually a really easy dish. They're both breakfast dishes that I spotted were popular with the vegan blogs I follow but for first thing in the morning I don't think I could be bothered wrapping tofu in kitchen paper, flattening it for 10 minutes, then frying it. Scrambled tofu isn't much harder than scrambled eggs though - mine also had spring onions through it. 

Also the vegan carbonara, which got a lot of love on Instagram and Twitter, - I might post the recipe soon as it was my own - must warn that it is sweet though. Need to remember to only use unsweetend soya milk rather than regular. My reason for making it had been because I had bought some Cheezly which is a vegan soya cheese and really needed to be used before it stank up my fridge. Was really weird though and yet another reason why I probably won't ever become 100% vegan. 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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Little Fish

Playsuit: New Look
Denim jacket: New Look
Necklace: Next (old!)
Tights: New Look
Shoes: New Look

Can you tell New Look is generally a favourite shop of mine? I know some people think the concession stands are full of tack but I love me a quirky printed dress. If I'm needing a dress for an occasion it's where I head first! Even began spotting a few items that might be potential for graduation dress (obviously really important!). I get that fishes aren't the everyone's favourite pattern but I love a pattern that is more interesting than stripes, though the pattern wasn't obviously fish unless you were looking properly - and with the jacket covering half of it that made it difficult.  

This is however actually a playsuit - I didn't even realise until I was in the changing room and managed to get completely into it before noticing the extra leg flapping about. Needlessly to say it's stretchy - mine is an 8 though I am usually a 10 exactly in New Look. 

I didn't quite know how to feel about adding the lizard necklace as it added more animals (my earrings are also ducks) but being short of gold necklaces (something told me this dress wasn't compatible with silver) it was this or a butterfly. I think it worked okay in the end and it's one of those details where you'll only notice it if you're staring at it.

Finally, the jacket is also my summer staple. I'm wearing it so much right now though it took me a while to find a really good one that I liked. The Primark ones had a worn look to them so they were out, and so many  in other shops were cropped at the waist but not the arms - which was at the top of the tick-box. This one has a slighty worn look to it but it's not so much that it's a focal point; it's still more smart than scruffy. 

Morag x

P.S. Some of these photos were taken when I got in the next morning, so excuse the face haha

morag | mo adore
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