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Is Topshop make-up cruelty free?

When it comes to living the cruelty-free lifestyle one of the hardest parts is knowing who tests and who doesn't. Occasionally it's easy (they sell in China) but sometimes it is hard (they have a parent company) and it makes me pout.

I have for some time on my brand list kept a list of brands who I just can't work out. This list could also be called 'I believe they do but can't find the absolute proof'. And I generally just leave it at that.

However I want to throw the issue of TopShop make-up out there. The reason is because I keep seeing them reviewed on cruelty-free beauty blogs and it has began to bug me. I've never blindly taken the findings of other cruelty-free bloggers without looking into it myself - not since discovering Benefit sold in China the day after purchasing their They're Real mascara. So I don't want to take this blogger approved stance as the final word (sorry!).

*clears throat and presents findings*

The TopShop website has a ship to China option, though it is possible to work around animal-testing if it's a finished product but this is still China we're talking about. I also can't tell if make-up can be shipped to China or if it is certain products only. It has been reported that Topshop is set to open a store in Hong Kong but Hong Kong has a different political system though what their animal testing stance is remains unknown to me. However even if HK doesn't upkeep this ridiculous law is this store opening the beginning of a big Topshop expansion across China? I also can't find in the news reports if this flag-ship store will contain make-up or just clothes.

You see where I'm getting confused?

The reason I am posting this is to get a real discussion on Topshop and China on the go and finally answer this question. The presence of Topshop cosmetics on cruelty-free beauty blogs indicates that maybe I have missed something. It might be something big that I was stupid not to spot or it might be something so small only someone who has a PhD in the topic would know.

I also keep reading rave reviews and really want to know if it's safe to join the blogger hype.


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