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Lush Big Solid Conditioner

I mentioned some time ago that I was experimenting with solid shampoos and conditioners so that if I ever found myself jaunting off to Africa again I would be prepared with a non-leaking shampoo for my rucksack that was still good for my hair. 

I picked up the Lush Big Solid Shampoo when I was in Lush spending my birthday voucher. I was drawn to this one because of the name (my biggest hair gripe is that it is flat) and because it smelt of coconut. The only other solid conditioner I've experimented with has been the Jungle conditioner, so my opinion is more comparison of the two. 

I did however much prefer the Big conditioner. Something I found weird about the Jungle conditioner was that it wouldn't cream up in my hands and was almost like a very thin vial of liquid. Big did however froth up like your regular non-solid conditioner. Okay it was a bit thinner but it still just felt a lot more like conditioner than I had expected. 

As for the effects on my hair I was also impressed. My hair was left soft and lively. Not saying this was the best post-shower hair I've ever had but it was certainly impressive compared to my previous experience of solid conditioners. 

The only negative thing I had to say was how quickly disappeared. I was foolish and didn't keep it in a tin or Tupperware box so my experience of it disintegrating with two weeks might not be true for the smarter amongst us. But the Jungle conditioner did do me about a month and it was kept loosely in a shower as well as carted about Scotland with me as I made my big move. 

Overall, this isn't going to become my everyday go-to conditioner however when it comes to finding the perfect travel conditioner this may well be it as I was impressed enough with it not to have tried any more since. Now I just have hunt out a good solid shampoo in time for my next exotic adventure. 

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