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Lunch at Fratelli Starti

Fratelli Starti

Last Saturday my friend was through in Glasgow and we arranged a wee catch-up over lunch. I'm not overly familiar with the Glaswegian city centre lunch scene but my flatmate had recommended Cup, however there was a queue at the door so we headed across Fratelli Starti, an Italian looking place just diagonally across. 

When we first walked in my friend said "this looks quirky" and it certainly did have a vintage Italian look to it, with loads of well thought-out clutter decorating the sides. We were placed in the second room where there were only two other tables occupied.

I'm fairly regular at Italian restaurants so for me there wasn't anything particularly new or exciting, however the menu was rather large and there was no dilemma for me as a vegetarian (Italian restaurants rarely cause that though). My friend eats meat and she was there for ages though! Certainly a lot to choose from, even if it was a fairly typical mid-budget Italian restaurant menu. 

Something I will give this place a 5 star rating for is its customer service. The staff were professionally polite, came over at just the correct time, food was made quickly and even though the person who brought our food was different from the person who took our order, he knew which place to put it down at. As a former waitress I know how difficult it is get these little details right and keep a smiling face when on your feet so I really appreciate a restaurant who will go to this lengths. We also got complimentary olives at our table. 

Overall I'd say it was a typical Italian restaurant good for a lunch at about £7-£12 for a main course. The price I paid felt correct for the food and service I received. I wouldn't say this was a special occasion place though - can't say I'd be blown away if someone took me here for a first date. But for a good lunch catch-up with a friend I thought it was just the place!

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