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The Vegan Fete @ The Flying Duck

In keeping with yesterday's very obvious vegan theme, I have a few photos from the Vegan Fete last Saturday held at The Flying Duck in Glasgow. I went to another Vegan Fete back in April and did find this one quite same-y as the last one with a lot of the same stalls. I seen on Twitter that Karris and The Vegan Kind were at a business event but a new stall in the form of Glasgow Mega Death who sell hot sauces were there, and I did last month buy one of their sauces for Alan, and I really need to chase him up on what that was like (he also did almost get some sort of spicy nuts, but they had 'cry like a girl' on the back so I put that back...). Missy's Vegan Cupcakes were there as normal and the pink cupcake you see in the finally picture was Strawberry Daiquiri which was glorious and gobbled down before I left. I also had a £5 'express massage' which was kind of shit though my mum liked hers (am I the only person who dislikes 'pressure' massages and would rather someone just drew on my back?).

As for The Flying Duck itself I don't think I've ever given it a review despite having stepped inside of it more times than most other venues in Glasgow. It's a vegan cafe during the day and a nightclub once 11pm comes around. It's definitely of the student and hipster persuasion (my mum called it an 'eclectic mix of people')and I could understand why some people wouldn't take to it. I personally find the food to be of a similar quality I can cook up myself but the nightclub is one of my favourites and is my go-to choice when I want a night at a bar/club hybrid and something a bit chilled rather than a raucous night (that's what The Catty is for...).

Morag x

P.S. Like The Flying Duck on Facebook to keep an eye on up-coming dates.
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