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Trying Violife Vegan Cheese at Pizza Hut

If there's a vegan food variation that I'm always on the hunt for, it's vegan pizza (it's even on my Instagram bio...).  
Long before I was even vegan, pizza has always been my favourite food. It's tasty but also simple and gets the job done when you're hungry. When I first went vegan (or when I made lots of little stop-and-start attempts) vegan pizzas weren't all that common. But in the last few years we've seen them pop up all over the place. Pizza Express, DiMaggio's, Paesano, Zizzi's, Pizza Punks and Italian Kitchen all have their own vegan pizza offerings. 

And now Pizza Hut have added vegan cheese to their menu that you can upgrade to for £1. 

Yeah, yeah, I know you everyone knows that Pizza Hut now have a new vegan option and I'm late to the party blah, blah. But I managed to blag mine through their PR company so it was worth the wait because, you know, free pizza is the best pizza. 

Admittedly, I hadn't been to a Pizza Hut for years and can't even remember what their pizzas are like. From what I remember they've always been no fuss and their restaurants are great for casual catch-up with friends - especially if you're young or have young ones in the family. 

The vegan cheese upgrade is used to replace mozzarella, which leaves two choices: Margarita, and Veggie Supreme. I don't normally eat much in the evenings so I opted for the lighter option of Margarita, while Gail went for the Veggie Supreme. 

As with all Pizza Hut options, this was no-fuss and did the job. At the table next to us were two teenage girls, and I honestly think I was their age the last time I was ever in a Pizza Hut. And across the room was a mother and her daughter, who looked like she was 10-ish. Pizza Hut has definitely stayed true to its brand and target audience for many years. 

While Pizza Hut's offering was the most simple of the vegan pizzas I've tried it's great to know there's another option out there - especially for vegan parents who need somewhere to take the kids, and for teenager vegans looking for an after-school place to hang out. 

Have you tried the vegan option from Pizza Hut? What did you think? 
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