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Welcome To The Day

As inspired by Gala Darling's recent post on developing a new routine for the new year it made me re-consider my routine and how a new one could have a positive change on my life.

Near the end of last year I decided to give my routine knock-up due to a bad break-up but unfortunately this split (and a heavy amount of coursework) left me feeling drained. However after Christmas break at home with my mum & some delicious food I came back to Dundee with a new sense of life and decided to give it a crack again ;)

Sort Out the Sleeping Pattern
When I don't have anywhere specific to be on a given day I'll stay in bed until 11am which is still early by student standards but is pretty late in the day when it comes to productivity. This then means I sometimes can't drift off until 12pm that night which leaves me cranky on the days I do need to be somewhere. For the past few days I have been making it a point to go to bed by 10pm whether I am tired or not - which I am hoping will eventually trick my body into feeling tired at 10pm (fake it until you make it type of thinking). I've always made a point of getting up two hours before I have to leave the house, which many people seem shocked about. My reason? It means I can take my time and make sure I have everything (I very rarely forget anything and I attribute it to this - also that I am a compulsive double checker) and I feel this goal is just an extension of that.

Have a Proper & Delicious Breakfast
While I am not suggesting I prepare a full continental every single morning a breakfast that isn't simply cornflakes would just start the day off way nicer. I read in a summer issue of either Glamour or Company that Almonds and oatmeal were a food power couple. That's now my quick breakfast along with a piece of fruit and two slices of wholemeal toast. On days where I can take my time and don't have to be anywhere until midday I might add some scrambled eggs with Piri Piri spice mixed through (it's delicious!) or some fruit mixed in with plain yoghurt.

Ditch the Caffeine
As a recovering insomniac this resolution goes without saying! I used to need Red Bull to get through the day but then my addiction reach new heights: I began drinking coffee, even though I hate the taste, simply because it was a caffeine fix! Enough is enough - I don't want to be the person who needs three cup before they can face the day! I don't even drink fizzy drink now, unless it's a mixer for alcohol (no, I'm not giving up alcohol).

Tidying Up Before I Go To Bed
I discovered last summer that I have a better day if I wake up to a clean and tidy space. My room this year in Dundee is enormous and I have no excuse for not being able to find a place for everything. Dirty clothes away, dishes cleaned & folders in the correct place before bedtimes!

Yoga & Weights Each Morning (Maybe Some Meditation)
Tried this one before and failed, but hopefully I'll stick this time. Yoga gets the blood rushing and lifts my mood (if done properly) and I'm eternally jealous of girls with defined arms. Meditation is something that will need a bit more work, but by the end of the year I'm hoping to have it down.

Putting More Effort Into Daily Outfits
Not saying I want to become fashionista of the year but I should make an effort not to slip on whatever jeans are to hand. Again, it's winter which in my opinion, is the bitch of the year fashion wise, so this should make it challenging until April rolls around.

Drink More Water
This is another previous goal that went wrong. But so far 2011 has been good in the water department. I don't have a definite amount of water I want to drink, I'm just going to try and put more into my day (always take water to uni with me!).

Not saying all this was achieved on the 1st of January. In my opinion resolutions should be more like "by the end of the year this is what I should have achieved" rather than "on the first day of the year I shall be this water guzzling-yoga doing-meditating-organised-fashionista".
morag | mo adore
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First post of 2011 & welcome to mo'adore

Welcome - and enjoy!

I'm not entirely sure how you word up your first "introductory post" (I have loads of posts in the line up, but this one is causing me a headache!) but I suppose I should say hello first just so people get who I am.

I'm Morag (pronounced Mo-rag) and I am a 20 year business student from Aberdeen currently residing in Dundee. That's Scotland, y'all. My blog is going to be personal, and that's all I can think of as a direction. I haven't been a blogger since the age of 16-ish?!? I attempted it again last summer but decided that blog didn't fit, and after a dream I came up with the name 'mo'adore'. Now I'm back. And in order to fulfil my dream of developing a Gala Darling type-enterprise I'm going to take blogging seriously again. This is a test run right now and (one of) my goal(s) for 2011 is to take blogging seriously and if I enter 2012 with a blog that has a following and a proper direction I'll look into starting a visitor aimed, online magazine. :) We'll see...

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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