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Themed Parties I'd Like To Throw

I'm a bit nuts when it comes to fancy dress. And by a bit nuts I mean I beg my friends to make their birthday parties a themed event. Even if they're the ones who always turned up to fancy dress parties thinking cats ears alone is an acceptable attempt (which it isn't). 

Katy Perry Party
This has pretty much been decided as my 21st birthday theme. Inspired by the fact I'd love to dress up in a dress decorated in sweets and don an purple wig I think a Katy Perry party could be very versatile. If like me you love to look a bit inappropriate in public, wearing cupcakes on your breast would be ideal. But for the more conservative amongst us you could simple wear jeans and a brown loose fitted shirt and be all Teenage Dream. And for the boys there is the obvious choice of Russell Brand but if he isn't your cup of tea (and I'd forgive you if he wasn't) then there's 3OH!3, Kanye West or even Travis McCoy.

Obscure Harry Potter Characters Ball
Due to the fact that Harry Potter is now no more it may raise eyebrows to have a HP themed night. But I really just want an excuse to dress up as Bellatrix Lastrange without the fear that people won't "get it" (this however has not put me off attempting to be her for Halloween 2011). I want it to be obscure characters to avoid seven Harry's turning up due to a lack of HP knowledge. It would make my life if someone came as Nagini.

Sorting Hat Ceremony
Can you tell I like Harry Potter? This one is easier to gather items for (if you know where to look) whilst deciding how to dress up could be hard. Hard is in that us Muggles don't have a worn old hat to tell which house we'd belong to. Yes, for the sorting hat ceremony you are all asked to come in memorabilia or colours of your chosen house. I just want an excuse to spent a £29.00 on a an official Ravenclaw scarf. But we can still have fun in the process.

Jesus Party
So my church-elder of a mum probably wouldn't approve but how about we all grow beards and wear crosses whilst drinking nothing other than red wine (or red wine spritzer if you're working tomorrow) with bread to line our holy stomachs? No? You suck.

ElizaBathany's amazing attempt at a Twitter costume!
Twitter Party
We all come dressed as the cute little blue bird and dangle @signs in front of our names. Plus cupcakes with hashtags and on them. Plus a hashtag for the party obviously. And if anyone has a plasma we can have running updates. And maybe a re-writeable timeline poster. (I did some Googling and can't find this already in existence so I'm calling copywrite!)

The Social Network
As half my IRL friends don't have Twitter then I'll compromise with a generalised social networking party. Though I know I'll end up with 13 Facebooks. You could re-use your twitter bird costume or dress up as Tom Anderson, or get yourself an iPhone costume. You could even come in an outfit which is bright pink and bright blue and call yourself Flickr!

Very sorry, but I have no idea who is this photo.
Portal Party
Where we all have DIY portal guns. 'Cause that's what normal people do! I'll even make sure there's a deep male voiceover running through the chosen venue.

What would your ideal themed party be? Would you keep to normal themes such as Fairytales or a certain decade? Or something even more odd? 

Morag x
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Things I Love Thursday #14

She was the person who influenced this after all:

Everything is looking very quiet at my blog right now. I haven't really been able to post anything other than TiLT or Sunday Reflections. And I haven't really been commenting elsewhere so that's slowing down the traffic. Once I'm done with learning to driving I should be back into a more stable routine but until then everything will take a back seat! But I am mega-excited about, and mega busy with, my personal life!

Becoming insured on my parents car & extra practice My parents finally found the confidence to take me out driving with them as well as my instructor. Very exciting! I was told back in school that in order to pass your driving test successfully you really do need extra practice outside of your official lessons. My first attempt in my dad's car (a Ford Fiesta - think how old that is!) didn't go so well and I ended up stalling three times before leaving the driveway. But my mum took me out later that night to where I had my very first lesson and let me play with teh car to get used it. And this extra practice really seems to have helped ^_^ I even successfully parked for the first time that night!

Being told "this is your best lesson to date". This was on the lesson today, when my dad took up a position in the back seat. It's not test ready yet, but we're back on track to getting me driving by the end of September. I can be quite the grandma at times with my speed and that was looking like it would be my downfall. I'm not the most practically able of people (I can write killers essays but ask me to use my hands at something and you're asking for trouble!) so being told I can drive was a confidence-boost ^_^.

My own custom Blogger theme. Over at my Test Blog I have been developing my own Blogger template from scratch which for a while was seeming like a right headache! So much code! Blogger is definitely one of the hardest codes to write my designs into but thankfully, through Google, I was able to find some decent tutorials that explained how Blogger worked (if I find the time I'll write a full description of how I went about it). The sidebar is still very messy looking but it's getting closer to what I want (if anyone knows how to get it looking like my previous blog with a split sidebar beneath an about me then please share).

A big pay check that is enough to pay off my overdraft! And leave me with a nice bit left over. This will be spent on finally upgrading/fixing PC parts. Want to know how desperately I need to do this? My PC has been out of sound for over a year. Yes, really. Now hopefully I'll be able to play to 30+ PC games I have but have never been able to play. 

Finally putting myself out there! Okay this hasn't quite happened yet. But I have been thinking about it and I am now finally prepared to put together my own domain name blog/site on a particular subject that relates to the career I want. Essentially it will be a portfolio and a collection of my own personal opinions. I'm REALLY excited for this project which should take effect after I re-arrange this place. Time to shine baby, time to shine!

Let's just say I'm a pretty happy person right now!

Hope you all have something to be grateful lovelies!

Morag x 
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