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My predictions and wishes for the new Scream film

If you’re new to this place, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Mòrag and I’m a Scream fanatic. I am too young to remember Scream 1, 2 and 3 being released but during the 00s - when I began to explore my taste in films as a teenager - Scream 2 was the first slasher I ever watched and I’ve remained hooked on the genre ever since. And even though I watched the first three Scream films in entirely the wrong order, they’ve remained my favourite because 1) they’re incredible and 2) it was this franchise that introduced me to the genre I’d develop a lifelong love for.

To say I’m excited about Scream 5 in an understatement. I love Scream to the point that I’d still enjoy Scream 5 even if it's a massive hot mess (I like Scream 3, for an example of my loyalty). Obviously, however, I still have predictions and hopes for the new film - and here they are!

Sam replaces Sidney as the final girl

I absolutely love Sidney Prescott, no word of a lie - however, it may be time to hand over the baton to a fresh face. The original film is 25 years old and Neve Campbell is now in her forties. It’s not unreasonable at this point to consider a restructuring to the cast.

Even in the trailer we see Sidney and Dewey providing advice and counsel to the new group of teenagers. While a bittersweet change, I think it will be a necessary one if we want to see more Scream films in the future. I just hope they do the transition smoothly.

Dewey will die

Fans were angry that Randy was killed off in Scream 2. However, with a new generation of teenagers in town I think the writers might be safe to shock us by killing one of the main three. And my money’s on Dewey. He’s been almost killed twice, so I think this time they might just end him.

Stu and Kirby don’t turn up alive

There’s a fan theory that Stu and Kirby are still alive because we don’t see their deaths 100% confirmed (despite all the blood and a massive electrocution). I’m actively against the idea of Stu turning up, even if his farm mansion is being used in the new film. I just think it would be cheesy. He disappears into the night for 25 years only to show up and finish the job in middle age? Aye, okay.

Edit: I support Stu making a cameo and providing guidance to new killers. If done right that could be awesome. But I still think him being the killer it too far fetched given his age and that he'll be in pretty bad shape after the first film.   

As for Kirby, Wes Craven himself said that he considered letting her live. If Scream 5 was coming straight after Scream 4, it would have been a good decision to have her become the sole survivor. But Scream 4 was over a decade ago…and I think that ship has sailed.

Tara is the person in the wheelchair.

The internet has been fighting about this, and I’m team #TaraInWheelchair

The commentary will be on the media

Scream has always been known for being meta, but I have a feeling Scream 5 might try and move away from this. Scream started the meta trend, that eventually went on to become a bit overdone. But what I think they might do is add commentary on the state of the media, rather than horror films specifically. And remember: the original Scream was made under Weinstein, which makes the comments Milton made in Scream 3 even more horrific. 

All the new cast are related to characters in the first film

This is pretty much said in the trailer but not all the new characters share surnames with the characters in the first film. It's been confirmed that Mindy and Chad are related to Randy Meeks. Obviously family members don’t always have the same surname and I’m hoping that Sam does have a blood connection to Stu, since she appears to live in his old house.

Stu’s house is the final scene

Even as a teenager watching Scream, I was in awe at how beautiful Stu’s farm mansion is. And it's got several hiding spots - remember how long it took to notice that Tatum was dead in the first film? And Sidney’s dad was stuffed in a cupboard, undetected? Plus, it’s a great homage to the original.

We know who Ghostface definitely isn’t

The trailer maybe gave a bit too much away. In it we see multiple cast members being attacked or running away: Tara, Vince, Chad, Richie (maybe?), Dewey, Sam, Mindy, Amber, and Sidney.

However, I think that the shots of Amber and Vince are there to confuse us. In the shots, there’s some wiggle room to believe that they are the second ghostface. Vince simply has Ghostface standing behind him and Amber is seen clutching herself (think about how the two ghostfaces always stab each other to create their cover story). They are attacked in some way, but not in the conclusive way that the other characters are.

I don’t confidently know who Ghostface is, but I have a favourite suspect

And it’s Wes. My only reasoning for this is because in the trailer you see him neither being attacked or looking particularly shifty. In all the Scream films certain characters are written to look shifty, and they rarely end up being Ghostface. They’re designed to throw off the audience. I’m suspicious by the way in which Wes just gets to hide in the background. And Dylan Minnette has already proven himself as a good actor and he’s one of the more recognisable members of the younger cast.

I’m not the only one: YouTuber Zack Cherry thinks Wes and Judy become a mum and son murdering duo. I’m not against it, though I’m not dedicated to it either.

But there will be two killers

I love that Scream has two ghostfaces; it makes it much harder to guess who it might be. The only solo killer we’ve seen is Roman in Scream 3 and we all know that was a low-point for the franchise. And in the TV series I correctly guessed the solo killer in the second season while it was only halfway through.

And the killer isn’t Gail

I will rage if Gail is the killer. We know it can’t be Sidney or Dewey because they get attacked in the trailer, but what (non-cheesy) motivation could the writers come up with for Gail to suddenly become the killer after years of surviving these killings? I will RAGE I tell you!
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