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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

The Linkables

Life has been busy this past month. Obviously by busy I don't mean on the blog front, but in other areas of my life. September is the time of year when my Google Analytics, AdWords and HubSpot Certificates all come up for renewal, plus I'm doing a course with my work right now. If you've spoken to me in real life you'll also know that I've been racing through the OJ vs The People book every night after work - which I gave a five star rating to and recommend it to everyone who has ever found themselves down an O.J. rabbit hole. 

So, the usually jammed-packed Linkables is a little thin on the ground - but these links are still goodies!

Not your usual decluttering advice.

As you probably know, Hugh Hefner died this week. It probably also doesn't surprise you to know I have mixed feeling towards the man. Claire of Fashion Fix Daily wrote one of the best pieces about his legacy I have read so far.

This is brief but as a woman who is also the owner of a big snoze, I agree with this.

Need to create better social media boundaries? Here is a great piece from Everyday Feminism.

Love a self-development book centred on career advice? Here are six to check out

White women - read up on your five Becky's and don't ever be one! (Hands up: I've been guilt of being a Becca)

Do ever not feel Bi enough?

Live in Aberdeenshire and near Inverurie: Shahi Darbar has a vegan menu.

What have you been reading online this month?

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GIVEAWAY: Glasgow Hobbycraft Show and Tilly & the Buttons Sewing Pattern

It's been an entire year since I posted about my first successful sewing project - then I just fell silent on the craft front. The only major sewing project I've completed since then (that did turn out well) was my Pokestop Halloween costume...and I never blogged about it. Also, I have a ton of hobbies and sewing just kept falling behind everything else from work related projects, to film watching, to book reading and swimming.

And, oh yeah, sewing your own clothes is expensive. 

So to help any other budding or experienced sewers out, I've got a little bit of a giveaway for you. The Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts Show will be in Glasgow on the 26th - 29th of October and the PR company looking after it have very kindly passed me two tickets to give away (along with tickets for myself).

On top of that I've also thrown in a few goodies from myself. Firstly, there is the Fifi Sewing Pattern from Tilly & the Buttons, which is the same sewing pattern I used in the sewing project I mentioned above (but is a brand new packet so you can cut to your own size). I've also thrown in two metres of a navy and white polka-dot material. One mistake I made when I first tried the pattern was ignoring the instructions to purchase light-weight flowy material that pyjamas are typically made from, so I've been sure to pick out something on the thin side. Finally, you'll also receive one roll of dark blue thread that is a near-enough match for the material.

(The only other things you'll need for the pattern are a sewing machine, material for the straps and a band of elastic for the shorts).

Terms and Conditions

  • This giveaway is open to UK entrants only and because part of the prize is tickets to a Glasgow based event I would kindly request that any entries are from people who could realistically make-it along. 
  • One winner will be chosen at random via the Gleam widget
  • Entry is via the Gleam widget below and the winner will receive one box containing the products mentioned and pictured above
  • Entrants under 18 must seek parental permission before entering
  • No purchase necessary
  • I currently have all the products in my possession and it will be my responsibility to organise its posting 
  • I will post it second class signed for on delivery. 
  • Once drawn, the winner will be contacted via the email provided and have 14 days to respond
  • All entries will be moderated and duplicate, false or incomplete entries will be deleted
  • The giveaway will run until the 30th of September 2017. 

Sewing Bundle Giveaway

Good luck!

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Formartine's, Aberdeenshire

Recently I blogged about Aberdeen finally opening its first ever 100% vegan café. If it took the city itself until 2017 to offer consumers this options, can you imagine what the surrounding countryside must be like - given that cities tend to be better than tiny villages for vegan choices.

Weirdly, it's not that bad. I've blogged before about the Chinese restaurant/take-away Tiger Lily in Oldmeldrum (where I went for my 24th birthday meal) and on my most recent trip home I found another gem: Formartine's, a restaurant and health food store in a seemingly random location (aka, a country road).

Situated on the the junction of the B999 and B9170, and one mile from its nearest town (Tarves), this isn't exactly where you would normally expect to find a food store that specialises in natural and organic food. When my mum first suggested going there to meet a family friend for lunch, I was especially sceptical - but she reassured me that she had been there before and everything would be fine.

Technically there isn't a vegan option on the menu, but my mum (being a lot more brazen than me) asked if there was anything that could be made vegan - turns out they do regularly prepare a Mediterranean platter board for vegans (I wasn't the only vegan there that day, clearly word has spread about this unofficial menu option). Now, I know what experienced vegans must be thinking: a Mediterranean platter with bread, olives and sun-dried tomatoes - isn't this the kind of option we're sick to death of? Well, kind of. But please take my word for it that this is an exceptionally high quality platter with an assortment of doughy breads, rich olive oil for dipping and tasty nuts perfect for sprinkling on top (which left me feeling satisfied and full).

Aside from the restaurant, there is an attached food store that sells plenty of goodies marked as vegan, from both well-known retailers and local producers. The products on the shelves range from tea, to local craft alcohol, to vegan chocolate. There also a pet section and a deli counter.

Just like Bonobo Café I wouldn't say Formartine's is reason enough for all the vegans of Scotland to rush up to the North-East. I would personally much rather support a café that embraces modern-day diets and lifestyles with official menu choices rather than somewhere that forces me to be that awkward vegan. Maybe if Formartine's added the platter to their menu permanently and added another wee option I'd be more inclined to recommend it for a day trip.

For me, the shop was the highlight of my visit and I definitely see myself making a visit when I'm back up the road again to give it a little bit of support (my mum sometimes even pops by for some local brands instead of heading into the city).

Countryside living isn't always the easiest for someone with dietary requirements of any kind, so it's really positive to see Formartine's setting up shop on what is literally a country road with no surrounding businesses or houses. If you live in the Tarves/Oldmeldrum/Methlick area of Aberdeenshire I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Have you been to Formartine's yet? What did you think of it? 

Morag x
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