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Urban Decay Setting Spray

Urban Decay de-slick make up setting spray

The Urban Decay setting sprays have been a much hyped product in the blogosphere (and in general offline life) for an extremely long time. They've been on my beauty to buy list for ages but kept getting dingyed for something else because I was truthfully very cynical on how spraying some liquid formula on my face could help improve the longevity of my make-up.

But now I'll lay down my apologies to Urban Decay and say that I take my initial cynicism back.

I've pattered on before about my bad luck with primers (my favourite so far has been Arbonne - but even that didn't make my foundation last all day) and how overrated I find so many of them to be. And I was ready to admit defeat that there was no way I could get my make-up to sit on my face all the way through the day. BUT THEN I discovered this product and oh-my-god-my-make-up-lasts-so-much-longer.

I even did a test - what works better: primer and foundation or foundation and spray, and - drum roll please- the days I skipped primer and just used the spray my make-up last wayyyyyyyyyy longer than it did when I used just primer and foundation.

It's worth the hype guys.

Morag x
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The Linkables

I love food but hate waste and I am standing behind this new initiative in Glasgow aiming to mainstream asking to take our leftovers home.

If you love people and eating then maybe Invite for a Bite is up your street too (I haven''t joined yet but intend to).

House plant cupcakes.

I was never aware of some 1,200 calorie rule but this piece speaks so much sense when it comes to toned bodies.

The Everyday Awards.

Tales of a female sex addict.

Islington is the single's capital of England and Wales.

Changes to the morning after-pill coming to the UK (probably just England/Wales not sure on specifics)

Sophia of the Tattooed Tealady pot together a guide to UK subscription boxes.

The Co-operative launches cruelty-free promotion in its stores.

Top 10 vintage stores in Scotland.

Five questions to ask before posting on social media (take the Christian undertone as you will)

Why successful habits are about structure, not habit.

Like PowerPoint...but pretty.

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Dating as a vegetarian #3dates3mths

What I wore for this challenge:
Dress: Eco-chic
Shoes: New Look (old)
Ring: Eco-chic
Picture taken by someone else prior to my no-selfie decleration for lent. 

When I made the decision to become a vegetarian three years ago I didn't quite realise my dating life would be impacted. I knew I couldn't be taken on a date to a steak house or gifted gummy love hearts for valentine's day; but I didn't quite anticipate how many guys would be put off by my meat-free lifestyle.

To put it out there: I'd date a meat eater. Yes a veggie dude would be great but it's not a deal breaker if that special someone likes meat and I wouldn't try to change that. But quite a few of the guys I've dated have made a big deal about it.

Some gems have included:
  • vegetarianism isn't natural (ex-boyfriend prior to my transition, which happened two months after our split)
  • Do you eat eggs? But it could have been a chicken? Vegetarians shouldn't eat eggs!!!
  • Oh, that might be a problem 'cause I do eat meat (to which I drunkenly replied 'oh that's okay cause men never are veggie anyway')
  • Do you mind if I eat meat in front of you?
  • Do you eat fish? 
Thus the idea holding out for a fellow vegetarian became attractive. Therefore I decided my second method for finding a date for my challenge would involve something relating to my plant-based diet. 

And I chose the plant-based version of a common way people try to meet that someone to spend their life with (or something a bit more, ahem, casual) - I went to a bar which is also a vegan restaurant during the day (The Flying Duck in Glasgow for particulars). 

And my verdict on this method? It is just the same as trying to meet someone in any other random bar.

Admittedly I had forgotten how difficult it is to sashay over to a guy in a nightclub. Or I hadn't even realised how scary it would be to approach a complete stranger. Whilst at university I would praise my own chatting-up skills and wasn't afraid to make the 'first move' but when you're studying in a city as small as Dundee and you're one of these annoying extra-curricular kids with that socially packed calender who also lived in halls for two years, no matter what nightclub or bar you go to six (or even two) degrees of separation will always be in play.

But fast track to a big city like Glasgow and you only know about 20 people and 3 out of the 4 people you're out with aren't even G-dwellers.


And another thing? 

An observation I've made about male veggies for a while: they tend to prefer other men. It's an official statistic that the majority of vegetarians in the UK are women and whilst I don't know if there's any official statistics from the Home Office on the sexual orientation of vegetarians, it has nearly always been true in my experience (one of the pals I was with is a gay male veggie but in a long term relationship, otherwise I would have handed this challenge over to him).

After spotting a few cute guys...I quickly spotted their boyfriends (which happens in a almost every bar...cause, you know, I like guys with good hair who own lipbalm). (I also don't know if they were actually veggie, but you get my point...).

So...yeah. Despite having met guys in bars before and having met a lot of my BFF's through my favourite clubs and concerts, going to clubs (even small relaxed niche clubs) isn't the best way to meet people unless you're a socialite with loads of acquaintances in the venue.

Also guys who eat meat: I will date you (just don't ask stupid questions). 

Morag x

This post is in partnership with, who are covering the expenses of my challenges. 
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La Fiorentina

La Fiorentina veggie risotto
La fiorentina peroni La Fiorentina mussels
La Fiorentina garlic bread
La Fiorentina interior

I know 'mid-range Italian on the edge of Govan' might not make many people want to get off the internet and leg it to southside. But hear this wee cubby hole of a place out.

La Fiorentina is a cute little Italian place, that feels really Italian. Not like a chain with an Americanised versions of Italian foods. This felt very authentic, and is marketed as a 'family-owned' business and only one of the four(ish) staff members I Spoke to that night were Scottish.

It's not a grand place by any means, but it is a lovely little place to take your parents when they come to town (and are forced to eat at southside places because you're still trying to convince your friends what's south of the Clyde is underrated). I'm not sure I'd use this if you were really trying to impress the pants off someone but for any low-key occasion where you feel a nice small authentic Italian calling then this is well worth a look.

Morag x
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The Linkables

I did a small interview for Amy of Amy Loves... this week.

My talented pal Melissa runs an Etsy nail shop and is currently designing nails for Cancer Awareness month with profits going to Cancer Research.

EU plans to standardise mobile phone chargers to crackdown on waste

Savvy Scot is one of my favourite personal finance blogs (yes?) and I wholehartly agree with Pauline's beliefs on keeping finances separate within marriage, which may not seem romantic on the face of it but the sixth paragraph speaks truth:
"If you have the means to walk away at any time, your staying proves your love every single day. Many low income earners are stuck in toxic relationships because they can’t afford to get out."

I like Suicide Girls but completely agree that they should pipe down on their claims on re-defining beauty.

It's been three weeks since I got back into netball and a conversation I've found myself having with my workmates is the difference between netball and basketball.

I loved Sheri's post on making glasses a huge part of her look (and those Pretavoir make me want to be one of those douchbags who wears glasses even though I don't need to).

Dedicated to my male BFF's: 11 things only platonic best friends will understand.

Gardenista is a cute wee gardening blog that covers both extravagant lawn designs and cubby hole balcony gardens.

The Flexitarian is a great food blog for someone who wants to eat less meat but not cut it completely or is transitioning to full-vegetarianism.

I don't watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I agree that the 'guy who doesn't understand no' is far too prevalent in tv storylines.

If you want to be as anal as I am about punctuality then here are some tips.

Dundee university will use bouncy castle to help stressed students.

Chester Zoo gets more visitors each year than Windsor Palace.

Even in the 21st century it still seems shockingly progressive of my mum to leave me alone with my dad all day long, therefore I am completely behind this piece in The Guardian.

Probably the best book ever for pop culture nerds.

If you need some evidence the media think curvy women can never look good, have a gander at this time capsule of these various Drew Barrymore looks which ended up on various 'worst dressed' lists. (And for the record, I reckon Drew Barrymore is sassy and I would totally wear that yellow dress).

If you like your clothes to contain a stylish pop culture reference then this Etsy Shop may make your bank hate you.

Morag x

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Dundee: Madina Bar & Grill, Perth Road

When it comes to situations in Dundee when I need a restaurant fast and I need it now (and don't have time to faff about with somewhere new) - I head to Madina Bar & Grill. It's the sort of place that works well for meals with you mum, a date, brunch with your besto or, the most common reason I stopped by whilst a student, a stop off on a pub crawl...

Or for the reason I was in there two Sundays ago: to nurse a hangover...

Needless to say that all helped with that weird swishy stomach feeling the morning after.

I do prefer the evening menu (past Instagrams can be found here and here) but Madina is still a favourite haunt of mine even before dinner time rolls round. The evening menu also has options if you want to vegan it up.

And here's a sly picture of the interior:

Morag x
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The Linkables

This week marked the one year anniversary of the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the BUAV released their #telltheworld campaign.

A new campaign to tackle sexual harassment in clubs.

I loved this video done for the Princes Trust - 1) it has Kevin Spacey and 2) I personally know the lovely lady who is in the video.

One of my all time YouTubers Laci Green (and if you don't like her too, we're not friends) recently posted a time capsule of herself from 2009 (and I'm mega tempted to do one myself)

Something for YouTubers: be aware of Orchard Music.

A 15 year old in England is petitioning the UK Government to improve school lunch meals for vegans.

Disney inspired engagement rings (I'm an Ariel girl at heart, but I love Mulan's ring)

A new Scottish campaign to end rape is so so so what the world needs.

The thigh gap is no laughing matter but these Photoshop fails are.

10 jobs that no longer exist

No, meat is not manly de-constructs why men might have a harder time going veggie.

I want the wardrobe of this babe from Oklahoma.

A comparison of book covers for American audiences vs British audiences  (I actually prefer more of the American ones)

Sally was asked to do a piece on Golden Globes fashion and when she said she would do it, but would't be negative about another woman's appearance, they dropped her.

I had a wee online natter with Alison just after she moved to Aberdeen and I love seeing that she's doing just great!

I haven't weighed myself in years and here are six reasons why you shouldn't either.

Still fitness related, Lift Like A Girl is a great female body-positive fitness blog I discovered lately.

Runaway Fox is pretty much the best jewellery find ever.

March 6th was National Frozen Food Day.Who knew?

Morag x

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Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

You might remember this wee gem that I received in a giveaway ran by my scrumptious pal Hayley of Water Painted Dreams.

You've probably heard of it too.

I'll admit straight off the bat that I'm not a huge eyeshadow person (main reason being it doesn't suit my small eyes) and haven't owned any of the other Naked palette (or, erm, any eye-shadow palette ever really) but had been intrigued by this one due to the natural looking nature of the colours.

And since receiving this I've been using it every day and also using it as evening make-up. I did take some photos of my daily 'look' on my closed peepers but the colours were so subtle the camera didn't pick them up (plus I was hungover and have now given up selfies for lent so can't attempt any other photos). I like to use either Foxy or W.O.S on my lid (depending on which shade wins the eenie meenie minie mo debate at 8am) then use either Naked 2 in the crease during the day or Faint at night. I always use venus on my brow bone and in the corners of eye (I'm haven't used crave because I don't really suit black eyeshadow).

Because of my small eyes I don't wear darker eye looks all that often and go for winged eyeliner and mascara and let a bright lip be the focus of my make-up. These colours were perfect for lighting up the eye area as some of them don't differ much from my natural skin colours - the foxy colours reminds me one of my old teenage favourite from the Miss Sporty (non-CF) range.

So yes, this well hyped product has been very much worth the hype.

Morag x

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Why I'm a feminist part deux

On International Women's Day last year I listed some of the reasons I'm a feminist.

This post went on to become one of my most popular to date. But sadly within this past year more shitty sexists things have happened (or things I forgot to mention last year) and I'm back with yet more fucking personal anecdotes as to why feminism is still required.

And I'm only touching on stuff that has personally affected me, I'm not even touching upon the bullshit that goes on around the world.

Recruiters still consider a female's motherhood status
This isn't based on a gut feeling or something I read online. I know this is still an issue because a recruitment consultant I have known (in the past, thankfully) admitted to my (female) face that he would still consider a candidates family background, and yes a man has a bigger chance because 'statistically' it means he's less likely to job hop but a mother is more likely to  have days off because wee Charlie came down with a cold.

This punches me somewhere where it hurts because my dad took early retirement for health reasons whilst I was young and my mum's salary became the only salary. Thankfully my mum works in a female dominated field (nursing) so she was able to move through the ranks and earn a high enough salary for all three of us, but my life could have been very different if she was in a male dominated industry.

Girls who don't need to lose weight, thinking they do
The only guys I've ever known to go on a diet have been guys that were overweight and needed to shift weight for health reasons. But I have known perfectly healthy girls of average weight who have managed to get it into their heads that calorie counting is a fun past time.

Guys trying to undermine my personal contraceptive choices 
If you were to split my past 'partners' down the middle one half wrapped up with no issue - didn't even need to remind them, had their own one to hand etc. The other half however gave me anecdotes of it not feeling as pleasurable or pointed to the pill packet on my bedside table. I'm well aware I take the pill but 1) I don't know where the fuck you've been and 2) I've always doubled up my contraception because it makes me feel safer and since I'm the half of this tango that would be left with the aftermath of the pill failing I have the right to demand you either wrap up or get out (and I have walked out before).

Because my natural body shape elicits pregnancy questions
I collect weight on my stomach - this is my body shape and always has been (even as a child). But society seems to think that any woman with weight around her stomach must be pregnant and not, you know, just because that's where she naturally collects weight.

I've put on weight this past year and it was only as I was beginning to accept my curvier figure that BOOM I got asked if I was pregnant.

I don't fancy 'real men'
To give you an idea of the kind of guys I've dated:
1. One of my ex boyfriends weighed less than me, and it wouldn't surprise me if the rest did too
2. The only serious celebrity crush I've had was on the guy who played Craig Dean in Hollyoaks (a character who went on to become gay)
3. When out with a guy I was dating I looked down and realised we were dressed the same from below the waist
4. Despite finishing puberty, most of them couldn't grow a beard if they tried
5. If I'm in their bathroom and discover a beauty cabinet that rivals my own I do a fist pump

I mock my own taste in boyish men a lot - but plenty of masculine men (including the few manly men I have dated) can't quite hack the fact that I'm allowed to find a 'pansy' (direct quote) more attractive than them.

Girls think that Noah (or whatever his name was) from The Notebook is the ideal man
Girls, if a guy threatens to fall off a Ferris wheel unless you agree to a date this shouldn't be seen as romantic but as a sign he belongs in a psychiatric ward. I've mentioned before that I've been on the receiving end of this down right creepy behaviour, and it's definitely not romantic when it's real life and it's you who's feeling threatened and claustrophobic. But as long as Hollywood portrays this as gush-worthy then these creepy fuckers will continue to exist.

Single equals consent
I went to The Cathouse on Valentine's Day and lost count of the amount of creepy guys I was ready to punch. Because if you go out on Valentine's Day with a female friend you're marking yourself out as single and with the knowledge there's no boyfriend about to punch their lights out the creeps come out in the droves.

I know females who will lie about being spoken for in these situations. I don't lie, which usually causes more problems, but I maintain that I shouldn't have to lie and that guys should just learn not to be creepy assholes.

A lot of my closest friends are men (and that's weird)
If you're a guy with opposite sex friends you're gay or a player. If you're a girl with opposite sex friends you're a slut, desperate for attention or so bitchy even other girls want nothing to do with you. Can we cut this sexist bullshit and accept that 1) not all men want to fuck every girl within the room and 2) women don't need male attention to feel good about themselves?

The reason for me counting some of the male species within my BFFs? It's just the way my life panned out.

Cheerleading is undermined as some fetish or some sexy past time for the male gaze
Thanks to American TV cheerleading is stereotyped as some sexy girls cheering on the sidelines whilst some macho men throw a ball about. What cheerleading is is a very physically demanding sport, has it's own championships and competitions (meaning it fits the definition of a sport), mixed-sex and doesn't encourage eating disorders (you try putting your body through this if you live off salads) or expect girls to look a certain way.

Women's sport as a whole
When Andy Murry won Wimbledon the world forgot that some British women hadn't done too shabby in it. Scotland's women football team have been doing better than their male counterparts for years and if England want to win a world cup they could redirect the funding and support from that damn football team (who, let's be honest, won't win the World Cup any time soon) towards one of their teams who are always so so so close to winning but never quite make it. But who cares about netball anyway?

Guys think sex is over when they've came
I'll come off the market when I find a guy who doesn't just roll over and go to sleep when he's done.

And as a final note on International Women's Day, and all other days dedicated to discriminated groups in society, if you want them to go away then be part of the fight for equality. I don't want International Women's Day to exist just as much of some misogynist don't want it to (though for different reasons). As long as the things listed above remain a problem with my life, and society as a whole, I'll continue to post something like this every year.

Morag x
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The Linkables

I've given up selfies for lent but if I hadn't I'D BE ALL OVER THIS!

Politicians probably shouldn't have Twitter but it is funny.

A month ago the news broke that the USA might make animal testing mandatory by law but a counter act has now been put forward.

Good old Tesco's will be the headline sponsors of National Vegetarian Week.

The  best 'here comes to the bride' alternatives.

If you're in and about Dundee on the 28th of March (like I will be :P) my wee bearded pal Alan will be DJing that night.

Morgan Clare sent me a beautiful ring this week and the rest of their shop ain't too shabby either.

One of my favourite Glasgow haunts, The Garage, turned 20 recently.

I hate my name (is Morag not meant for old ladies?) and loved this piece on someone who had in them to legally change their name.

Fancy coming round for quinoa and sweet potato tacos?

Sarah Michelle Gellar preferred Angel. Now fuck off Spikettes.

Do not disturb signs from around the world.

A music video based on Clueless you guys.

I've always gotten the impression those who study subcultures have never belonged to one. (Yes, I've toned down the MySpace/emo stuff of my youth but I've never truly outgrown it)

The BBC announced its Eurovision entry for this year (and I don't like it)

The 10 best 24-hour restaurants in NYC.

A psychological study on internet trolls confirms what so many of us already knew.

When it comes to blogging and business I'm a fan of niching yourself and Nubby agrees.

Morag x
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A first look at Seascape Apothecary

Seascape Apothecary is a brand I had been a bit curious about for a while so when I was contacted asking if I wanted to try a few bits of the range, I was made up (get to save myself a few quid with the blogging malarkey). I was sent the Peppermint Lip Balm* and the Refresh hand & nail cream* to try out on my own wee lips and mits.

These two products were 'growers' - due their natural aura they had a distinctive scent to them but if you know me you know I like products to smell of very little. The smell does linger on the skin a bit which means you do really need to like the scent of the product (so if you like the smell of peppermint or lemongrass then you're good). But after a while I became used to the scent and it began to not bother me, but my personal preference is still a non-scented product.

The quality of the products also grew on me. I wouldn't say these are 'use them once and you'll love them' products but I did begin to notice an improvement to my skin and lips over the two weeks I've used them. They also don't leave a sticky residue, which is always a plus.

Seascape Apothecary itself is a British brand which proudly produces its products and sources its ingredients from the island of Jersey. They have some excellent branding (yeah, this isn't a marketing blog but I'm a marketer) that has a very relaxed and pure image of everything being handmade on a little island in the channel. Alongside this they proudly state they are 'SLS, silicone, petroleum and paraban free' and carry the Positive Luxury accreditation.

Whilst these two products did grow on me, I'd state that they are good but they aren't any better than anything else on the market. I wouldn't write out everything within the Seascape Apothecary range and I'd like to purchase the bath foam and sleep oil with my own money but I'd say that unless the ethics listed above are important to you, then I'd say it would be worth carrying on with what you're already using.

Morag x

* Products were given for free as a PR sample but my opinions are always mine. 
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