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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

The Linkables

I've given up selfies for lent but if I hadn't I'D BE ALL OVER THIS!

Politicians probably shouldn't have Twitter but it is funny.

A month ago the news broke that the USA might make animal testing mandatory by law but a counter act has now been put forward.

Good old Tesco's will be the headline sponsors of National Vegetarian Week.

The  best 'here comes to the bride' alternatives.

If you're in and about Dundee on the 28th of March (like I will be :P) my wee bearded pal Alan will be DJing that night.

Morgan Clare sent me a beautiful ring this week and the rest of their shop ain't too shabby either.

One of my favourite Glasgow haunts, The Garage, turned 20 recently.

I hate my name (is Morag not meant for old ladies?) and loved this piece on someone who had in them to legally change their name.

Fancy coming round for quinoa and sweet potato tacos?

Sarah Michelle Gellar preferred Angel. Now fuck off Spikettes.

Do not disturb signs from around the world.

A music video based on Clueless you guys.

I've always gotten the impression those who study subcultures have never belonged to one. (Yes, I've toned down the MySpace/emo stuff of my youth but I've never truly outgrown it)

The BBC announced its Eurovision entry for this year (and I don't like it)

The 10 best 24-hour restaurants in NYC.

A psychological study on internet trolls confirms what so many of us already knew.

When it comes to blogging and business I'm a fan of niching yourself and Nubby agrees.

Morag x
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