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Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

You might remember this wee gem that I received in a giveaway ran by my scrumptious pal Hayley of Water Painted Dreams.

You've probably heard of it too.

I'll admit straight off the bat that I'm not a huge eyeshadow person (main reason being it doesn't suit my small eyes) and haven't owned any of the other Naked palette (or, erm, any eye-shadow palette ever really) but had been intrigued by this one due to the natural looking nature of the colours.

And since receiving this I've been using it every day and also using it as evening make-up. I did take some photos of my daily 'look' on my closed peepers but the colours were so subtle the camera didn't pick them up (plus I was hungover and have now given up selfies for lent so can't attempt any other photos). I like to use either Foxy or W.O.S on my lid (depending on which shade wins the eenie meenie minie mo debate at 8am) then use either Naked 2 in the crease during the day or Faint at night. I always use venus on my brow bone and in the corners of eye (I'm haven't used crave because I don't really suit black eyeshadow).

Because of my small eyes I don't wear darker eye looks all that often and go for winged eyeliner and mascara and let a bright lip be the focus of my make-up. These colours were perfect for lighting up the eye area as some of them don't differ much from my natural skin colours - the foxy colours reminds me one of my old teenage favourite from the Miss Sporty (non-CF) range.

So yes, this well hyped product has been very much worth the hype.

Morag x

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