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map of Scotland

Being an Aberdonian(ish) by birth, a Dundonian by degree, and a Glaswegian by current postcode with a chuckload of friends based in Edinburgh I'm a foodie who travels all over and can offer recommendations for quite a few places. Above is a round-up of all my reviews (plus a few other mentions!) in handy map form. Whilst most of my reviews are in Glasgow and Dundee I've thrown in a few markers for Aberdeen, Edinburgh and even a few rural locations (I've also included independent shops, nightclubs, bars etc but it's mainly food).

Being vegan (who will accept vegetarian dishes on occasion) means that most of what is on my map will be veggie-suitable however I would check the comments and any linked reviews to be sure (I'm not responsible for venues changing their menus!).

The smaller icons on the map denote that I haven't actually visited that particular place in a while and whilst my review was true at the time of visiting it may well be out of date now. This is especially true for Dundee where I studied for four years but graduated in 2012 and now only make it back for a weekend every 2-3 months.

Morag x

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  1. Hi Morag, I'm a scot too from Buckie ...but I am now in Birmingham! Just found your blog and will have a good read :) Claire x


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