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Review: Snowman Bath Creamer

Whilst I was down in Glasgow for the Scottish Blogger Meet I had a wee nosey 'round Glasgow's shopping areas. I spotted a little gem of a shop that I hadn't heard of before, Miss Bubblicious, in the Buchanan Galleries amongst all your usual high street names. Being a lover of anything bath related I had a nosey inside. 

Unfortunetly being on a bit of a budget I couldn't spend more than £10 so decided to pick up this Snowman bath creamer (the description made it sound as if it were similar to Lush bath melts) and some Bath Powder (which was a completely new concept to me so pick up despite a £7-ish price tag). I used this little Snowman in my bath last night and it was...different. It was probably along the lines of a Lush bath melts, but creamier, as the name suggests.

The snowman smells of what is probably a vanilla base however I truthfully want to say that it reminded me of a garden centre. However me being being really keen on garden centres (no sarcasm there) I popped it in my bath. 

Firstly, it melts really quickly, and softly; there is absolutely no fizziness. Which is a plus. However it does turn the water noticeably murky and white, not in a dirty way but in a white murky way - you could tell something had been added to the water. 

Secondly the water texture. There was a very noticeable difference to the thickness of the water, as in it did feel very thick and creamy - more so than a Lush bath melt. The water was also very smooth and soft, so it was different than I expected in a good way. 

The final point to note is that when I added Bubble Bath (My bubbles of choice is Radox) something just happened. I'm no scientist (believe me I detested science at school) but the chemicals (or natural products :P) in these products didn't go well together. Firstly the bubbles didn't grow to their usual heights despite my persistence to add more liquid - which was a really shame for me 'cause I like my bubbles BIG! Secondly the water began to feel more coarse. It wasn't the same creamy texture that I had felt before. 

Overall, would I buy this again? No. It wasn't shit though. As with the Gingerbread Tin I reviewed in December if you like small bubbles (or no bubbles at all in this case) then it would be a great product. However I love bubbles and anything that interferes with that is a no go. 

Morag. x

N.B. I cannot find any receipts for this shop or product so some facts may not be entirely factual. If you wish to correct me, feel free. 
morag | mo adore
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Welcome to 2012

I rang in the new year in quite a boring fashion last night; no New Year Eve party for me last night! I'm actually proud to say that I'm yet to have been hungover on New Year's Day. Every year I attend a new years day dinner at my Aunt's and Uncle's and I just don't want to rock up that hungover as my aunt is a brilliant cook! And to me new year is the mark of a new beginning so being hungover just isn't my idea of a great start to a new year. 

(When new years rang in officially I was re-organising my Filofax and plotting for 2012!)

But enough about last year - what about this magnificent 2012!?!?!

Admittedly I struggled to come up with some delicious resolutions for this year because 2011 was so good and I feel content in my own skin that I just don't know what I can do to make it better? If anything my goal for this year is too keep doing what I'm doing. 

But during a proper brainstorming session I had a closer look at my life and realise there are some practical goals I should set to maintain balance and prevent myself from getting in a frazzle. And also a few cheeky whimsical ones just to make my life a little bit more beautiful. 

Last year I did a "Month in Review" feature when I looked back through my month and made sure I was keeping my resolutions in check! However this series dwindled out via July time. The main reason being that my resolutions felt obsolete. Partly because they had been accomplished and "I'm still doing grand" didn't make all that interesting a blog post! And the other being that circumstances changed and my priorities differed from the beginning of the year. 

So this time I intend to set deadlines on my resolutions so that each month should have a theme. And also to only set goals for the first half of the year. At the end of June I will recap on them all and decide if they have all been fulfilled, if some need to be carried forward or if some are just not important to me any more. 

January: Sort Out The Living Space

I've moved flat every year I've been at university and by the time you get to your fourth flat you just can't be bothered decorating and organising because you feel you'll just have to lump it away again. However, as much as I don't want to jinx it, this flat may become a bit more permanent for me, and that means I really need to make it home. Don't get me wrong it's not like I haven't unpacked it's more like I don't have any personal belongings on the walls. I want to feng shui my living room and bedroom (leaving the kitchen and bathroom out as they are mega small). I also want to add more decor to my bathroom as bringing a Sunday night bath into my routine was a mega-brilliant decision! Also within this month I want to throw out clothes that I won't/don't wear and any personal possessions that remind me of bad memories, no matter how much I once thought that I would "get over it". 

February: Buy Those Essential Purchases

There's been a few purchases I have been meaning to make for a while that I just haven't, mainly in the world of electronics. This includes portable charger/spare battery, shredder, external hard drive, phone case and new keyboard/mouse. Whilst hardly exciting as buying dresses these purchases need to be made so my life can remain smooth running. I'm not naive and I know this will costs some money but if I could ever just purchase half of these it make me feel more satisfied. 

March: Style Revamp

Not starting your style re-vamp until March? Okay? The reason for waiting until March is 1) it's not the most important element of happiness in the grand scheme of things and 2) the change of season that happens here means that I'll be needing to start purchasing my spring/summer wardrobe anyway. I'm currently sitting with a strip of hair dyed red because of a strand test so this isn't going to be a big change via the month of march. But as I said it's a deadline. I have been meaning to get a piercing for ages and this year I want to make it happen - by March 31st I should have either a new piercing round my ears (probably tragus) or a nipple piercing. 

April: Study Time!

Actual deadlines are in May but due to this being my last ever chance to get good grades I really want to make it count. Throughout the month of April I will get started on my projects - even if it's just drawing notes on my brief and gathering research (I always gather research long before I start writing). Just determined to actually start early and do my best possible work!

May: Portfolio Planning

As the industry I'm going into isn't so much involved in graduate schemes I'm not in the position that I have to start looking, you know, now. Whilst I intend to work on building my portfolio (I purchased my own domain name not long ago) throughout the semester May is the month where I feel I need to put most effort in as I should be hitting the "real world" soon. I may possibly have a job secured (that's the thing I referred to earlier when I spoke about jinxing) but it's still important to make sure that other employers can find me and are blown away. :)

June: Properly Plan My Travels

I haven't made any "public announcements" about it yet but late June I will be jetting off to South Africa and Zambia to meet my mum during her volunteering. It still feels weird as if it isn't happening for real, but it is :) My parents were going to be out there anywhere so the actual graduation present for met will be shark diving. Before I head off in June I want to dedicate my time to planning the trip and making sure I don't miss any "must-sees". And buying a waterproof camera.

Some general resolutions:


Mo'Adore will be one years old on the 9th of January - the longest I have ever kept a blog and the most serious attempt I have ever given blogging. Throughout this time I have realised some things about blogging: such as keeping a consistent theme, making your photos the same width as your blog and commenting and networking with other blogs. And so much work needs done.

1. Build a proper template (the design is drawn by hand just need to code!)
2. Find more blogs to read, especially smaller lesser known blogs
3. Start using Flickr more - all photos here need to be posted there too!
4. Make a better effort for Things I Love Thursdays
5. Use more of my own photos for articles that don't contain outfits posts!


2011 was the year that I finally successfully went vegetarian, something I had considered doing many years previous. And my eating habits have always been quite good but just a few improvements:
1. Be more interestingly vegetarian (get out of this cheese pizza phase!)
2. A higher concentration of raw natural foods (I use natural things on my skin, why not inside me?)
3. Drink more water (already have a handy Android app for this!)
4. No ordering takeaway pizza no matter how lazy you feel (£12 for a pizza? No thanks!)
5. Bake something other than cupcakes for the last few bake sales of your university life.

1. Learn to stand your ground. (if you don't think an idea is great, say so! Also if someone pee's you off, say so!).
2. Get to bed earlier even if you don't have to be anywhere the next day! (no staying up to watch YouTube videos)
3. Open that window again. (You can't sit in a stuffy flat forever! Just close the window before going to bed or you'll risk being burgled again :/)
4. Don't take on anymore projects (You have enough on your plate and more than enough for that CV!)

What's you resolutions sweeties?

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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