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Healthy relationships are a topic that I'm an advocate for and had considered myself quite well-versed in but a new relationship blog find Baggage Reclaim had me going "that's-a-good-point-hadn't-thought-of-that". 

I'm currently working my way through Sex & The City (for the first time...I was young when it first came out) and I'm currently in the episodes of Miranda's early stages of pregnancy and here's some praise for the way they dealt with the abortion topic.

Misogynistic fraternities in Edinburgh, and you can't say we don't still need feminism after reading this. (massive trigger warning for sexual assault and transphobia, because even though my tolerance is high it wasn't quite high enough for that...)

If you you've got a blogger or social media fan on your Christmas to-buy-for list (*cough* me) then Charlotte has a great guide for you.

And on the topic of blogging and's a blogger Secret Santa where your gifts have to be from small independent brands. 

I remember not really ever liking BandAid (my dad accused me of just being a moody teenager) and this article explains what my teenage self couldn't

On the issue of charity, this post focuses on food banks and this one on ex-soldier care (okay it's about poppies but Help for Heroes et al is touched upon) but both highlight the normalisation of charities (and why it's dangerous).

If you're an American Horror Story fan (like me) and a Disney fan (not so much like me) then you'll love these fan art pictures.

I love supporting vegan businesses (duh) but not ones with Nazi links. Yep, still talking that cupcake shop in London because apparently there's still a lot of animal rights activists who like to set human rights back a few decades.

Top 10 corporate blogs of 2014.

Out of all the YouTuberers surpassing one million subscribers I can't imagine anyone who deserve it more than Laci Green. Got totes emosh watching her video.

And, non-dairy milk is becoming very popular in the UK.

Morag x

24th birthday meal in Aberdeenshire at Tiger Lily

tigerlily oldmeldrum vegetarian menu

A week ago I turned 24 and me and my friends went out to Akbar's Glasgow for some curries and a giant naan. However, celebrating my birthday by stuffing my face didn't end there as I headed up to Aberdeenshire to see my family and my parents took me out to a Thai/Chinese restaurant called Tiger Lily in the Aberdeenshire town of Oldmeldrum.

This year's winter coat (& boots)

NEw look winter coat scottish blogger

Everytime I've been up to visit my parents in the North-East I've been meaning to take some outfit photos with the Aberdeenshire countryside as the backdrop. Unfortunately I've been down a tripod for over a year and I've only been able to take outfit photos when I can badger someone to take them for me (read: not my parents). Thankfully for my birthday my parents generously bought me a new lens for my camera and a new (professional) tripod that I took them out into a nearby bit of woodland for a bit of a photoshoot.

Stressed skin and Merumaya skincare

Merumaya skincare facial wash

As I've gotten older my teenage skin worries have subsided and I'm much less prone to break-outs and I only have very small blackheads on my nose. However nothing brings out the spots in me any more than a bit of stress. Things have been quite hectic in the past few months - some of it good busy, whilst some of it bad busy that I really cannot be bothered with. This blog post however is not to discuss my private life but to get down to some skincare.