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4 February 2016

A Vegan Valentine's

Love or hate it, Valentine's exists. I'll personally be flying out to Amsterdam on the 14th of February with my girl Hayley for a bit of palentines gallivanting. But, sssht, between you and me I'm actually a sucker for Valentine's Day and 'doesn't roll his eyes at cute teddies and refuses to go out for dinner' is pretty much high up there on my list of ideal-man-traits. 

But...a lot of stereotypical romantic stuff isn't by-default vegan. Chocolates with milk, alcohol with honey, candles with beeswax and...condoms with casein. I've not actually been in a relationship since going vegan (so my last few Valentine's have all been a bit dull) but clearly I've been daydreaming about a Valentine's spent with a hot vegan male as this list evidently shows (handy as it can be used as a gift guide, or something to plan a date at home with). 

1. Vegan wine
It's no secret that I'm a rum girl, but it's not a particularly romantic tipple and is usually vegan anyway. Vegan wine is a bit harder to come by and it will show a bit more effort if you buy in a high-end bottle with no animal by-products. Waitrose, Co-op, Marks & Spencer's and Sainsbury's have a good selection of veggie wines, however for something higher end check out the vegan section of Majestic Wine or have a look through Barnivore

2. Chocolates from Hotel Chocolate
I've mentioned before that I'm a savoury girl so 1) I'd marry a guy who brought a packet of crisps to our first date and 2) I'm therefore rubbish at recommending chocolates. But the vegan options in Hotel Chocolate look higher-end and come in nicer boxes than other brands on offer. So I'm going with that. 

3. Soya candles
Obviously a romantic evening isn't complete without some clichéd candles. Pacifica, Harper's Candles and BeeFayre all sell vegan candles. 

Regular condoms contain the animal protein casein, but being vegan is no excuse to not take your sexual health seriously. Also, if you're in need of some lube, YesYesYes has a water-based vegan option, and the Superdrug own brand is vegan suitable (I do spoil you guys, even in an overshare kind of way).

5. Eden perfumes
These were a recent addition to my perfume collection, and they are high-end and grown-up. Spritz some over yourself if you're going on a hot date.

6. A cup of tea
I know tea isn't seen as a typically romantic (or vegan) thing, but I like tea so it's staying in. I found this sweetheart tea on Etsy and Bluebird Tea Co. have a section of their website dedicated to romantic brews.  

7. Lush vegan Valentine's products
Roll up, roll up, it's the blogger cliche but their products are godly and perfect to lather up in the tub together. You can pick up what would work best for you and your sweet, but don't be this girl. Har har.

8. A meal out
If you're looking to take you sweetheart out for a meal, and you live in Glasgow, I'd recommend 13th Note or Red Onion for some Valentine's Day nosh. Okay, I've never actually been to these places on that particular date but they've always been my venue of choice when I'm looking for a formal sit-down kind of meal.

9. A cute vegan themed card
You can remind them that they are the nutritional yeast to your macaroni cheese, or your favourite herbivore. Or you can get a boring one from Clinton's.

10. Have a romantic break to a vegan B&B
While 100% vegan B&Bs still aren't a common occurrence, we are lucky that the UK has a few of them. There's Loaf B&B just south of the border, Fox Hall in Cumbria. and Bay Tree Vegan Hotel right in the south of England. There's also VegVisits which is essentially AirBnB for vegans.

11. A personalised pot of Marmite
I was hesitant to include this as, while Marmite is vegan within itself, it is owned by Unilever - who are pretty much as un-vegan as you can get (I buy the Tesco own-brand). But it's cute, so do what you like.

31 January 2016

The Linkables


How has everyone's first month of 2016 been? I've been busy, but it has been a very fulfilling and good busy and I'm still buzzing at a lot of the new changes in my life. As mentioned at the start of the year my blog will be becoming a lot more about quality rather than quantity and, as such, Linkables will become a monthly thing. And here it is, the first Linkables of 2016 - I hope you enjoy! 

Geek & Pop Culture

I've always considered myself a DC girl - great storylines, believable characters and awesomely inclusive. Here's a history of LGBT characters from the DC Universe

More graphic novels for my to-read list: 25 graphic novels written by women

Food & Drink

As a bartender I can tell you there's a lot more to serving wine than just pouring. Here's a guide to serving with sophistication

So many recipes are for four people. So I totally bookmarked this Indian meal for one recipe


A quick article from a sexual health nurse: I've seen enough genitals to know we are all truly unique

Sex & Relationships

Blogging, marketing & social media

For your bookmarks: popular hashtags for each blog type

Even as a small-time blogger I could relate: The sad economics of internet fame

My blog and Instagram gets a bit quieter in the winter, partially because the darker nights mean less natural lighting for blog posts. Here's 5 tips to improve blog photos in winter


Advice I could have done with back in 2007: 5 tips for making the most of university open days

My most recent blog post was defending TV as a legitimate hobby, and in the same vein Olivia has a post on making more time for TV

So...I don't actually believe in Feng Shui, but I've always loved the concept. Here's how to carry out a 10-minute feng shui makeover

Just try and ignore that this is on the MAC website because it's a really good article: America's sweetheart of smut Stoya talks about what beauty means to her. (NSFW)

Late people really wind me up the wrong way. However, this article on what makes some people chronically late has helped me understand why I should be more sympathetic. 

Hahahahahahaha: periods aren't that gross

Sports gear is one of the hardest things to buy ethically, so I always love coming across guides to help me along the way

Have a fabulous February! 

24 January 2016

Is Watching TV a Legitimate Hobby?

is tv a legitimate hobby

As I write this I'm curled up on my bed with a cup of tea, whilst getting slowly sucked into the world of the Kardashians. 

Perhaps Keeping up with the Kardashians is the worst thing I could admit to binge watching as I begin to make the case for couch-potatoes everywhere. I think it comes as a surprise to nobody that I believe TV watching is as legitimate hobby as baking, skiing or travelling.  

For those of us who love pop culture we've probably heard messages our whole life that we should 'go outside', get a 'real hobby' or that if we do want to cuddle up with something it should be a book. Because, you know, that's intellectual (not like silly TV). 

Wellness bloggers are also constantly reminding us that TV is bad for our chi (or something) and that we should be doing yoga on a beach (or something). I certainly don't advocate the idea that yoga on a beach is a bad idea, but I certainly don't believe that binge watching a TV automatically makes someone lazy, uneducated or at risk of obesity. 

I'm also big on wellness and looking after oneself. One of my biggest tips for self-care is to find passions and indulge in them, because life is always more fun when you have a passion and if that passion is being a tv geek then go forth. Then there's the concept of the happy place. Whilst a boudoir filled with candles and a shrine makes for a better Instagram photo, a happy place is unique to each individual. For some individuals that place is curled up with Netflix. 

But, health I hear you cry! TV Geeks are at risk of obesity! Says who? Just because someone counts being up-to-date on British soaps as their hobby doesn't mean they're sitting eating crisps all day and never step outside for a jog. I know plenty a geek who love to socialise, go clubbing, run marathons. I binge watch a new TV show every week but also go swimming and count netball as a massive passion. I even work a physical job in a bar at the weekends. Sitting inside watching TV all day and all night and never doing else would definitely put someone at risk of ill health, but adults know how to do things in moderation (because at the other end of the scale, you can overexercise a body too). 

It also doesn't mean they don't have a high flying career, or never will. Again, I can line quite a few of my geeky friends up for you if you need proof. 

If you know me, or have been reading my blog for a long time you'll know that I'm big on not pissing on other people's life choices. Live and let live, y'all. There's some hobbies and pastimes I've never seen the appeal of but I'm certainly not going to make someone feel shitty about their hobby, or brand it as non-legitimate. And I'm certainly not going to force someone to sit and binge watch the Kardashians (or any TV show, because fair enough the Kardashians really aren't for everyone) because some people simply aren't into watching TV and that's a-okay too. 

19 January 2016

My Vegan Perfume Collection

Vegn Perfume collection

If there's a type of product that I've found difficult to purchase cruelty-free it has been a good bottle of perfume. With many celebrity perfumes being owned and Procter and Gamble or Unilever, it's not easy to find something too spray myself with the morning.

I have, however, over the three years found a few gems. Not many, but enough that I'm building up a small collection of perfumes that I thought I'd share with you today. Some of these were bought prior to going vegan and are simply just cruelty-free. But as perfume is something that lasts the distance I still have them years on (along with some non-cf perfumes purchase prior to 2012, that I've not included...).

Something for the day

First off we have my Pacifica Perfumes collection. While I don't sing praises about all their products, their perfumes are to die for and I've made it my (somewhat financially irresponsible) mission to purchase them all. I still have all the perfumes mentioned in this post, but now have the addition of the Tahitian Gardenia spray. All the Pacifica Perfumes, as the name suggests, very summery and something you'd pack for a holiday in the sun. However, the Tahitian Gardenia has a slightly more heady scent to it, perfect for people who prefer something a bit more musky. 

Also from Pacifica is their Persian Rose reed diffuser. This is the first reed diffuser I've ever bought (can I officially adult now?) so I'm not sure how it measures up against other brands. I really like the scent - it's rich and exotic - but the only part of my room you can smell it is my dressing table. I remember a previous flatmate had a reed diffuser in her room which you could smell the moment you walked in...

On the cheaper end of the scale - and something I bought on a whim - is the Flutter Perfume second in from the left. This is actually a Superdrug perfume I fond in their gift section and it said vegan so I thought why the hell not? The scent is light, clean and fresh - which is just up my street! It, however, was cheap and is cheap for a reason. The scent stayed on my skin only for about an hour!

Something for night time

Regardless of how much I like summery scents, there's times when I'm in the market for something a bit more sophisticated. I had been aware of Eden Perfumes for a while, a company that re-creates famous scents using natural and vegan formulas. For my first ever purchase I decided to purchase their versions of Nina by Nina Ricci and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The bottles are 30ml and I know they'll do me for a long time, and will be the option for when I want a sophisticated perfume for night-time. 

Just cruelty-free

Also in the picture are a few scents that are cruelty-free but not strictly vegan. Firstly I have two Soap and Glory body sprays that I've received in gift sets over the years. Out of the scents mentioned, I probably reach for these two the least. They're just a bit too...teenagery for my tastes. Sometimes get spritzed on when I'm heading out for some simple errands. But not very often. 

Finally, I have the scent that I would consider my 'signature scent' for the last few years. It's, a bit embarrassingly, Ravishing by Ann Summers and is no longer available. I bought it years ago at an Ann Summers party during my student days, which is a testament to how long it lasts. It was £30 however the light but sexy scent lasts all day. Whether the pheromones work is something we can leave up to debate, I can't say I've ever done any official experiments! (Though I did have an ex who liked the scent, but whether it was the pheromones or just the smell is still debatable).