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Want to see a bunch of rich boys from Oxford sing Hips Don't Lie in acapella? Probably not, but here it is anyway.

Joy Cho shares her thoughts on the changing world of blogging.

If you're wondering what the answer is to the "but why not humanism? Feminism is so sexist!" question, here is a guide as to why they aren't the same thing.

If you're a keen gardener and live in the Manchester area, Dig the City starts tomorrow.

More stuff for gardeners in Manchester.

I've always made an effort to reject heteronormativity with my (heterosexual) relationships (much to some of my ex-boyfriends' confusion, hah!) and here's a good post on why it's a positive thing.

I realise that veganism is still a middle-class privilege and could be difficult for someone on a low income however, shockingly enough, PETA didn't get that memo.

Clearly, a blog called Slutever is always up my street.

Flow Box is another vegan subscription box on the market.

You know I've been moaning about not being able to find a gardening blog which is urban, UK-based and female? Well, Vertical Veg ticks off two of those points.

You Grow Girl is a female urban gardening blog (but American). However her blog is amazing, and she does podcasts too.

I've also turned into an old woman this week and began watching Gardener's World (and almost bought the magazine, but I like to be eco-friendly and stuff).

Bulimia comes out of the closet.

Inside the world's most dangerous amusement park.

Domestic violence comes in many forms, controlling the finances so they can't get out is one of them.

Ria Michelle is a super stylish American blogger I found this week.

Most women have been grabbed inappropriately in nightclubs - but have you been inappropriately grabbed by a gay man? This piece - written by a gay man - explains why this is still an entitlement to women's bodies even if you're not sexually attracted to women.

If you're visiting the Edinburgh Festival here's a guide to being a good tourist.

So #healthgoth is a thing (but kids, never stop eating carbs)

Why do we end up marrying the wrong people?

20 signs you're doing well in life (even if you don't feel you are)

Abolishing the monarchy doesn't mean we couldn't take park in the Commonwealth Games (just like the Republic of South Africa still takes part)

Primal Pit Paste is new to the Leaping Bunny directory.

Finally, a hilarious Pinterest board of things that don't need to exist.

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July Playlist

july playlist - Scottish lifestyle blog

Dear Mama - 2Pac
I Am, I Feel - Alisha's Attic
Stranger Ways - Anberlin
Alone in Memphis - Austin Lucas
Raindrops - Basement Jaxx
Wings - Birdy
Sexy Individual - Darius
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Confusion Girl - Frankmusic
Sedated - Hozier
Come Dig Me Out - Kelly Osbourne
The John Wayne - Little Green Cars
Beat - Lonestar
Reminds Me of You - Louise
Indiana - Meg & Dia
Hold You - Nina Nesbitt
You're On My Mind - Plug In Stereo
1965 - Zella Day

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Paul Mitchell, extra-body trio kit

Paul Mitchell extra-body kit

Paul Mitchell is a brand that is renowned for being cruelty-free and having plenty of vegan options within their range. But it's also known for being expensive and of salon quality, so it's only now that I'm getting around to buying some of their range after seeing them on

Since volume is the kind of thing I'm always looking for (not that I have limp hair, I just think I suit a bit more volume than I naturally have) I decided to make my first purchase the Paul Mitchell extra-body trio kit. I have been the using the shampoo as my second shampoo now and then (I do a double shampoo each day, first shampoo is usually a cleansing one then the second is something that adds body or moisture but I always mix it up) mainly when my hair is looking normal and isn't needing any particular treatments such as repairing or extra cleansing. I also use the root booster each morning (I did use it alongside a Superdrug mousse, but found it worked better by itself). I only occasionally use the hair spray when required.

From using the shampoo and root booster daily I have three main points:
1. My hair did have a bit more bounce to it - not Hollywood bounce but there was a difference in volume to my hair
2. My tresses felt much healthier - I don't have unhealthy hair per se but my hair seemed to have more life to it and was in general better condition.
3. I mentioned it above but the root booster worked better when used alone and not with any other styling products.

As for the hairspray, it's medium hold and is good for holding softer styles in place - such as waves or a ponytail. I wouldn't recommend it for something such as a quiff or a fishtail braid. It smells just like the hairspray you get in salons and I'm guilty of using it a perfume rather than a hairspray haha.

I've currently finished the shampoo and close to finishing the root booster, and out of these products it's the shampoo I would seriously consider re-purchasing. I do like the root booster but it's one of those products I can live without whilst on a graduate budget (if I was rich I'd re-purchase!). I'm still a long way from finishing the hairspray so not sure how I feel about re-purchasing it right now.

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The Linkables

An anecdote on hiding your real gender and the first person to accept you.

Is the East End of Glasgow the new West End?

Ever wondered what is vegan on the Yo! Sushi menu? (Also, really good Glasgow-vegan hybrid blog on the whole)

The first Instagram photo ever.

A Twitter chat (that isn't on a fluffy topic) I discovered this week #YthEmpChat 

Sunday will also be the #BigGreenChat

There’s an event at the end of August around gender equality and the referendum.

The awesome Thora Birch has given her support to banning animal testing for cosmetics in the United States.

A handy chart to know when you are owed sex.  

The 2015 Eurovision has been confirmed for May 23.

On that note: more vegetarian food.

(How amazing does the charred corn and avocado pizza sound?)

If you’re in about the Newcastle area, their vegan festival is happening this Sunday.

I find the idea of emotional intelligence really interesting and think it is a useful skill but I do agree with what is written here.

Harsh critiques of famous buildings

If you live in the Hull area Katy of Little Miss Meat Free will be doing a cooking demo at the Yum! Festival of Food and Drink

12 fonts to use for headlines

A caf√© in Cheltenham which encourages breast feeding. Go support them with some dollars!  

I’m not really sure I agree with this study as most of the kids that were considered ‘cool’ at my school are doing okay as adults, but it’s an interesting read. 

22 young influencers reveal the secret to marketing to millennials.

Finally, why is the internet so blue?

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