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Kalpna Indian, Edinburgh

kalpna edinburgh vegan platter

Despite the fact that I'm not in Edinburgh all that often I have my second review within a month of a place to eat in the capital. Whilst I was through for an aqua spin class (more on that later!) I met up with own of my university friends afterwards for a catch-up at Kalpna Vegetarian Indian on St Patrick Square. 

When I stepped into Kalpna everything felt quite authentically Indian, and it was exceptional service as the staff took one look at me (didn't take a name) and knew exactly which lone diner in the restaurant was my friend. 

I wasn't massively hungry and I was catching a train back to Glasgow later that night so didn't want to fuss about with two courses (if you've followed for a while you'll know I nearly always get two courses). But I do like a selection so went with the vegan platter. I can't remember exactly what was in it but I do remember really taking to the starters selection which was a selection of nanns and samosas. The other small curry bowls were nice however I remember there being one I really didn't want to eat (it looked like stovies, I gave to my friend). 

I realise this review has been horribly non-descriptive. However, the menu online and the menu in the restaurant itself are bother non-descriptive. But I'll round up with a few general comments. I'll say that this felt like one of the most authentic Indian places I've been to, and I've been to loads but I'm also speaking as someone who's never been to India. Overall I'd say it was decent but I wouldn't sing praises so maybe if you're in that area of Edinburgh anyway (or if you've ran out of places to go!). 

Updates to my cruelty-free brands list

There's been a lot going on in my life recently so it's been some time since I've manage to sit down and fire off e-mails to companies enquiring about their animal testing policy. However I managed to grab a couple of minutes on Wednesday evening last week to put some companies on the spot.

Given that I only sent the e-mails on Wednesday I am going to give the brands who haven't responded a little bit of extra time. Therefore I'm only including the brands who have replied and I'm glad to say they are all making my cruelty-free list

Acure Organics

Acure is an American brand who got back to me quickly with a very detailed response. They are certified by PETA and the USA Leaping Bunny scheme, their spokesperson confirmed they don't sell in China and gave me links to the websites they use to ship internationally (you can't order internationally from their own website). 

B Skincare

B Skincare were another brand who got back to me with a very detailed response. They confirmed to me that they don't have any physical stockists outside the EU (and they even told me it's a German company they sell to in order to sell to mainland Europe) and confirmed that all their products are suitable for vegetarians. 

Cyril's Soap Shed

I got a response from this small Hampshire based soap company within 10 minutes! Whilst their soaps are based on goats milk and that does mean their products aren't suitable for vegans they aren't tested!

Deep Steep

I was half considering putting this brand under ambiguous as the response was very brief and truthfully the tone felt a bit half-assed. However they did confirm that they don't have vendors in China and that all their ingredients are from suppliers in America and Europe who don't carry out animal testing.

Moo Goo Skincare

Moo Goo are a natural Australian brand who got back to me asap. It's also great to see an internationally based company responding as many brands who aren't based in the UK automatically ignore my e-mails. 

Favourite Pinterest accounts

pinterest and blogging

Pinterest is a platform I fall in and out of love with. I originally signed up to Pinterest before it was open to the public and immediately started filling my boards. This was back in 2011 I believe and I am now a different person and my blog has changed to reflect that, but my Pinterest account still reflects the recently went vegetarian pre-cf person I was at the time.  

I've recently given my Pinterest boards a big spruce up to closer reflect the topics I now blog about and who I am now as a person. I turned to some of my favourite pinners (some long term, some newer) to check out some trends and best best practices as well as getting some inspiration for my own boards. 

I know it may seem like I plug my friend's Charlotte's blog all the time however I assure you that even if we didn't know each other I'd still be sharing her stuff. Her blog is fantastic and her Pinterest contains boards such as Clueless themed clothes and penguins.

Whilst I am a lover of bright colours and my Pinterest boards are mismatched - I'm still jealous of people who are disciplined enough to follow one colour scheme and have a very on-point brand. Enter Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet who's well-defined brand continues into her Pinterest account. 

Next up we have my long-term internet friend Mandy (who previously blogged as Bunny Beautiful). I have a truckload of interests, many of which don't seem to 'go together'....such as beauty and geeky pop culture. Mandy's Pinterest account is one that successfully crosses over these two interest which traditionally aren't taken up the same people. 

The next Amanda on my list runs one of my read-all-the-time marketing blogs. And her Pinterest account has some of the best marketing themed boards around whilst still also throwing in non-marketing boards that reflect other interests in her life. 

Another long term internet friend. Barbs has always made me jealous with her creativity and her Pinterest contains great arty and colourful finds. 

Finally we have Kristin we combines pretty much all my interests together from fashion (she has a board aimed at teachers who want to be fashionable) to cosplay to food.

Who are your favourite pinners? 

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