The Linkables

The most important reminder this week and in this week's Linkables: Her name was Reeva Steenkamp.

I know Halloween still needs to get out the way, but if you're a business owner you need to start planning for the Christmas period now (I'm already planning the gift guides that will be coming on mo'adore starting November).

In the post above, a brilliant guide to blogger outreach was linked which led to me discovering my new favourite blog for indie creative business types.

Turn your shower into a sanctuary

It might seem weird that I'm sharing this since I don't eat fish, but John Ross Ltd has a company blog which is a great example of content marketing when your product isn't all that glamorous.

A lovely vegan blog I found recently also has a gardening section.

10 skillshare lessons for bloggers,

One month on from the referendum here are some lessons from it which left-leaning people from across the globe can learn from.

If you're a bit of a renewables geek (like me) then the DECC are having a Renewable Heat Incentive Roadshow, and the first one is tomorrow in Edinburgh. 

Alternative rabbit hutch ideas.

A Tumblr showcase of the letterheads of various important people and organisations.

Some survey results on the varying opinions of the UK constituencies (some of the graphs highlight the difference in opinions between Scotland and England, one of the reasons I voted yes).

Quotes on shit (not literal shit, brick a brack shit)

Halloween nail art ideas.

Do you use the phrase 'do you let your partner wear that?'.

How typefaces got their names.

The best reply to a spammy business text ever. I almost puked laughing at the Naughty Otters bit.

Tutorial for Black Swan make-up.

A big guide on not being creepy and calling out creepy men for choosing to be creepy which includes this fantastic sentence: "Most people can tell when a cat or dog doesn’t want to be petted, but it’s suddenly impossible when it’s a lady you want to fuck?".

A heart breaking story of a low-wage worker in America.

And back to poverty in Scotland: there will be a Glasgow foodbank collection next week.

So rateable: 13 things people in laid-back relationships do.

Last minute Halloween costumes.

Lots of words on the word douchebag including race, feminism and comparison to hipsters.

Amsterdam will soon be home to a solar bike path!

Nobody seems particularly sure what GamerGate is (even Gamergate).

Related: Brianna Wu stands up to GamerGate.

Demonstrating with water how Pythagorean theorem works.

Morag x

Gigs // Seen Live Recently

So howdy there gig goers. It's been absolutely ages since I did a round-up of gigs I've been to because, well, I haven't actually been to that many since my last round-up. And by not many I mean I've been to four (in the space of four months). But because time is getting away from me and I don't have any gigs lined up until November (and by gigs I mean a possible four in one month...) I should maybe just get these last four gigs covered.

Updates to my cruelty-free brand list

This past months I've e-mailed more brands than I have in any month before, and have many new additions to make. Unfortunately I have not had a reply from most of these companies which is obviously discouraging. My current to-ask list is made up of brands I have found via bloggers in the organic beauty niche therefore are mostly natural, British and independent, meaning they are unlikely to test. However if brands are not willing to e-mail me back then I have no choice but to not endorse them. So even though a lot of the brands listed below are unlikely to test due to the very nature of their products, without written confirmation I have no option but to state that they are grey area. Which kind of breaks my heart, really.

The Linkables

I've been making my way through Alison Johnstone MSP's blog this week and it's a really good place for an introduction to green politics.

Through Alison's blog I did find out however about this blog written by the Gender and Politics Research Group at the University of Edinburgh if anyone is looking for academic writing on feminism.

Scottish Women's Aid have some job openings

Pumpkin decorating ideas that don't involve carving.

It's a bit personal but my four year #singleversary is around this time of year (I'm a former settler who's been in unhealthy relationships so it's a big deal to see how far I've come) and I thought I'd just highlight The Single Women which was a great source of wise words four years ago and Mandy Hale is still full of wise words to this day (and now even has a book!).

Ever noticed that music which isn't considered 'real music' is typically listened to by teenage girls?

Something that says something similar.

This piece on Lily Allen touches upon some racism in music that I had never spotted until it was pointed out to me.

Glastonbury bans the sale of Native American headdresses.

Ever wondered what the moon smells like?

Norway has released new banknotes and design blogs are loving them.

A blog tag I'm thinking of doing: the horror movie questions.

Earlier this week I read this post on an insulting sales e-mail a marketing company received, and this morning I found it in my blog's e-mail inbox! 

Best of Buzzfeed: 19 playgrounds that will haunt your nightmares and 29 fetch items every Mean Girls fan needs to own.

What sort of requests do magazine re-touchers get?

Ha! Yoga mantras for jerks.

I reckon there's gonna be a lot of Orange is the New Black costumes this year and if you're thinking about it here is a quick make-up guide for some of the characters.

I've not has a chance to read yet but Fitrovert is a fitness website for introverts.

Links, apps and advice for staying organised when you're self-employed in the creative field.

An open letter to parents who don't vaccinate their kids (from a women who's kid has cancer and can't come in contact with non-vaccinated kids)

Something for my recipe binder: vegan taco lasagne.

I'm beginning to really love Leanne Wood and here's a massive interview with her if you'd like to get to know the leader of Plaid Cymru as well.

I voted yes (as you know) but I realised an iScotland would have meant some changes for me as a marketer and blogger. This piece on SEO and Google comes across as Unionist however it is interesting (though I'd bang my head off the wall if someone believed these were serious enough reasons to vote no).

A really good piece from The Guardian about what's happened in Scotland since the no vote almost a month ago.

Some advice for men who work in tech to make the environment more women friendly.

Ha! Why the term 'social justice warrior' isn't really an insult.

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