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25 Things I've Learned in 25 Years

It feels as though it was just yesterday I was penning my 21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years post. But it has, in fact, been four years. Oh, how time flies!

As I get older is does feel as though the years blend into one. But now that I have reached that elusive quarter of a century mark and should look old enough now to not get ID'd, I thought I should re-visit my list from three years ago and see if I've learned anything new. 

Turns out I have. Here's to many more years of wisdom and the next quarter that lies before me. 

1. Listen to your gut. It's an art form, but when you master it you'll learn how to dodge all the bullets (or at least be prepared for them). 

2. If you think what you believe in is too radical, just remind yourself of what has has already changed within your own lifetime. Look at third wave feminism. Look at Scottish Independence. Look at the Labour party...

3. Make the effort. Even if it fails at least you can say you tried. 

4. It's better to be single than settle...

5...but don't be afraid to love. If you've been hurt, you may need to be proactive in building up a high level of trust again. But it'll be worth it. 

6. If a friendship falls to the side make sure it's because it wasn't meant to be, not due to a lack of effort. Friendships are an active process. Don't wait for them to call you. 

7. It's easier to make friends while you're still in full-time education. So meet as many like-minded people at university/college/school as you can. But if you've already graduated new friendships can still flourish, it just takes a bit more effort. 

8. The secret to a great relationship and great sex? Natural chemistry, respect, consent, knowing your own wants and needs and putting your cards on the table. And probably a lot of other complicated stuff. No one really truly has the answer to this one. 

9. Enjoy what you enjoy. Relish in your passions. As long as it's not harmful don't listen to anyone who poo-poos your hobby. 

10. Life is sometimes too much; don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Either from loved ones or a professional. 

11. You know that Facebook feature that allows you to hide people from your newsfeed (but not de-friend)? Utilise it and stay off the Facebook/blog/twitter accounts of people you don't like. 

12. It's helpful to know what you want to do straight out of high school and study accordingly. But it's not the end of the world if you change your mind or don't have a clue. 

13. The only relationship in your life which is guaranteed forever is the one you have with yourself. Make it a good one.

14. Success and happiness really is the best revenge. But don't run yourself into the ground chasing goals just to prove something to someone who hurt you.

15. Maintaining a good reputation and being an all round good person will be your saviour when you're the victim of someone else's slander.

16. If someone is dramatic with other people, they'll eventually be dramatic with you too.

17. If you're networking as an introvert sometimes if your face is just seen enough times at events it will help.

18. And networking can also be known as 'knowing a lot of people'. Expand your social circle in general.

19. You can't control who you meet but you can control the person you are when you meet them.

20. Define success on your own terms. If you want to be the CEO of law firm: go for it! If you're quite content with a 'boring' office job: revel in doing what you know is right for you.

21. As long you can make ends meet and live within your means, it's no ones business what you spend your disposable income on. Spend your Christmas bonus on a new sofa or a Batman lego set and tell everyone else to 'eff off.

22. Learn to forgive. Not because someone deserves it, but because you deserve to let go of anger.

23. Private landlords are better than letting agents.

24. Prioritise your health. Go for your six month dentist check-up, find out where your happy place is and visit regularly, find an a form exercise that doesn't make you want to throw things at a wall, eat your daily apple, get tested for STDs and practice good hygiene.

25. Maturity and wisdom is a gradual process. I may look back at this list at 30 and think 'Morag, shut your face' but I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

A small note: Admittedly, this birthday will be a weird one. I wasn't planning to do an announcement as to why it's been quiet round here but alas I'll drop it in right now and let people know I'm not dead. I was made redundant recently and Friday was my last day. Right now I'm job searching and attending interviews so blogging - along with all my other hobbies - has taken a backseat (this post was pre-written ages ago). I'll hopefully be back into the swing of things soon aka once I'm employed again. But for now I'm away out to 13th Note with my parents for some vegan nosh (and attending an interview...on my birthday).

Love you all. 

Our Man in Havana

One of the best things about living in Scotland's Central Belt is definitely the vast array of cultural events on offer. However, it should never be underestimated what is still going on in Scotland's less cosmopolitan areas.  I have admittedly been aware of film showings in Pitlochry for some time, however I've kind of always poo-pooed it ignorantly believing it to be akin to some village show I starred in with the Brownies back in my own village upbringing. But alas I was given the opportunity to be proven wrong when I was invited along to sit in the audience of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre's main stage show Our Man in Havana.

Set in Cuba in the 1940's it's a black comedy which follows the life of an MI6 spy who sends intelligence reports back to London which are completely incorrect (but enhance his pay cheque). He's a vacuum cleaner salesman by day and sends pictures of vacuum sketches pretending they are a secret military installation in the mountains, just for example of how much piss he is taking out of his superiors. Originally a book (and also a film) the stage play was played by just four actors to great effect with quick costume changes and voice adjustments, some of which has to be done while the actor was still on stage. Oh and the humour is dorky and passive, which is just the kind of humour I go for.

Plus you'll get see a man dress up as the Queen with a robotic corgi.

Our Man in Havana is currently being shown in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre looking out onto the River Tummel with the Perthshire hills looking down on it. And the building is far a cry from the village hall image I had in mind. Along with a gift shop which stocked independent jewellery.

Afterwords I also took a walk along into Pitlochry itself. The email I received from the theatre described Pitlochry as 'very Instagram' and very Instagram it was. The village I grew up in was almost 100% residential, and certainly didn't have a film theatre. Pitlochry has a main street filled with rows of independent shops (I only seen a Bank of Scotland and a tiny WHSmith for example of how non-commercial it is). I stopped by Drink Monger (which you may recognise from the Edinburgh Royal Mile) to have a nosey at their rums. Within it they also had a beer room, where I found some vegan cider to take up the road with me. Though be warned, even though there's trains running between Glasgow and Pitlochry, they aren't regular. Plan your day well.

Our Man in Havana will be shown regularly until the 14th of November

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Sorbet Sundae at JellyBear, Merchant City

sorbet sundae jellybear

If you live in Glasgow - or even somewhere else - you've probably not escaped the hype of JellyBear, a dessert parlour in Merchant City. Now a dessert parlour is hardly something that conjures up an image of vegan havana and I had pretty much dismissed JellyBear the same way I would dismiss most dessert menus. 

But upon a recent rendezvous with Lisa, Charlotte and Hayley it was suggested we head out slightly east to Jelly Bear. My initial reaction was...."uhhhh". Then I hype my Facebook and noticed that three people on my Facebook friends list had liked the page. One being Lis herself, and the other two being vegan pals. So my day was set. I could go to the dessert parlour. 

I knew upon going their that my options would be sorbet. Sorbet is kind of like the time I went to London and ate at a falafel place despite all the other more interesting vegan places I could have ate - we vegans are very accustomed to sorbet (and falafel). But alas this was a slightly interesting sorbet than usual. For one it was a sundae. Three different sorbets scooped into a sundae glass with pistachio nuts and a wafer to boot! The sorbet was also creamy and not some water drizzle like some sorbets are....

So not a vegan Havana. But if your friends want to go there for brunch you know you won't have to sit their with juice. They've also announced their expansion to include 'HealthyBear' which might have some kale or something... 

jellybear picnic area

JellyBear itself is also....cute? It has two floors, the parlour down below and an eating area upstairs. The eating area upstairs consisted of normal chairs and tables like a normal café but also a picnic area with bean bags on the floor. We sat on the beanbags.

You also can't go wrong with somewhere that has "I like being skinny but I like dessert more" written on their walls.