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Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set

Pacifica is a brand that has been making their way onto my blog quite a few times in the past year. So when I found the Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set under my tree this Christmas I was certainly a happy girl. 

Cruelty-free cleaning // EcoEgg Laundry Egg

Ecoegg Laundry egg

There comes a time in every 20-something life when they realise they have become their parents.

For me this moment came when I decided to write this blog post raving about a product which is not lipstick or a new skirt, but laundry detergent.

The Linkables

Here's a Google shopping result for t-shirts with that slogan on it. 

The reason why electric cars are becoming more common is a lot to do with the quality of them and the declining price.

A ranking of countries based on how common having a female boss is within their borders (the progressive western country that is the UK is at 41 - embarassing!) 

Please tell me you've already seen this? If Hermoine was the main character in Harry Potter.

Nixie Pixel talks through her favourite Android apps (from two years ago)

Check out who has been shortlisted for the Sexual Health Awareness Awards.

The conversation we really need to be having about female ejaculation. (NSFW)

On the topic of women's health, periods can get heavy and can get in the way of many things (and is still not taken seriously as a health issue).

Here's a pre-made blog planner on Amazon.

A great ASMR YouTuber I found this week is Heather Feather.

I don't share much writing from my work blog however I thought this recent one on consumers having more influence than the government in making utility companies behave themselves was worth a share. 

We've all read the self-development guides that travel makes you more well-rounded, but does it really?

Remember to vaccinate your kids

19 really important lessons I leant from my ex (also one of the best relationship advice posts I've read)

A introduction to people who identify as non-binary (in the Daily Record - well this is progress!)

If you're looking for a cruelty-free make-up artist then my girl Hailey has now set up her website.

If you're a dude (probably not, I only know of one guy who reads my blog and he's a close friend) or lean towards home decor that don't look like Pinterest here's a quick blog post on how to decorate a room in a mature and stylish but masculine way.

Perfectly timed photos from the streets of China.

There's a vegetarian shoe shop in Brighton!

And for something political - if you're into animal welfare (which would be most of my readers) then you should be aware what the tories have been up to.

A reminder that Labour aren't really all that different to the Tories.

On the subject of Labour this made me laugh because it's the same 'vote Labour to keep the Tories out' drivel (the comments are good).

Annnnd, some notes on the Green Surge.

If you're Scottish and looking for a fashion internship then this might be of interest.

An Etsy shop with song lyrics prints.

A beauty treatment I'm not sure I can get behind (NSFW)

It's been on my to-do list to read the Babysitter Club books which I missed (i.e. they weren't my primary school's library) but in the mean time here's some storylines which were actually ridiculous.

There's a Fox Village (!) in China.

If you'd rather play a game or marathon watch a TV show than do any form of exercise, maybe these fandom inspired workouts will do the trick. (Here's the Buffy one)

Some advice on finding a new job when you already work a full-time one.

I've thinking of (probably definitely) doing cosplay this year for the first time and this Cosplay Class on YouTube has been helpful (or just for general fancy dress purposes).

New Year's Eve at The Dyce Tandoori

dyce tandoori aberdeen

Remember I said on new years day that one of my goals was too chill out this year? I like to think this post is a reflection that I am doing just that. Twenty-one days into 2015 I am writing about my very final restaurant experience of 2014 (and I still have another Edinburgh restaurant to blog about from the year that was) and not getting all Type-A on myself by insisting that it needs to be up within a week because then my blog wouldn't be organised and punctual. Justttt chilling.