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I attended the Glasgow book launch of Scottish Independence: a Feminist response on Tuesday. The Edinburgh launch has already passed but you can still attend the Dundee one on the 8th of September

An #indyref event in Edinburgh: why the English and Welsh Greens support independence for Scotland.

How to tell the difference between BDSM and abuse.

New on the RSS Feed: i am a food blog.

Congregational candidate sends condoms to anti-choice group.

A look at the difference languages in the British Isles.

I have a phobia and get really offended/riled when the word is miss-used however I've never taken issue with words such as homophobia. But it could be food for thought.

30+ privileges of being cis-gendered.

I think America is a fascinating country and I think Native American culture is one of the most fascinating aspects, and loved this piece of native women fighting to preserve the culture.

Related: why do so many people pretend to be Native American?

Potato Days Festival is a thing in Minnesota.

Also in case any of my readers are in the American mid-west soon, female lift-sharing in Minnesota.

So I'm not a general fan of Wings Over Scotland, but this post is worth sharing.

I read this post a while ago and it is still food for thought: Scotland isn't this strange progressive country, it's no more progressive than most European countries (it's Britain that's strange).

The Conversation has a big section on the referendum but I've only read one or two articles so can't comment on the quality.

Some tips on when vibrators go out of date.

Colour coded photography.

A feminist film I'm thinking of seeing in Glasgow is anyone else fancies it?

Cute cups to buy on Etsy.

From my experience in past relationships I agree that objectification within relationships is a very real thing.

11 life skills netball teaches you. Hah!

Some words on the intersection of the vegan and LGBT community.

Some of the links I've shared recently show that I've been doing a lot of research on intersectionality between different forms of oppressions - this article is a great starting point as to why it's important.

If I was to have a chat with my 12-year-old self I'd say that you shouldn't be worried about being sexy because it's creepy for 12 year olds to be sexy. But still, thong ownerships was a big worry going through high school. (as much as it baffles me now)

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I got so many feels on Buzzfeed this week: reasons we should weep for the children of today.

Some reasons why some of us won't do the ice bucket challenge.

6 things positive happy people believe.

Dogs hugging their owners.

Annndd, totally useless product designs.

Morag x

Skincare products which are a bit 'meh'

okay cruelty free skincare

For someone who runs a blog primarily recognised for cruelty-free beauty, I only tend to write a beauty post once a week. This seems to be a lot less than other bloggers in the same niche with my reasons being 1) I'm on a graduate income and 2) there's a lot of products I try that I just don't have much to say about because they were just a bit 'meh'. The products that are covered by the second point are what I am concentrating on today.

The products pictures above and mentioned below are those that I haven't got anything particularly riveting to say about. They didn't make me break out in a rash but they certainly didn't do any wonders either - they fall into the 'meh' or 'okay' or 'I'll finish it but probably wouldn't re-purchase' category. Maybe even 'make up your own mind'.

Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Range

Only two products are used in the picture above but I actually bought every product from the range and the only one I've been impressed by and might re-purchase is the moisturiser. I did find the various face washes worked quite well on my back - where the skin is different - but other than that I don't have much interesting to say about the range. 

Nude Purifying Face Wash

I wrote a blog post on this product along with the Purifying toner earlier this year and my opinion is very much the same. And for the record, the tube I used in this photo is still the same tube I used back then - clearly not in a rush to finish it. 

Superdrug Facial Wipes for oily/combination skin

The Body Shop Seaweed night time clarifying treatment

I did mention the seaweed range by The Body Shop last year and I stand by that the range on the whole is one my favourite skincare ranges. However, I didn't ever see much of a difference in my skin after prolonged use of the night treatment despite my initial excitement of finding one which is meant for my skin type. I'm also confused as to when I'm meant to use it - after my moisturiser or just after cleansing? 

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is actually what I've been using at night since I bought it maybe two months ago - and I like it enough as a product to remove my make-up and ensure my face is clean before nodding off. However, I doubt I'll repurchase this as I haven't seen a general difference to my skin. 

Arbonne FC5 Deep Cleansing Mask

It was good for soaking oil and my face felt very 'clean' after using it - but that was about it. I didn't see any major differences to skin after prolonged use. 

Have you tried any of these products yourself? Were they okay for you too or do you have something more interesting to say about each of them?

Morag x

Wholefoods, Giffnock

Despite my eating habits and the fact that I have been living in Glasgow for almost two years, I still hadn't taken a trip to Wholefoods in Giffnock. Mainly cause I am lazy and didn't want to get a train or bus out only to discover it wasn't worth my time. Luckily when my mum was down for the Commonwealth Games she had her car with her so we headed out to this southern suburb of Glasgow for a nosey.

The first thing that hit me when we walked in was that this was like a proper supermarket. For some reason I had it in my head that it would only slightly bigger than some of the health food stores in town. But this was just a bit bigger than some Tesco Metros and included the different departments you'd expect from a supermarket such as fruit and vegetable, dairy, international, beauty, frozen, cleaning and meat.

I was on a bit budget at this point (I mean, this was during the Commonwealth) so I was going for a look instead of splurge, and if anything I was making myself a mental note of stuff to buy once my finances caught up with. What I did buy was some normal stuff that I needed anyway such as bread and laundry liquid (vegan and Leaping Bunny certified) but I also picked up some veggie cider, a new perfume, and some 'gourmet popcorn' to eat whilst watching the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony with my mum.

But moving back to that perfume. You may have spotted me on Twitter and Instagram absolutely ecstatic to discover that Pacifica is available there. This is a brand I have heard American cruelty-free bloggers such as Tashina go on about but I had no idea I could purchase them in the UK (aside for paying for shipping costs - no thanks!). They don't have the full range of products in Griffnock but they did appear to have the whole perfume range, which is the part I was most excited to look at as cruelty-free (let alone vegan) perfumes are hard to come by. I was on a budget so kept to buying one perfume (French Lilac) but will definitely be back to buy a few more.

Overall, the beauty and personal part of the Wholefoods is the part I was most impressed by - seeing quite a few natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan brands on shelves for me to have a smell of instead of having to order online with nothing by gut feeling to go on. I also spotted that Yes lube and French Letters condoms which I have mentioned in some Linkables and on Twitter were also available in the store.

The rest of the Griffnock store was good and it included a wide range of food and drink - their alcohol section also contained some brands marked as veggie which I hadn't heard of and I spotted some food brands I've only seen at the Ideal Home Show/Country Living Country Fair. I was however disappointed in the cleaning section as I am trying to switch to cruelty-free cleaning and I also didn't spot my favourite Violife Cheese on the shelves. In the grand scheme of things, I can get everything I need to eat vegan in the city centre of Glasgow (mainly in Quality Vitamins and Herbs off Sauchiehall Street) and would only head out to Griffnock if I was going to have people over and required something special, or was making a recipe that called for a fancy vegetable. However, I mentioned above that I loved their beauty department and will be making trips back in order to pick up some more Pacifica goodies and possibly some other brands once I've checked their cruelty-free status.

Should also throw in that they have a small gardening section however it was tiny and as you come in the door - but you can buy the beginner 'grow your own' kits as well as organic soil.

Also below is my terrible video I filmed on Saturday of some of the stuff I bought, but because I left the filming so late I was only able to include three products as I had used/eaten/drank the others! Maybe my next haul will be more timely and exciting....

Morag x

Floral breeks

floral breeks scottish fashion blogger

floral breeks fashion scotland 3

floral breeks fashion blogger 2

For someone who has been making the effort to buy more clothes from independent designers and charity shops it kind of pains me to admit that this entire outfit came from Primark. For me personally the 'casual' section of my wardrobe is the most lacking as I spend most of my week in office clothes and when I go out with friends it's usually for drinks and gigs at night so I own plenty of fancy frocks (a lot of which are from independent brands). So when I took a day off work for Hayley to come see me in Glasgow for a trip to the Science Centre and some food (Bar Soba in the West End, which is amazing and of course I'll be blogging about it) I headed out quickly to try and find a suitable outfit for some during-the-day-socialising.

It is pretty rare to see me in trousers and I had admittedly not really taken to the floral trousers trend (breeks is the Scots word for trousers) but for some reason when I seen these hanging up in Primark I just kind of had to have them. And then teamed them with a white jumper I found on the same shopping trip (which transitioned into my office clothes section of my wardrobe). The pleather jacket is one I bought a few months ago (as I seen in this outfit post) and is also from Primark and one of my go-to jackets. I however didn't manage to find any shoes on my shopping trip or in my already somewhat large collection that matched the outfit and were suitable for long walking distances so I chucked on my vans which didn't look right with the trousers at all so that's why my feet are chopped out of the photos!

When it comes to buying more independent brands I have found that it is a transition, just like vegetarianism, cruelty-free beauty then later veganism and my ongoing transition to cruelty-free cleaning products. My decision to buy more independently isn't just fashion snobbery but also from an ethical point of view and I've successfully started buying more night-time clothes from lesser known brands but still struggling with just about everything else. If anyone has any pointers or shops where I could have a look I'd be grateful.

Morag x