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The Linkables

Such a cute (and realistic) office!

Wedding Magazine are hosting their first Wedding Blog Awards.

My mum had me at 33 because women's fertility doesn't decline as quickly as you think.

Why I love my bitchy resting face

My new favourite travel YouTuber: Travel with Kate.

Her Packing List is the most informative/interesting/must read every post blog I've found in a long time (though I will dispute that you require two pairs of jeans in Peru).

I found this article from Thought Catalogue interesting on the way society treats lesbians who don't actually look like lesbians.

An introduction to taking your DLSR off auto mode.

You learn something new everyday, and today it's going to be medieval pet names.

The best 404 pages on the internet.

Some etiquette on dealing with dietary restrictions.

Roasted Cherry Bourbon Milkshakes with Hot Fudge

Mouth.actually.watering: Broccoli Cheese Patties.

Chilled tomato peach soup.

Blueberry mojito for your BBQ perhaps?

Book titles with one letter missing.

An the best YouTube I've seen in FOREVER - Blurred Lines gender roles reversed

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