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Dundee Delights: Maggie's Farm

A part of my appearance I get complimented on a lot is my love of a statement ring. Even my geeky male friends can't help but touch some of the weird creations on my digits. But if you were thinking I buy them online or had an extra stocked Primark near me you'd be wrong.

I actually buy them at the place above, a small boutique in the city centre of Dundee, called Maggie's Farm.

I can't remember in detail the first time I discovered Maggie's Farm but I can remember feeling 'where has this place been my entire fashion loving, quirky life'. The window shows off quirky clothes and interiors, and the shop inside is just as beautiful. Laurissa, the owner, has clearly put in so much time and attention to detail. I don't have any photos of the interiors but this blog post shows off the gob smacking vintage look (look out for  picture of the g-orgeous Laurissa herself - she's just as beautiful in the flesh btw).

And for examples sake here are some pictures I snapped this morning of rings purchased at Maggie's Farm:

But I would like to point out that Maggie's Farm isn't just for the quirky ring enthusiast. Maggie's Farm sells dresses, necklaces, jackets, skirts, tops and also chairs! As much as I do love a dress I gravitate towards the rings every time as the high street just cannot provide me with a knuckle duster of the seven dwarfs. I did almost buy a satchel bag the last time I was in but I picked up that skeleton ring instead.

And one of the best freaking parts about Maggie's Farm that sets it aside from its competitors? For something so unique the price ain't too ridiculous. The rings I buy are usually £10 and the dresses I have tried on have been circa £25 whereas the chairs with the quirky designs tend to be £125. Along with the price tag the boutique has a relaxed atmosphere - I find a lot of boutiques a bit 'too posh' but Maggie's Farm is just lovely and doesn't make this former MySpace kid feel as though she should get out. 

I could rave so much about this place but I'll just say it is well worth a visit if you're in Dundee. It's situated on Union Street near the train station and also near the big Overgate shopping centre. I give it a visit every time I'm back in Dundee and when I'm over next weekend for a pals birthday I will be having nosey at any new stock (rings or otherwise). 


P.S. You can like the Facebook page here. And if you're a Fife dweller you should make your way to the Dunfermline store.
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