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Things I Love Thursday #11

Well chaps it has been one hell of a busy Thursday! But a great Thursday at that as I am now half way to becoming a qualified driver! Yes, I passed my theory test! That thing I had been cramming for all last week (and the week before) has now been put behind me so I can start working on new projects (like a new blog design! and jewellery making!). 

So without further ado - why has this Thursday been great and why am I so chirpy?

I live in a country where I can get free education. I felt really nervous about this exam, more so than university level ones, due to the fact that it was money out of my family's pocket that, if I had failed, would have went to waste. Thankfully I passed and it made me really grateful that I live and study in a country where tuition fees are paid for me. I've always got annoyed when students who get minimum cover for living expenses complain as they should be grateful they don't pay thousands for the degree itself! Although some Scottish students in the future may not be so lucky. 

Being contacted for a project because I was recommended. I was exploring LinkedIn last night and decided to request to join the Graduate Association of my university (I was actually researching on behalf on my former employer encase I get my job back). But after coming home from my test I discovered a new message in my Inbox from the women who looks after that area of my university asking for my advice on their presence within social media based upon the fact that my former employer left me a LinkedIn recommendation! SCORE! 

Managing to outscore some LinkedIn cynics! I just got an opportunity through LinkedIn! ^_^

Today I also found @FirstWorldPains which tweets about problems only people in developed countries will experience. Funny but eye-opening nonetheless. They also have a Facebook

Morag x 
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Sunday Reflections 3

Looking oh-so-glamorous after a seven hour shift

This week, much like last week, has been about work. I only had two days off this week which were Monday (coming home from Edinburgh) and Thursday (in which I put together things I love Thursday). Though my wages for this week in total came to £200+ and if this caries on I should be able clear my overdraft and have some left over after next pay day!

Where I've Been Driving
I managed to fit in one driving lesson this week where I was taken around where I used to live so that was nostalgic and a half! Everything looked so much smaller but that's probably because I was four foot when I left that area. I also spoke to a guy at work and he told me his test was around this area as well. Aside from that I have been cramming for my theory test which is this coming Thursday. I am off work next week until Saturday so will spend it cramming like hell. I've been practising with the official Driving Standards Agency test practice kit which is supposed to have every question I could be asked until January. Here's hoping I remember them all. 

What I've Been Eating
Because I work in a restaurant it means there's so much food around me and I'm also tempted to munch on things I would never buy for myself. Fizzy juice, crisps and meat are all the rage at work. Can't get away from it! I do hold back for the most part but I'd rather eat that stuff than starve. It's a golf club and it's very much a buys club so the menu is very much catered to men who think lettuce, coleslaw and even peas are "rabbit food".

My mum did however bring home some cookbook from a work friend which have loads of healthy, vegetarian dishes in them. My mum bought me the ingredients for a leak and cottage cheese pie which will be my parents and mine tea some point this week! I also got the ingredients to make my own baked beans! None of this pre-prepared tinned nonesense! I'm also planning to look into making home made mayonaisse to compliment my raw dietness!

What I've Been Listening To
I've recently been re-listening to Gala Darling's Love & Sequins podcast and as luck would have it she's having a weekend sale! I can't recommend them enough. If I hadn't discovered Gala Darling I wouldn't have the same optimistic attitude I have today! 

What I've been clicking on
I've discovered a few new sweet blogs this week: D is for dangerousstyle fashion vintage babySunshine and carouselsThe Little Antlers (new fashion icon alert!) and Musings of a Caribbean Princess which has loads of Filofax advice ^_^

Morag x

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Things I Love Thursday #10

Very sorry for not blogging between today and last Thursday (I aim to do TiLT, Sunday Reflections & one more piece each week). This was because I was very very very busy but also means loads of things to be grateful for! 

Let's get started then!

Being put out of my depth! Which despite being terrifying is also very rewarding! I attended Social Innovation camp across last weekend and was the youngest and least experienced by a far bit. I found out about this event by accident when the founder came to my university to speak about the call for ideas and attended simply because I seen 'social media' within the description! I went along and walked away feeling I had had some good discussions and so submitted an idea. My idea did not get through however I was invited along to work on Volunteer Impact. The first day I was terrified and was wondering what I was contributing being so out of my depth. However the second day I flourished a bit more as I was the 'star' of our user story and was one of the four team members who presented our development of the idea. I have looked around YouTube and Vimeo for videos of the presentation (there were professionals around us all week) but nothing has been added yet. I also got to schmooze with people who had jobs that appeal to me - I met the girl who looks after the Facebook for Edinburgh City Council and we had a chat about how we manage the profiles we had been assigned, our pet peeves on Facebook and convincing people that every organisation should have a page.

Finally getting more work hours! For the first month of being back at work everything was very slow with me not clocking up many shifts. However on my final day in Edinburgh I got a call which resulted in me getting most of the hours and in two days I've done 14 hours :) It's going to be hard work and I'm not going to have much time to blog but I'm just thinking of clearing my overdraft.

Getting paid more than I had anticipated! As I said already I didn't get much shifts throughout June however I was pleasantly surprised to find a pay slip yesterday that had more than I had anticipated written on it.

Designing my new layout! The first two layouts I made for this blog were very quick as I'd rather have a unique layout than a pre-made one (stubbornness, I know!). But I've taken the code of an old layout I made for a freewebs blog I had a few years ago which never got published. I'm putting it together on my old blog if you want to view the work in progress.But I'm very excited about having a layout which is 1) my own and 2) had thought put into it.

More creative ideas coming to me! I feel like I've been a lot more creative recently as a whole. From ideas for fancy dress parties (Pokemon party! 80's party! Jesus Party!) to designing my own jewellery. I even came up with a tutu type pinafore idea today.

What's been making you feel happy this week?

Morag x

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Things I Love Thursday #9

On Monday night I managed to get myself a bit upset because I came across a great internship opportunity which I couldn't go for because it would mean leaving a job I only just got back to and wasting the money my parents have given me for driving lessons. It was in Hull (new places always get me excited) and was with a smaller start-up company in advertising which is almost just what I'm looking for! So gutted, slightly. However there will be other opportunities and I already have a fair bit under my belt in comparison to some other people my age. But because of this I think I need to dig into my gratefulness this week to put a smile firmly back on my face. 

Social Innovation Camp 2011 - I've spoken about this before but it's finally starting 7pm tomorrow night. I'm not entirely sure what the weekend will be composed of but it should be a great opportunity nonetheless. The gist of it is that I'll be helping to build up a small social enterprise within the space of a weekend. This is the main thing to be grateful for in face of no internship as "I helped set up a  small business before I was even 21" is one hell of CV line!

Seeing old friends - Gillian was my best friend from high school and whilst we still know roughly what is going on in each other's lives we haven't made as much of an effort to stay in contact as we could have. Though I believe that is changing. I took a trip to Edinburgh to see her last month and now I'll be crashing at her flat for SI Camp. I'm also going to be staying an extra night after the event to spend some time with her. She's probably the strongest influence I have had to date and I don't think I'd be the person I am today if I hadn't had her friendship (she introduced me to the internet - 'nuff said!). 

Getting  along with new people - There were quite a lot of new faces at my work this week from last summer and safe to say I got along with them all. Since I grew up very shy and found it difficult to relate to everyone (by my own admission) it's always lovely when I click with new people. 

Getting tattoo designs underway - I've been wanting to get a tattoo for some time and have had a design in my head for almost a year now. I've now consulted two of my most creative friends for some ideas hopping so hopefully before the end of this year I should be inked! My first original idea is a straight line down my tricep - and I am settling on it being the Roald Dahl quote "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it", though possibly in a different language. Another idea that has come about has been to get a reminder to myself that I am a Scorpio and should not be afraid of anything (when nervous I like to tell myself that I am a bad-ass Scorpio and to get myself out there!). This will probably be a mixture of the Scorpio symbol and some of the characteristics beside it in a script type font. The third idea I have (which will probably be my first tattoo) is big Lily's with a horseshoe hanging off them on a chain - this sound okay in my head but I'm yet to scrawl it down on paper! This will probably be on my side just below the arm and almost curving my breast (o'er!) meaning it will be hidden which I think is best for a first tattoo (meaning: if I immediately go "OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?" very few people will ever have to know it's there ;)

Blog comments - As a fairly new blogger (well, since the New Year but it's only since the start of summer that I've began channelling much more effort into it!) it's really exciting to see at least one comment on every post you do! So so so grateful to everyone who has commented here and the whole 10 (!!!) people that follow me! I was also looking through the archives of LLYMLRS the past week and discovered that even she was once upon a time averaging about 3 comments a post back in 2009!

I hope you have lots to be grateful about this week! 

Morag x

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How I Looked: 15.06.2011

Top: The Guiness Factory in Dublin
Shirt: New Look
Shorts: Peacocks
Tights: Matalan
Belt: Claire's Accessories
Shoes: Converse
Nails: Barry M

My first outfit post in exactly a month! Bad Morag! My defence is that I've been moving home, learning to drive and deciding what else I want to do with my summer. Being home for summer has allowed me to make use of my parents DLSR and their back garden as a scenic back drop to photos however I also left my tripod in Dundee which has meant that I had to make use of a table and a bin (!!!) in order to take these photos. Oh, the glamour! But I think there is a noticable improvement in the picture quality!

This outfit, like most of my outfits, is made up of old clothes I've had for a while. The t-shirt I'm wearing is one of my favourites from my trip to Dublin in early 2010. Whilst the tights and shorts look is a signiture of mine - though these shorts don't fit me as well as the once did so replacements are in order! The shoes however are new (though they have been avaialble a while). 

Morag x

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In Defence of Girl-Like Women

 Apparently riding a bike isn't "woman-like"

Do you like cupcakes? Do you squeal at the sight of kittens? Perhaps you have colourful hair or maybe still wear converse? Does your blog CSS contain pink hexes for links? Does this make you immature? Does it mean people take you less seriously? Does it matter? I don't think it does. 

Apparently Julie Klausner thinks it does. 

Apparently it's all for men, or in her words "women are trying to broadcast to men that we won’t bite their dicks off". According to her the reason I like wearing hair clips from when I was six is because I feel it makes me more attractive to the opposite sex. Not because, oh you know, I might like wearing bows in my hair. No, it's cause I want guys to think I'll be at their side at all times and make them plenty of sandwiches. 

(I'm also on a relationship detox so attracting men isn't high on my agenda right now. If Klausner has any tips on what repels men then, please, share.)

 God forbid don't even think about wearing one of these!

Furthermore it means men are more likely to demean us if we wear our hair in pigtails rather than a tight bun. I think a true sexist will judge regardless. If a man believes women should be in the kitchen then I don't think it matters whether she bakes cupcakes or grills salmon. He'll still be sexist. 

Have I ever had men look and me and assume stupidity based on my appearance? Yes. One boy always made me feel stupid in school 'cause I was squeally and smiley but he ended up in prison so his opinion is irrelevant. Recently I've had a male tell me I couldn't do his programming course and that I should "leave it to the smart people" not realising I have all the correct grades to make it onto his course (I'm overqualified for my own course). 

But is putting my hair in a bun, wearing a brown pants suit and carrying a copy of  The Economist around (which I do read btw!) really the right way to get my male counterparts to take me more seriously? I don't believe we women should have to. If someone wants to judge me by my leopard print converse then that says more about them then it ever will about me.  

It shows they judge a book by it's cover. They might ignore a fabulously capable potential-employee because they wear a hand-made ring. Maybe they might cold-shoulder a life-changing business opportunity because their female partner wore a sun dress. And one day they'll get pwnd by a giggling blogger they underestimated. And I won't be there with a shoulder to lean on. 

Ahh Michelle Obama, what we should all inspire to be...

Truth is people are more dynamic than Klauser portrays them to be. Women do not fall on either side of a "girl-like or women-like" brick wall. Just cause someone likes to bake pink macaroons doesn't mean they can't balance a cheque book. Just cause someone has a Tumblr full of bunnies doesn't mean they don't have a job with responsibilities. Wearing jewellery from Etsy doesn't mean you don't understand what 'inflation' means; it might actually mean that you're making a political stance in defence of small businesses.
So do what you want! If you do wear a brown pant suit daily then good for you! If you wear playsuits all the time then good for you! This is about being who you want to be and that no one should tell you otherwise. Also to remind people that thinking a women is a 'moron' because she has a pink stripe in her hair makes you the short-sighted moron.

All images taken from the article in question. 

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Sunday Reflections 2

Pictures that I took of my face are either on my PC or my parents so here is how my nails looked this week

This may be a quick one as I've been working most of today and was only going to check my Facebook/Twitter/e-mails before remembering about my new series of blog posts. 

This week may not differ too wildly from my last as my life is becoming very about money, work and driving lessons. I had my second driving lesson yesterday in which I was taken out onto real roads and allowed to drive home. The instructor was still giving me specific instructions and told me to ignore other traffic as at this point in my lessons he'd be looking out for me. It was still scary stuff nonetheless, however driving has turned out to be less terrifying than I had originally imagined. I also booked my theory test for the end of this month and today, while looking at the wall calender at work, put into perspective how close that date is! My DVLA practice theory test kit came yesterday as well and I plan to spend all tomorrow learning about road signs and practising my hazard perception abilities!

What I've Been Wearing
I've began to notice a distinct lack of outfit posts when I looked through my last few entries. This is partly due to hating most of my clothes and also a lack of money to buy new items. The weather also hasn't been particularly great so I've been forced to wear my stand-by jeans for rainy days. Aside from that it's been my work clothes which is a branded shirt and anything black that covers me professionally. 

What I've Been Buying
With a lack of money there has been a distinct lack of buying going on in the life of Morag. However with me starting my summer job again I'm the safe in the knowledge that this will not last forever so I have been compiling my summer wish list, which is essentially everything I didn't manage to buy last summer. This varies from decent make-up brushes, to hair crimpers, to PC parts! My PC has been out of sound for ages so a new sound card and speakers is needed ASAP as I can't get fully into vlogging until this is sorted out. I should be hearing back soon if I can get my job in careers back after the summer and if I get the thumbs up then I'm going to be looking into getting a phone that does fancy things like INTERNET and APPS for updating how you're feeling on the go! My current PAYG is great if you just want to call and text but I really want to move up in the world (and I feel a phone would be easier to film with in public as it's not so obvious what you're doing!). 

Spicy Peas with Pasta 

What I've Been Cooking
Above you can see my attempt at "Spicy Peas with Pasta" dish. It wasn't particularly spicy (even by my standards) as the spice was made from garlic and cayenne. I've been experimenting a lot with vegetarianism again and I think I may be ready to make the full switch. Most people, aside from my parents and those who read this blog, don't realise that in my home-life I've been living vegetarian since January. When I do my weekly shop it's all vegetarian and seafood is the only meat isle that I struggle to walk down without being tempted to pick something up. My meat-eating mum has been fairly supportive in buying me ingredients for vegetarian dishes though she has become quite protective with making sure I get plenty of protein ^_^. 

My marked sunflower planting spot!

What Else I've Been Doing
I also planted my sunflowers this week! Though I'm yet to see any growth from it. I took videos of me planting it as well and after I'm set up properly with a working PC then I'll put it all together - it's not for tutorial purposes as my gardening skills are, with a lack of politically correct terminology, crap!

What have you been up to this week?

Morag x
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Careers Advice: Favourite Careers Sites

Last semester I worked in my university's career development centre updating the Facebook and Twitter. Whilst I am not a career advisor (and I am not a substitute for one) I do know enough information to be somewhat useful. Career building has also been a long time interest in mine (my Firefox history is filled with CV tips, career path advice and "Best Company To Work For in 2010" directories). I hope you find some of this series useful.

As we all love the internet (if you've managed to find this than I assume you do) I'm going to keep with the theme of the internet and roll through my list of favourite career related websites. If you're serious about graduate career hunting (in the UK) then I'll assume you've heard of Prospects, Real World Magazine, Inside Careers and Target Jobs plus the careers sections of some major news sites.

Freelance Students - I stumbled upon this on Twitter when a re-tweet from @emma_ld came up on my timeline. I haven't registered yet as I am not yet applying for graduate placement schemes (but it's on my summer to-do list!) but some of the jobs I have seen have been amazing!

Digitech Jobs - A jobs specifically aimed at those looking to get into the digital sector. And by digital sector it covers everything from digital marketing to analytics. Not just school techy guys.

Resume Resource - One day writing a resume should be easy and come naturally but when I first started putting together my early ones it was hard brain-searching work. With loads of templates you should find something to help you.

Graduate Job Feed - A site that collects graduate jobs from several graduate job sources making it easier to track the best ones down. Remember to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get reminders as you procrastinate.

Be My Interviewer - Before you get any job you need to get past the interview ;) Be My Interviewer let's you practice you're interview skills with some industry experts, some of which you'll have heard of. Maybe someone you want to work for will pop up? I know I wouldn't mind working under Jacqueline Gold.

Career Player - If reading about careers information so far has made your brain hurt, put your brain aside for a moment and watch some videos. A YouTube for careers you could say? Videos cover industry specific advice, to general tips and advice to employer profiles.

Probabaly the best career advice you will ever receive - From one of my favourite all time bloggers Sarah Von of is help for not feeling brilliant about not getting your dream job straight out of university. 

Morag x

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Things I Love Thursday #8

Finally starting driving lessons (and driving not being as hard as I had thought) I'm grateful that this part of my life is coming together. I had always said that I wanted to drive when I turned 17 however back then I did not have a job (something I actually regret leaving until I was 18 and a half) and my parents had always said I would have to pay for it myself. My parents have now agreed to pay for it because I'll be graduating next year and not knowing how to drive could effect where I could travel for work. A block of ten lessons is close to the same amount I earn doing about 15 hours a week waitressing - I could never afford that myself. I remember back when I was 17 some classmates would preach "you should learn early - I'm learning now. Why aren't you?" when the lessons weren't coming out their own pocket. Great that your parents are offering you that, and you can't help that, but some of us didn't have that luxury. My parents stance was that I didn't need to know how to drive when I was 17 with everyone living so close by, but now that I'm entering the real work force it would be beneficial.

 If this doesn't give away my graduation present I have no what will - courtesy of

Possibly the greatest graduation present ever! My mum takes early retirement roughly the same time I finish my university life. With the lump sum she'll be getting she'll be jetting off to Zambia to do voluntary work (she works in old age psychiatry/community health so is looking to do something along these lines). As my mum has a large group of relatives in Australia she was also entertaining the idea of me, her and my dad going out to see them (for me personally it would be meet some of these blood relatives) but this would be in our winter (their summer) and I have no idea where I'll be come the end of 2012. So the recent idea that has been derived has been: a trip to Zambia to see my mum where me and my dad also take a de-tour around South Africa. The highlight of this could be (encase the photo didn't give it away) fulfilling my life dream of diving with Great Whites! Yes, really. Scary as it is (my life will probably flash before my eyes) I think after that day I could die happy. Fingers crossed it happens.

Finally eating well again. In my last view months in Dundee I ran really low on funds and being the stubborn person that I am I didn't ask my parents or friends for much help. I was living off toast and plain pasta (still being grateful that this is more than some people live off of) which was taking its toll on me (I've noticed a direct correlation with me when it comes to what I eat and how happy I feel). I'm home now for the summer and I am eating so much better and feeling a lot better.

I hope you've got lovely things to be grateful about this week.

Morag x
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Mini-Travel Guide: Edinburgh

If you noticed a week-long gap between this post and then this one it was because I was having too much fun in Edinburgh with my best friend from high school Gillian. I was there from early Tuesday to early Friday and within that time explored the Royal Mile, Princes street, the underground "haunted" vaults and Camera Obscura.

Me "posing" in front of Edinburgh castle

The Royal Mile (website) - This is probably the most "touristy" place within Edinburgh. The Royal Mile is full of traditional Scottish shops with Edinburgh Castle at the top and the Holyrood Scottish Parliament building at the bottom. There's many pretty buildings within this street which resulted in me stopping every second one to take a photo. There are also many places to eat along here from major food chains such as Subway to the local independent deli's.We stopped at a small Italian cafe which I can unfortunately not remember the name of. It was near the Holyrood end and was opposite a Christmas shop :) It was lovely nonetheless with delicate decor and a friendly service that wasn't too much on the pennies.

Me and Gillian in an optical illusion (it's very obvious how it works when you see it in real life)

Camera Obscura (Camera Obscura)- If you've ever been to a house/museum that is full of illusions and tricks of the mind then this is along that lines. It ranged from a mirrored maze to 3D pictures (creepiest thing ever!) to logo versions of some famous paintings. There was a show available however we missed our timeslot but I'm sure it was amazing nonetheless. There was student discount available.

I didn't take any pictures on the ghost tour so here's another one from Camera Obscura

Ghost Tour (website) - We opted for the mercat tour (though I went on the Auld Reekie ones in 2002 which appear to follow a similar structure) which started on the Royal Mile, and took us through a few monuments before continuing to the underground vaults which are supposedly haunted. Along they way we were told about the Edinburgh Mob, Burke and Hare, how occupiers of the 'slums' deposited of their waste (it's as lovely as it sounds) as well the ghosts that supposedly haunt the underground vaults of Edinburgh. The underground tour was quick and it almost felt we were being hurried between vaults but at the end of the tour we were taken to a room slightly higher up and given a complimentary drink (we both took white wine, but cannot remember what else was on offer) whilst given the opportunity to ask questions.

Flamingoes :D

Edinburgh Zoo (website)- Whilst Edinburgh Zoo doesn't quite live up to the standards of those in America or safari's in Africa it's still worth a look. It covers animals from penguins to lions. And then rhinos to monkeys (there were a lot of monkeys). Like most Zoo's it has a small gift shop with stuffed toys and knick knacks where I picked up some delightful dark chocolate mixed with pears and almonds. Admission was £13 with student ID. The zoo is located slightly out with the city centre but it wasn't long on the bus (I can't remember which bus we took).

Classy mirror picture in a club. The playsuit is from H&M.

The Hive (website)- our choice of nightclub for the Wednesday night (you'll find this is student night) was the two bar and two dance floor Hive. I really enjoyed this club and would totally recommend it to anyone. The music (from what I remember) was a mix of modern chart music and some older 90's tunes (I remember hearing some Blink 182).

I didn't take any pictures along Princes Street either so here is a picture of my drunk face.

Princes Street (Princes Street)- This is where Gillian took me to do some window shopping. I found that there wasn't many shops on this street however the shops that did exist were huge. I had never been inside a Urban Outfitters store before and got slightly too excited when I entered the Edinburgh branch. I spent ages looking at the various homeware plus getting awe-inspired by their decor (do all stores have a cool multi-level ribbon effect?).

As always, Edinburgh was absolutely lovely and would recommend it to everyone. 

Morag x
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Sunday Reflections 1

I've been meaning to start a "Sunday Reflections" feature for some time. I now have more time to sit down and do it, however it now feels as if I'll have less to talk about as I am now home for the summer. We'll see how this goes. 

 First thing in the morning pic - B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Monday I had my last day at my most enjoyable job yet. However I found out that my direct boss and the other full-time employees in the department are going to try and persuade the head of department to bring me back after summer. He agreed to keep me on one extra month this semester so hopefully he'll agree to bring me back!

Later on I received an e-mail from Social Innovation Camp saying that my idea was not one of the six that was picked to develop into a real idea, but that they would still like me to attend as they felt I would be an "interesting voice". I should be speaking to him on the phone tomorrow so we'll see how it all goes :) I'm really contemplating trying to further my idea as a blog where users submit stories of their experiences from "deprived areas" (or even areas considered crime-free) to create a more realistic picture.

Tuesday I made my way back home for the summer. My friend Andy nicely took me in his own car. I did try vlogging on my way home but nothing too interesting happened and Andy isn't quite into all this Youtube/Twitter/Tumblr "nonsense" - quite content with his Facebook and university blog that one! 

Wednesday was a full day of organisation and relaxing. It felt really good to have a proper working PC again (had been living off my netbook for a fortnight) and to have a TV again! Really loving The Vampire Diaries right now.

Thursday I went to B&Q with my dad where I bought some sunflower seeds! I also wanted some pumpkin seeds but I would need a green house for that :( I did attempt another vlogg whilst there to get used to filming myself in public but it ended up a giggling mess!Also stopped in by ASDA where I bought some chives seeds that can be grown on a windowsill.

Friday I attempted my very first run! I started with running 20 seconds running then fast paced walking for another twenty seconds before starting again. Was a lot harder than I imagined plus I managed to get sunburn :( 

And later on this evening my dad officially booked me my very first driving lesson. My parents always told me that I would have to pay for them myself however they've seem to have had a change of heart. My theory is that they would only pay for them once I absolutely had to learn (I'm graduating next year and not being able to drive could hinder my job prospects) but secretly hoping I might pay prior to then. ;)

Saturday I headed out with my mum to Matalan to pick up some black stuff for work. I bought a black fitted (but still comfy) skirt and some long shorts, plus some tights. I would have loved more but unfortunately  my funds are low and I will need to wait until I start getting paid before I can purchase anything non-essential (I also need to do a much needed clear-out of my wardrobe). Afterwards I pleaded like a kid for my mum to take me to Cadonas (it was only just across the street) for an ice-cream. Unfortunately she didn't agree to going on any rides (apparently we'll go back on a sunny evening - I'm sceptical!). We then also headed to Stirling furniture where I picked up the cutest cookie cutter ever by kids cooking brand Miniamo!  Can't wait to see if it actually works. Then we finished off at the local school fair (a school I left almost 9 years ago!) where I received a "certificate" for my hole-in-one! Also purchased a driving lesson DVD and a vegetarian cookbook for real cheap! Was looking at some old school Sonic games however I found that the disc was really scratched!

All and all Saturday was a really good day!

Morag x

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Summer Plans and To-Do's

Today is absolutely roaching - and I love it! Whilst I may be sweating I'd take a warm day where I might possible be sneezing with hayfever over a cold winter's day with snow up to my knees anytime.

However, despite preferring the weather, summer is my favourite time of year due to its endless possibilities of baking, crafting, exploring and purchasing! Being a student, summer is when I have much more time on my hands as essays and exams are behind me. I also go home to my parents during this time so have a much higher amount of disposable income! I also viewed this as the best time to do some self-improvements and resolutions! Being away from your peers and possibly main social circle allows time for self-evaluation & allows you to come back to them with a new look, attitude or CV additions!

To-do lists and summer plans ahead!

Make Future Fancy Dress Outfits.

For the last two years of my life I have wanted to dress up as Poison Ivy and Rogue from X-Men but never could because a lack of time (and sewing skills!) meant that for any superhereo night out I had I needed to buy a pre-prepared outfit. This summer I hope to get organised and create outfits and have them on stand-by (my friend has agreed to a Batman themed birthday so Poison Ivy will defo go ahead!).

Make an iPod cover

I've kept my iPod all safe and healthy for two and half years and it's about high time it got a proper sleeping place other than a pocket in whatever handbag I'm wearing that day. The design may fit the one closely displayed up there but with some minor tweeks (and not as neat, no doubt!).

Play with my parent's new DLSR

I've wanted a DLSR since I was seventeen and whilst I may still not own one myself this summer I have the opportunity to at least experiment with one. This means nicer outfit posts and possibly vlogs? Who knows?

Experiment in Vlogging

Please note, it is highly unlikely to get uploaded until I get the full hang of it. I tried a test run in B&Q with my dad to get used to talking to myself in public - and it was a giggling mess. How do people do it? I have ideas already and once I get the hang of it full-steam ahead! My videos will probabaly be a mix of daily activities, hauls and outfits (not Apple products).

Continue with my scrapbook project

Last summer I spent a large chunk of my time cutting out pictures, tips and wise words from old magazines and hopefully this summer I will be able to create something with that messy folder. My clippings range from recipes, make-up looks, make-up advice and general advice. Now I have to decided what to do with all of them and what format they should be presented in (scrapbook, pinboard, folder?).

Work on and maintain fitness

Between the dancing, the cheerleading and the occassional swimming I'm a pretty active person. However during the summer I like to try different exercises to work parts of my body that might have previously been ignored. Plus my summer work-outs are much more tailored to my body. I collect weight on my abs = more ab word, whilst I think toned arms are heaven-on-earth sexy =  more tricep work! Today I started it by going for a run for the first time since school. It was hard but running is one of the best cardio exercises out there! I've just started easy with breaks but should hopefully work up my endurance levels! Makes a break from my usual cycling summer routine!

Food, food and food

A summer project which runs from year to year is to practice my cooking! This year I'm going to aim to try more natural & healthy options - especially those in the snack area since I'll be living further from university than I did this year. Maybe some baking so I have ideas for parties and bake sales but not too much! Healthiness ftw!

What are your summer plans?

Morag x

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