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18 March 2014

Dundee: Madina Bar & Grill, Perth Road

When it comes to situations in Dundee when I need a restaurant fast and I need it now (and don't have time to faff about with somewhere new) - I head to Madina Bar & Grill. It's the sort of place that works well for meals with you mum, a date, brunch with your besto or, the most common reason I stopped by whilst a student, a stop off on a pub crawl...

Or for the reason I was in there two Sundays ago: to nurse a hangover...

Needless to say that all helped with that weird swishy stomach feeling the morning after.

I do prefer the evening menu (past Instagrams can be found here and here) but Madina is still a favourite haunt of mine even before dinner time rolls round. The evening menu also has options if you want to vegan it up.

And here's a sly picture of the interior:

Morag x

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