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The Linkables

This week marked the one year anniversary of the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the BUAV released their #telltheworld campaign.

A new campaign to tackle sexual harassment in clubs.

I loved this video done for the Princes Trust - 1) it has Kevin Spacey and 2) I personally know the lovely lady who is in the video.

One of my all time YouTubers Laci Green (and if you don't like her too, we're not friends) recently posted a time capsule of herself from 2009 (and I'm mega tempted to do one myself)

Something for YouTubers: be aware of Orchard Music.

A 15 year old in England is petitioning the UK Government to improve school lunch meals for vegans.

Disney inspired engagement rings (I'm an Ariel girl at heart, but I love Mulan's ring)

A new Scottish campaign to end rape is so so so what the world needs.

The thigh gap is no laughing matter but these Photoshop fails are.

10 jobs that no longer exist

No, meat is not manly de-constructs why men might have a harder time going veggie.

I want the wardrobe of this babe from Oklahoma.

A comparison of book covers for American audiences vs British audiences  (I actually prefer more of the American ones)

Sally was asked to do a piece on Golden Globes fashion and when she said she would do it, but would't be negative about another woman's appearance, they dropped her.

I had a wee online natter with Alison just after she moved to Aberdeen and I love seeing that she's doing just great!

I haven't weighed myself in years and here are six reasons why you shouldn't either.

Still fitness related, Lift Like A Girl is a great female body-positive fitness blog I discovered lately.

Runaway Fox is pretty much the best jewellery find ever.

March 6th was National Frozen Food Day.Who knew?

Morag x

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