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The Linkables

Life has been busy this past month. Obviously by busy I don't mean on the blog front, but in other areas of my life. September is the time of year when my Google Analytics, AdWords and HubSpot Certificates all come up for renewal, plus I'm doing a course with my work right now. If you've spoken to me in real life you'll also know that I've been racing through the OJ vs The People book every night after work - which I gave a five star rating to and recommend it to everyone who has ever found themselves down an O.J. rabbit hole. 

So, the usually jammed-packed Linkables is a little thin on the ground - but these links are still goodies!

Not your usual decluttering advice.

As you probably know, Hugh Hefner died this week. It probably also doesn't surprise you to know I have mixed feeling towards the man. Claire of Fashion Fix Daily wrote one of the best pieces about his legacy I have read so far.

This is brief but as a woman who is also the owner of a big snoze, I agree with this.

Need to create better social media boundaries? Here is a great piece from Everyday Feminism.

Love a self-development book centred on career advice? Here are six to check out

White women - read up on your five Becky's and don't ever be one! (Hands up: I've been guilt of being a Becca)

Do ever not feel Bi enough?

Live in Aberdeenshire and near Inverurie: Shahi Darbar has a vegan menu.

What have you been reading online this month?

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