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Favourite vegan products from Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh vegan make-up products favourites

Gosh have a been a favourite brand of mine for a long time. Even before my cruelty-free days I loved a lot of what they offered and was tickeled pink when I realised I could still buy from them when I made my decision two years ago. Recently when I made the switch to veganism I was further glad to realise that they have a vegan products list which you can get from their customer support team. It's not publicly available on their website but if you pop them across an e-mail they should send it right across (I'm yet to hear someone in the vegan niche complain about not receiving a reply).

I printed off my list and headed out to Superdrug to do a bit of a pay day haul. There's still quite a few vegan products I don't own but I have so far only picked up the ones I knew I could get use out of and could become part of my daily routine. For example, the bronzer was marked as vegan but I prefer pale and interesting and there were various lip colours I knew wouldn't suit me. But nevertheless here are my favourites from the range that I have tried thus far.

Intense Eyeliner Pen
I have tried a lot of the eyeliner pens out there - I think my face doesn't quite look right in photos where I'm missing even a thin cat flick. So take it from me that this is one of my favourite eyeliner pens. I was already quite confident I would like this because I was once a fan of their liquid eyeliner before I discovered the joy of eyeliner pens.

I currently own their black and grey shades - the black is what I wear generally but the grey is what I wear when I want something slightly more striking but not quite feeling like whipping out some pink.

BB Cream
I'll straight up admit that I'm not much of a BB Cream (or CC Cream, or DD Cream) gal and I find them to be glorified tinted moisturisers. However what I do like this for is some extra coverage for my face prior to applying foundation - and this BB Cream has had some positive reviews from the vegan blogging community so it's getting included. ;)

X-Ceptional Wear Foundation
I'm currently in the market for a thick, full-coverage foundation and the name suggested that this might be what I am looking for, alas it was medium coverage. However it's a medium coverage foundation with a really nice natural finish that isn't matte or dewy, and could pass as really good skin. However, it is a cheap foundation so the staying power isn't brilliant and I would recommend using a very good primer (my favourite is Arbonne) and a very good setting product (my favourite is Urban Decay).

Lip Liner
I still need to fire off an e-mail back to Gosh (it's on my to-do list, I'm a busy woman!) but I wasn't sure if Gosh's lipsticks - one of my all time favourites - are vegan as the name of the lipstick was different on my list to the name on the labelling in the shop. So we may not know for a while. However their lip liners were on my list and they really impressed me - because the staying power is amazeballs. So until I know about the lipsticks I shall be using their lip liners all over my lips.

Nail Polish
I am currently the owner of only one Gosh nail polish (I'm still currently trying to collect all Barry M shades) but I feel like I will be back for more. They're the same price as your usual high street nail polishes but I really like the consistency and after one week of wear only two of my nails had any obvious chipping. The colour I picked up - Kind of Pink - is a red-pink shade which still leans more to the pink side and has cool undertones. For me personally, I love nail polishes that are an interesting shade of certain colours (rather than the standard colour you'd find on a colour wheel) which is something that higher end brands do better than high street so top marks to Gosh for this (did that sentence make sense? maybe you have to be really into colour?).

What are your favourite Gosh products? Any guesses what might be in my 'not liked' post?

Morag x
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