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The Vegan Kind beauty box

the vegan kind beauty box

It seems like forever ago that I received the one-off beauty box from The Vegan Kind (I have been up to a lot and have a massive backlog of posts to write-up). I'm sure everyone in the cruelty-free/vegan blogging niché (and even those in the general lifestyle blogging niche) have heard of the Vegan Kind but if not: it is a monthly subscription box set up by cruelty-free and vegan blogger Karris which contains vegan lifestyle products such as food, beauty and household items. I haven't subscribed to the main box as I have a soya intolerance so there is no guaranteeing I would be about to use everything each month however when they announced a one-off beauty box I began frantically searching for my bank card.

So since we've all definitely got ours by now, let's see what was inside.

vegan kind beauty box products

I was very happy with what was in this box, with two brands I had been wanting to try and two other products made my July favourites videos (which is still to be uploaded, but should be soon!).

Inika Black Cavier Eyeliner
This is a brand that I had discovered via Sarah's blog just a few days before receiving my box. At the time I was still waiting for them to reply to my cruelty-free e-mail and I am happy to say that they have now replied. This eyeliner is very black and has become my go to for lining my tight line as the nub is the perfect balance between firm and soft.

Furless stippling brush
Furless is a brand I had also heard of but I am admittedly not much of a brush person and even do my eyeshadow with my ring finger (I know). This brush is extremely soft but I'm possibly not the best person to review it as I used it for my foundation one morning and found it just slowed me down like all make-up brushes.

White Rabbit Cleansing Water
This is another product within the box that I have found myself reaching for quite a bit. It is marked as cleansing water however the instructions say to use it to remove make-up, and I have found it to be a gentle way to remove my regular day make-up. It doesn't work if I have a full-face of evening/glamour make-up but I have found it fantastic to use at the end of a weekday to remove my more natural office make-up.  It is also extremely gentle and it didn't sting my eyes (even when applying it to my lower lash line with my eyes open). This is a Scottish brand based out of Kilmarnock (where quite a bit of my family come from) and the owner (who is lovely, she takes part in #cfbloggers) is currently experimenting with various plant-based alternatives for some ingredients ingredients to make it a fully vegan brand. This is one brand I'd love to support further.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Eyeshadow
This is one product I haven't got around to using as truthfully loose eye-shadows are really not my thing and I don't want to faff with them at 8am in the morning - maybe I'll use them in a night time look at some point.

Simply Soaps Orange Cocoa Bath Melt
I know it says Hedgerow Herbals on the packaging but on the flyer we have Simply Soaps, so we're going with that. This is another product I haven't had the chance to use yet as my parents were staying at mine for the last two weekends and the bath is in what is technically my flatmates bathroom so we'll need to see when I get to use this. I can confirm that the melt smells lovely though!

You can also watch me opening The Vegan Kind beauty box here:

Morag x
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