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Skincare products that are a bit 'meh'

okay cruelty free skincare

For someone who runs a blog primarily recognised for cruelty-free beauty, I only tend to write a beauty post once a week. This seems to be a lot less than other bloggers in the same niche with my reasons being 1) I'm on a graduate income and 2) there's a lot of products I try that I just don't have much to say about because they were just a bit 'meh'. The products that are covered by the second point are what I am concentrating on today.

The products pictures above and mentioned below are those that I haven't got anything particularly riveting to say about. They didn't make me break out in a rash but they certainly didn't do any wonders either - they fall into the 'meh' or 'okay' or 'I'll finish it but probably wouldn't re-purchase' category. Maybe even 'make up your own mind'.

Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Range

Only two products are used in the picture above but I actually bought every product from the range and the only one I've been impressed by and might re-purchase is the moisturiser. I did find the various face washes worked quite well on my back - where the skin is different - but other than that I don't have much interesting to say about the range. 

Nude Purifying Face Wash

I wrote a blog post on this product along with the Purifying toner earlier this year and my opinion is very much the same. And for the record, the tube I used in this photo is still the same tube I used back then - clearly not in a rush to finish it. 

Superdrug Facial Wipes for oily/combination skin

The Body Shop Seaweed night time clarifying treatment

I did mention the seaweed range by The Body Shop last year and I stand by that the range on the whole is one my favourite skincare ranges. However, I didn't ever see much of a difference in my skin after prolonged use of the night treatment despite my initial excitement of finding one which is meant for my skin type. I'm also confused as to when I'm meant to use it - after my moisturiser or just after cleansing? 

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is actually what I've been using at night since I bought it maybe two months ago - and I like it enough as a product to remove my make-up and ensure my face is clean before nodding off. However, I doubt I'll repurchase this as I haven't seen a general difference to my skin. 

Arbonne FC5 Deep Cleansing Mask

It was good for soaking oil and my face felt very 'clean' after using it - but that was about it. I didn't see any major differences to skin after prolonged use. 

Have you tried any of these products yourself? Were they okay for you too or do you have something more interesting to say about each of them?

Morag x
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