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Nude Purifying Face Wash & Toner

nude purifying cleansing wash

If you watched my recent video you'll know that the Nude Purifying Toner made it into my April favourites, and that I had been so impressed by it I decided to give the Purifying Face Wash a whirl despite the price tag (I would have tried the purify moisturiser as well but my pay check doesn't stretch that far).

Whilst using the toner my pores were noticeably smaller and I really loved that this product was scent-free and my skin didn't tingle at all whilst using it (even whilst using it around it around my eyes to take off simple eye make-up). It's honestly one of the best toners I've ever used and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

I was however a bit disappointed with the face wash. I've been using it each day for about two weeks now and I've seen no difference to my skin - either better or worse. It also has a smell to it - not a terrible scent but after having been so pleased that the toner didn't have any fragrance I was a bit disappointed to discover the face wash had some kind of sweetie smell to it (even though it seems like an accidental scent that couldn't be avoided)

Skincare is something that can be incredibly subjective and I'm always hesitant to piss on products but I really can't say I recommend the face wash. I'm in two minds about whether I'll purchase the purify moisturiser as one hand I love trying new products and the toner is one of the best toners I've tried but after having been disappointed by the face wash I'm not sure I can justify the price of the moisturiser (which was a whopping £40 when I seen it in Space.NK).

Have you tried anything from the Nude range - what did you think of it?

Morag x
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