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9 May 2014

The Linkables

But I'm actually voting Finland...

Later this month with see the world celebrate its first Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Inaccurate as hell but still made me laugh: 38 maps they didn't teach you at school.

One of my favourite reads this weekend: stop saying "I have a boyfriend".

And this is a rebuttal to the above article, which I can understand. (For the record, I only lie about a boyfriend when my safety is seriously at risk - I never lie about it if I'm a public place and with friends as I should ever ever have to!)

Tabloid titles without the sexism.

Morrisons became Leaping Bunny certified this week!

A lesson in camera lenses.

Another recipe for vegan cheese sauce based off of cashews.

Australia picked their Commonwealth netball team this week and some people have had things to say about it.

I don't normally agree with Thought Catalogue but I agree with 8 things an introvert will do if they like you.

Wow. I was racially profiled in my own driveway.

10 things you might like to know about unicorns.

Hilarious park bench memorials.

9 ways to decorate with flowers that don't involve a vase.

I've always known that a lot of fitness magazines are shallow but if you didn't here is your proof.

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