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2 May 2014

The Linkables

The best thing I've read this week: man poses as a Cupcake on Tinder.

The 11 most honest things a politician has ever said.

Another brand gains Leaping bunny status - well done A Girl's Gotta Spa.

8 things you didn't know about Glen Coco.

The 50 worst album titles.

An introduction to the Glasgow music scene introduced me to venues I hadn't even heard of!

I'm not one for screenshotting Facebook comments and putting them in articles, but when the target is misogynistic FHM readers who rank women in terms of hottest I'm all for it.

The #3dates3mths campaign is now over and a fantastic spit-out-funny blog by one of the other bloggers is 30 Something London.

Mean Girls turned 10 this week and here's an article on it becoming an internet phenomenon.

A round-up of the best PR during April.

A Reddit thread on what designs tattoo artists have refused to do!

Remaining members of Lostprophets to form new band.

Scotland U19 netball team took bronze at the Europe Championships this week.

This is the recipe for the faux-tuna I shared on Instagram this week.

How to make your own seed bombs.

The best illustrations I've seen ages (and it includes Eurovision)

50 ideas of what to share on social media.

A sizing guide for images on each social media site.

Tools and tips for planning your next trip.

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