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28 February 2014

The Linkables

Bought myself a solo ticket this evening - who wants to keep my company? ;)

The UK's Eurovision entry will be getting announced on Monday.

Street legal Batmobile goes on sale for £1m.

Dundee road renamed Bash Street in Beano tribute.

Dinner with the Smiths is a new Glasgow food blog I found this week

Piece is a west end cafe I took my first bite in this week and highly recommend.

I'm really not sorry for Instagramming my food though: 16 ways foodies drive you crazy

This is one of my best personal pieces I've reead in ages: I'm fat, forty and have no trouble getting laid all the time.

A beautiful mini-guide to house plants.

How to photograph in low light 

5 creative ways to wear green on St Paddy's Day.

5 ways to fail gracefully

Hilariously (and thankfully) outdated advice from a 1967's Seventeen magazine.

I'd never have it in me to review a sex toy on my blog - but I'm glad other people do (NSFW)

Stylish ladies posing with vegan food. Lookbook cook is my kind of thing.

Zoe, previously of The London Lipgloss, rebranded as ZOE LDN this week and I am loving the new direction for her.

Morag x

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