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The brand spanking new Twitter chat for bunny friendly bloggers

You may already know about the new Twitter chat I've launched because 1) I've been prattling on about it on Twitter for the last week and 2) the account already has 75 followers after a fortnight. But if you're someone who has avoided my tweets the idea is this: there's a new Twitter chat in town geared towards cruelty-free beauty bloggers. Which I'm co-organising. And it starts a week today.

Along with Charlotte and Tilly, it was decided that the very seldom used #cfbloggers Twitter tag required a resurrection. I had toyed with the idea of a cruelty-free chat and blogger network in the past but felt daunted about how much work it would be for one person and all the other doubts that come with starting a new project. But we're now a group of three and have been frantically brain-storming over late night e-mails with plans and ideas.  

The first chat, taking place next Thursday at 9-10pm GMT, will be a nice introductory natter and the topic will be our cruelty-free stories: reasons, when, how long it took us, where we are with it etc. The chat is open to anyone interested no matter where they are with their journeys. Whether you're a cruelty-free veteran, considering making the switch, made your decision but still a bit confused, vegan, vegetarian or eat meat, all that matters is you want to have a wee chat about bunny friendly make-up. The planned topics are all related to cruelty-free beauty and so far we've decided to stay away from the topic of blogging to make it more inclusive. 

We've also decided we want to create a space that is free of body-shaming and other similar issues. Shockingly enough we haven't followed PETA from the Twitter account....

But we promise we're not going crazy with the rules. That's the only two we have. 

I also hinted at this three paragraphs ago but we are also hoping to expand into a 'network' i.e. a website for cruelty-free bloggers, but for now it's just a chat as the three of us get into the groove of spending our Thursday nights tweeting away. In time we hope to have a solid web presence with blogs, and profiles and resources and lists. 

Me, Charlotte and Tilly are really pleased at the amount of support that has already come in. At 75 followers in one fortnight this is a chat which was clearly needed and we're so glad any fears that it would just be the three of us are now looking ridiculous in hindsight. We've still got a small bit of planning to do in the background but we are all pumped and so looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces on Twitter next Thursday at 9pm!

Mwah! xx
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