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7 February 2014

The Linkables

What if the Winter Olympics had taken place in Manhattan?

How to be there for someone during trauma.

Traditional gender roles are easy. Real intimacy is not.

I love a smoothie made with Alpro almond milk and have loved reading the recipes for #AlproAM

The best marriage proposal of all time: it includes David Boreanaz and the girl didn't wait for him to ask her.

30 vegan lunches you can take to work.

Geeks make great team mates too

A Tumblr showcase of rap artist logos.

If you're always looking some obscure band that no one has heard of then try Forgotify, which finds you songs on Spotify that have never been played.

One of the hardest struggled, I found, when starting 9-5 work was staying healthy and Megan has regurgitated a lot of what I found out first-hand.

I got my reminder that I am due a smear test soon and Dawn summed up just why it's so important that girls take their appointment.

If you cry every night because MySpace just isn't the same anymore, then I present to you FriendProject (it looks just like the 2005 myspace).

I've been making a song and dance about this all week so you might know but if not the US of A might be requiring animal testing for cosmetics by law.

I've also been banging about about this a lot and a full post is due next week but me and some other bloggers have started a cruelty-free beauty bloggers chat!

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