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Mango and grapefruit smoothie

I am not always organised enough to do so but I do like to have a smoothie to start me off on my day. And for some time this had slid to the side amongst my daily routine but seeing the recipes from the bloggers taking part in the #alproAM challenge gave me a push forward to give making them a shot again and get more creative with my recipes.

Grapefruit is a bit of a love or hate it fruit. It's very tangy and I always have to be in the correct mood for it. But I do find this mood presents itself in the morning hours as its strong flavour can alert my sense for the day ahead, but for this recipe I did balance it out with the slightly mellow fruit, the mango (I'm rarely in the mood for straight grapefruit juice).

Half a can of mangos (I had already used the other half in my dinner that night)
Half a grapefruit
Enough almond milk to cover the fruit (nothing really gets measured in my kitchen)
A few squeezes of maple syrup

Make sure everything is well chopped and whizz it about in a blender (or a juicer if you're not on a graduate salary).

This is also a smoothie that works well to keep overnight - just remember to keep it covered and give it a good stir the next morning!

I have experimented a little bit more with different recipes but this one was my own creation and is one I could imagine myself doing again. A recipe I discovered through #alproAM was Megan's avocado, peanut butter and banana smoothie which might not be for everyone but for an avocado enthusiast like me it was right up my morning breakfast bar (though it can't be made the night before as avocados go off really quickly)

Morag x

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