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Hask argan oil hair kit (the one from Primark)

I've mentioned in several videos and blog post now that my hair took a turn for the worst near the end of last year.The Squeeky Green solid shampoo from Lush destroyed my hair and left it straggly and dry. Having lived my life with oily hair I've not overly familiar with deep conditioning treatments and had to try a few things before I got anything to work. And in the end the Hask Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil was what brought my hair back to life. *

I had spotted these in Primark but honestly assumed they wouldn't be worth the small price tag due to it, you know, being Primark and all. However when yours truly won these in the raffle at the Christmas blogger meet-up I was very impressed with the silkiness of my hair afterwards.

I mentioned somewhere in my January favourites video that I would be writing a full review this week and I've decided to go through how I like to use them.

Repairing Shampoo
Due to having oily hair this did eventually get a bit too much for daily use. Whilst my hair was in desperate need of repair it was a god send but these days I prefer to use it as a weekly treatment, and use a shampoo meant for oily hair the other six days of the week.

Repairing Conditioner
I have been using this every single day since the night I got and I absolutely love it, and have repurchased a second bottle with my own money. It's conditioning but not heavy and I'm struggling to forsee me using anything else.

Hair Mask
I actually got two sachets of this and used them within the first fortnight. It was this product that totally turned my hair around and I seen an immediate difference after my hair was blowdried. It is extremely thick and there was so much product in the packet (even for my super long hair) but was just what my hair was gagging for. I haven't repurchased this because my hair is now back to normal and I have now reverted back to a regular run of the mill Superdrug treatment for normal non-damaged hair. But if your hair is in some serious need of some short-term TLC, I would hands down recommend getting yer paws on it.

Hair oil
Admittedly this is the least used of the products, as I am not a fan of adding much product to my hair post shower time. I use it on days where I have a streak or patch of dry hair and apply it to wet hair and once blow dried the oil can't be felt in my hair (I hate using oil on dry hair because it always seems to leave a residue).

Have you tried this range? Are you now tempted to purchase it?

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