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Lunch at Rufus T Firefly

A few weekends ago I had several non-Glasgow friends in town (for a weekend of speed dating, Limp Bizkit and a trip to a smaller indie bar - for some reason - we all wanted to try). Whilst sauntering about town after they all got their corresponding transport into G-town, we all felt peckish (or hungover, which was actually the truth for me) and it was my pal Alan who suggested Rufus T Firefly. (Alan has lived in Dundee all his life, but can recommend more places to scoff your face in Glasgow than I can).

Rufus T Firefly is American themed with that rock music vibe (read: not a classy tea room you'd take your grandmother to). I love the vibe of American themed places but unfortunately their menu's are usually an ode to burgers and hot dogs with not much veggie stuff, however there were quite a few options for me and my veggie pal (wasn't the odd one out this time haha).

I settled on the veggie fajitas:

And my pal Alan had their 'inferno burger':

I obviously didn't ask to have a bite...

...but here's what Alan himself had to say on his meat-feast:

"A decent sized spicy burger with plenty on the side. Not hot enough for a chilli fan but good for a pub." 

(FYI, Alan collects bottles of random brands of chilli sauces...his idea of 'mild' would land some of us in hospital).

Morag x
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