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3 May 2014

Superdrug Colour Vibrance Hair Dye

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As much as I have raved about The Lush Caca Rouge hair dye before I decided it was definitely time to try something else as 1) henna hair dye is messy and 2) I'm a cruelty-free blogger so I should probably blog about some alternatives once in a full moon.

I originally purchased the Mango Burst shade which I used on Christmas Day (full review on that particular shade will be further down this post) and about two months ago I moved onto the Passionate Red shade. Both products were easy to use, and I was done quickly with not much mess. My main complaint however is that it wasn't the easiest mixture to 'spread' evenly throughout my hair and in the end my hair colour did end up a bit patchy. Thankfully neither shade was shockingly different to what colour my hair was pre-dye so the difference in tone wasn't obvious but I could see it and that was enough for me.

As for longevity I did find this hair dye faded quicker than most others I have tried in the past. It became obvious after one month that my natural hair colour is brunette.

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Mango Burst was the dye I used on Christmas Day and I just wanted to add a foot note that this really didn't show up well on my hair. The box did warn that it was suited for light hair, but I insisted I knew better and it only subtly highlighted my medium brunette hair. I took my Christmas Day selfie outside as I artificial light couldn't pick up the colour!

Morag x

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