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Vegan Fete @ The Flying Duck

Saturday afternoon I took a small stroll up to The Flying Duck on Renfield Street for their Vegan Fete. I had seen posters for this the few times I have been in The Flying Duck but hadn't looked into it until Karris advertised her attendance through her Vegan Kind Facebook Page.

I've been The Flying Duck a few times, but mainly to the club at night which meat-eating friends are more inclined to attend (and you get free toast at the end of the night). I hadn't really had much chance to try their food or attend any events. I already knew The Vegan Kind would be there but I also got to sample some treats from Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, an Easter egg from Considerit Chocolates and some sushi created by The Flying Duck itself. And I stopped by the Vegan Society for Glasgow and Edinburgh and was educated a bit more on what commonly found brands are vegan (even those that aren't intentionally so) and also picked up some leaflets for their restaurant trips.

I also decided to grab a quick bite to eat in the café itself - the restaurant does have a 'okay to eat here yourself vibe'. The menu is definitely on the 'bar food' side (not somewhere to take someone if you're looking for a slap-up meal somewhere) but is all cheaply priced especially given that it's a niché place. Though they do use quite a few substitutes rather than foods that are naturally vegan - annoying if you're trying to navigate veganism with a soya intolerance.

Me and Karris were having a chat about veganism and how great it is that it's gaining mainstream acceptance just like vegetarianism, and how the past year alone has been a great year for vegans. I also loved how many different types of people were there, and how many of them didn't fit a hipster or hippie stereotype.

The Vegan Fete was a one day thing but apparently the last few have went well and they're looking to increase the regularity of them. Keep an eye on The Flying Duck Facebook page in order to hear about forthcoming dates.
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