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The Linkables

The best fucking thing I've read in ages sums up exactly how I feel about a certain Marilyn Monroe quote.

I'm not sure if the UK has a similar law but I thought I'd bring it to my American readers attention that your employer can't demand you don't discuss your pay with colleagues.

The biggest chortle on the internet this week: Copenhagen Zoo kills four healthy staff members to make way for new employees (satire news site guys).

More chortle, but this time from my old university: police called to to Dundee library over noise disturbance.

You'd probably guess I'm not all that huge on the Grand National.

I never watched How I Met Your Mother much but always appreciated the inclusion of a positively-portrayed child-free woman in mainstream TV.

Some nail art for the musically inclined.

Something weird to eat: seaweed cupcake wrappers

A guide to tofu variations.

Indoor plants which are hard to kill

5 really bad reasons to start a blog

Living with autism as an adult.

A beer lovers guide to Glasgow.

10 painfully obvious truths.

13 things I'd buy purely for the beautiful packaging.

NYC has a guide to the best places to cry within its city border.

Did you know you can feng shui your vagina? Yeah...

I like Justine Musk's words on the ban bossy campaign (for the record, I'm indifferent)

I love teen-movies and I loved this interview with the creator of Beyond Clueless.

If you've donated to Lady Gaga's charity it might be worth knowing that the money might not have been actually donated.

I've spent far too much time today watching Darren Hayes judge Australian Idol.

10 steps to surviving your first autopsy. Just in case...

Morag x
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