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The Linkables

You probably know my negative viewpoints on cleanses but I enjoyed this piece on cleansing as a couple.

This should be the rules of all sidewalks, NYC or not.

The difference between should and must.

Would I go on Big Brother? No. Would I be a glamour model? No. Would I get a boob job? No. Would I leg it to an abortion centre if I woke up pregnant tomorrow? Yes. This, this, this and this explains why anyone who is truthfully pro-choice should support Josie Cunningham, or any woman seeking an abortion, regardless of their reasons.

Five quick grammar tips that are a bit different. (which answered, in a way I understood, when to use that or which)

Around the world in 80 diets.

Laci Green is awesome and I love her videos but her most recent is all kind of awesome!

What it's like to name products for a living.

I had never seen the new but much hated Cadillac advert (probably because I'm not American) until now, however it was terrible but the Ford spoof is brilliant.

I also pledge to not link Buzzfeed but I can't help it. Here is this week's best find: 29 life changing quesadillas you need to know about.

When parents attempt to text.

4 ways parents teach their kids that consent doesn't matter

There's a week long vegan bake sale starting tomorrow (and I still need to research if there's a G-town one happening)

The Vegan Kind has announced they will be starting a Beauty Box soon!

This is relatively new to me so I can't say if this is factual but I'm planning to do more research on whether paper bags are just as damaging as plastic bags.

Another Buzzfeed post, this time for adventurous cooks: weed guacamole and olive oil.

Know when to walk away.

Creative wedding RSVP response cards.

Morag x

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