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20 April 2014

Wonder Woohoo bubble bar from Lush

Lush Wonder Woohoo

The Wonder Woohoo bubble bar is aptly named due the shape that is meant to resemble Wonder Woman's headpiece (see triangle with a star). It is one of the more expensive bubble bars within the Lush range but on the day I went in I was after something a bit decadent and the magpie within me was drawn to this sparkly gem. 

As far as bubbles go I found this to give a very average amount of bubbles - I wasn't drowning in froth (I have no self-restraint and always throw the whole bubble bar in) but there was still plenty of froth floating along the surface for the duration of my soak. The scent was subtle and the ingredients were super moisturising however it did make my bath super slippery so maybe stay clear of this is you're wanting a super-relaxing bit of downtime or a romantic soak with your lover (I think it might be fun for kids). The bubbles were white but the bath water turned a lovely shade of gold and had small subtle pieces of sparkle floating throughout the water (not just on the surface). This naturally did make this a bubble bar that I had to cancel out some of my relaxation by wiping down my bath. But it was totally worth it. 

Morag x

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