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Soap & Glory Bubble Time Gift Set

Just like every other beauty blogger and their aunt I received a lot of Soap & Glory in my Christmas stocking. The Bubble Time gift set was however a late one as my mum spotted it in the sale on her way down to Glasgow. 

This set isn't listed on the Soap & Glory website so I will assume it was discontinued after the festive period, however I chose to keep the products review together as I have pretty similar thing to say about both the Smoothie Body Milk and Rich & Foamous Body Wash. Both have the 'almonds, oats and sugar' scent that quite a few of the other products in the S&G range have. 

Which is the first thing I'll discuss! The smell! I really liked the smell when I opened the bottles and had a whiff however after using them and passing the smell onto my skin I wasn't as much of a fan. I really like the smell of rolled oat cookies (which is what it reminded me of) however I personally don't want to smell like a cookie myself. You know? I have known other beauty bloggers who have raved about the smell but I just can't. It's a great smell for food but not for me.

And now I got that general statement out the way, let's move onto the individual products.

I love a good foamy shower gel - it's pretty much a running theme in my favouriote shower gels. However my caption probably hints that I think the name Rich & Foamous is a bit far-fetched. It does foam but no more than your average shower gel, and I was pouting in my shower slightly as I thought I was going to get an out-of-control foam. 

And back to the smell (I really am an old woman tonight) with the shower gel it doesn't hover on the skin. Your shower will smell like a post-baking kitchen but the scent won't linger on the skin. I do however always feel really refreshed when I use this, and despite my annoyances with the smell it is the one I find myself reaching for most regularly. 

The Smoothie Star Body Milk is a product I had my eye on for a while as I thought the idea of a body milk sounded so luxurious, and let me tell you it was! It always comes out the bottle feeling really cold and the lotion is really smooth. It is very thin however so I still use a dedicate foot & hand cream on my feet which may mean if you have dry skin this may not work for you (my skin seems to have a lot of natural moisture). 

But the smell (I am a fuss-spot when it comes to scents!) this time does linger on the skin. Not all day but definitely for a while. So if like me you don't want to smell like a cookie then you might also want to avoid. 

Overall I did like the The Smoothie Star Body Milk and Rich & Foamous Body Wash - they made my skin soft and definitely had a refreshing feel to them. However, despite everyone else's love for the scent, it just wasn't my cup of tea. If that kind of scent sounds up your street then go-ahead - they are two really good products! For me personally I will continue to use them  for long as I have them but will not look to repurchase as I am such a little scent snob! 

And as for the clock - it's a clock, tells the time. Review over. 

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