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The Linkables

Quote of the week: “The best way not to be creepy online is to treat every female on the Internet like she’s your sister … unless you’re into incest, then you should just stay off the Web altogether,” From how not to creep people out on social media.

Many other travelly types think this is odd but somewhere I'd really like to visit is Portland, and Gala's trip is giving me the wanderlust.

Speaking of travel, I'm pretty terrible at packing but Rosie seems to have done an amazing job at her Paris packing.

All true travelers know this but here is how to not look a tourist on holiday. Major love for the Magaluf comment!

Paula went veggie for a week and being she's a blogger she wrote a post on it.

Flaky people make my head hurt and Alex has provided advice on how to handle flaky friends.

I'm so not a chick flick girl so loved Jayne's film choice for an alternative girls' night in.

If, unlike me, you get the whole Easter weekend off and, also unlike me, live in London then check out JJ's guide on what to do!

The Big Blog Exchange is about bloggers exchanging lives with other bloggers. And you can vote for me to be one of the selected bloggers here.

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