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September Linkables


Well, what do we have here? A Linkables? If you've been with my blog pre-2016 you'll know that I would post a round-up of my favourite links every Friday (and without blowing my own trumpet it was always a generously big round-up). I changed these posts to monthly at the start of the year due to changes in blogging schedules and life priorities and then, well, I actually just kind of forgot to do one ever again. 

Life and stuff has changed in 2016 (in a good way, but blogging is not as high up my priority list as it once had been - but again, in a good way) so some schedules just got thrown to the side. What I'm trying to say is that Linkables is not necessarily 'back' - I just found myself with some downtime (and some energy) to wind one up. Because I'm still reading just as many articles as I have before. 

So here we go...

Sex & Relationships

I've never really 'came out' as non-monogamous on the internet (until, erm, now for anyone who never picked up on my passive comments) so I've never received criticism on my personal choice. But here's a personal essay from someone who did a coming out article. It's not 100% pretty. 

Keeping to the theme of polyamory, here are 5 mistakes not to make

If you've recently been through a break-up 1) I send you my love and 2) here are some helpful reminders you deserve to hear (but might not hear enough).

One reason I don't think parenthood for me is that I'm introverted and relish alone time. If however you are an introverted parent, here are some tips on staying sane.  

As someone who has been officially single for almost six years I can assure you, you can move on without finding someone new

"Imagine if your best friend moved in with you, trashed your place, refused to get a job or pay rent, demanded you cook dinner for them, and got angry and yelled at you any time you complained. That friendship would be over faster than Paris Hilton’s acting career." - If you wouldn't tolerate this kind of behaviour in a friendship, why tolerate it in a relationship

Geek & Pop Culture

Looking for a new table top dice? Try some of these funky ones

Despite not being from Christchurch or holding the title of housewive, this was so much more relatable than most of the Real Housewives of spin-offs

I was avid reader of Bliss Magazine during my early teens and I still can't put into words how much it meant to my teenage self. A former feature writers pens her thoughts after it closes its doors

I spent a bit too long laughing at Alanis Morisette and James Corden's Ironic duet updated to reflect modern times. 

Social Media, Marketing & Blogging

Green Match has named their top Vegan Bloggers of 2016, with a mention for yours truly. 

One for marketer's trying to reach the millennial market: it's more complicated than you think

I've always been able to take or leave Fashion Week, but I'm well up for a Transatlantic Fashion Week on board a Cunard cruise ship.  


I've used AirBnB once, thankfully none of this happened to me

This is a dinner party theme I can get behind: the 'crappy' dinner party (aka making it about the company and not whatever fancy something you slaved away for). 

I find it difficult to tolerate whiny people, so should probably print this article out and keep it in my handbag

Some advice for shopping smart at vintage fairs from the ever stylish Kimberley of Wardrobe Conversations

A public reminder that men get breast cancer too

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