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24 September 2016

The best vegan pizza: NovaPizza, Edinburgh

You know how I've been saying for the past few months that I'm ridiculously behind on restaurant reviews? If you thought I was exaggerating, this is the post where you discover I wasn't. Because I'm finally sitting down to review an Edinburgh restaurant I February. 

And you know what makes this length of time ridiculous? That night I demolished what was the best vegan pizza I have possibly ever tasted. If you haven't yet been to Novapizza Vegetarian Kitchen then you're not living life properly. 

Located on Howe Street (a little bit away from the centre, but still within walking distance) this small Italian is just the place if you're wanting a quiet catch-up with a friend. 100% vegetarian the menu is actually very expansive, given how niche - and tiny - the restaurant is. 

If you look on their website the menu isn't that impressive, but the one you're handed inside is (and I'm not just out-of-date, I have checked with an Edinburgh based friend who has been by recently and assures me they just need to update their website). Their Deliveroo page is actually the best place to familiarise yourself with their menu. 

I honestly cannot remember what pizza I ordered that night. But I can assure you I was left stunned and wanting more. And the vegan cheese that was on my pizza? No idea what the brand was, but if you fed that to a non-vegan - they would never guess. *cackles*

We all know I'm a savoury gal and there's not much that can take me away from pizza. However, if you're not all that much of a pizza person - Nova Pizza has plenty more on offer. They have a 'cheesecake of the day', pasta dishes and a range of starters including bruschetta, focaccia and minestrone.

They only slightly negative comment I have is that it is quite small so I'd recommend booking a table. 

So seriously, get down. If you live in Edinburgh you have no excuse. And if you live elsewhere? Honestly, you don't have much excuse either. 

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  1. This place has been on my 'to visit' list for far too long now! I need to go! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it xxx


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