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The Linkables

Google asks questions about Scotland.

Rosie has a giveaway going on for some vodka!

The comments were getting quite heated on this article: should brands pay for blog mentions?

A Scottish wedding blog: Braw Brides (I found this because one of Scotland's earliest Arbonne Consultants was featured)

If you love to tweet using Chrome but really hate tv spoilers, then this Chrome app is up your street. 

A slideshow of mac and cheese recipes.

The end of many different roads on Google Maps (sidenote: I've been to number three!)

I consider myself an introvert and absolutely loved this post.


Cheese boards shaped as different areas of the world (I love that the UK has a little Northern Ireland board to go with it).

I'm supporting Armpits4August and I think it's brilliant a page 3 model is taking part.

Porn sex vs real sex as explained with food. (this is actually hilarious, but nsfw!)

I was quoted in a blog post by Eve who is now making the switch to cruelty-free make-up.

A crochet pattern for a chicken in an egg (I can't crochet by the way, so I don't know if this is good but it is cute!)

Pantone cases.

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