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The Linkables

As someone who has an unusual name, I agree with everything this post says.

On that note, need to know how to pronounce a unusual name? Here is your guide.

12 sneaky pies pretending to be milkshakes

I do love a bit of Edinburgh and the lovely Lynne has put together a small eating out guide

A Brooklyn based vegan clothing line (that ships internationally).

101 everyday ways for men to be allies to women.

Male sexual entitlement hurts everyone.

Start-up toolkit (a list of everything you need to get started in a business)

Fill in the blanks blog titles.

Homemade chai latte.

If Disney Princesses had Instagram.

Tomato basil pizza dip

Grilled polenta with avocado relish.

Make yourself some fancy toast.

I've been loving Tegan and Sara recently - especially the song My Number.

P.S. The electricity in my flat has been acting up, hence my lack of blogging. It's back now and next week I'm off work. :D
morag | mo adore
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  1. That pizza dip is on my 'to make' list. Thanks for sharing Lynne's blog too, definitely my kind of read!xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Ahhh love the Disney Princess instagrams! Also a Tegan and Sara fan, I went to see them in the Sydney Opera House the night before I came home from Autralia - brilliant end to my travels! xxx

  3. The pie/milkshake one threw me. I pictured steak pies or pork pies or something (weird for a vegetarian, but hey) and could not make the leap to milk shakes! D'oh.

    Love the rest of them, though - particularly the list of blog topics.

  4. Thank you so much for linking the chai latte in this post :) xx


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